Friday, September 1, 2023

September, I'll Remember.....717-719

 School has been in session for two weeks now and the calendar has switched over to a new month; I hope fall weather will follow close behind. We slept with the windows open last night and it was heavenly.

We've had a busy past two weeks. We drove to Maryland to see my parents for a few days, came home and left two days later to go to NC to see Jax and his parents. LOL The only stitching I've gotten done was in the car, but I got quite a bit accomplished on some perforated paper projects.

On the trip to MD, I worked on some more of Vickie's, from Needlework Press, Wednesday words. She shares a graph of different words most Wednesdays on her FB page.  

The trip to NC was much longer and I actually got three pieces stitched. First is a pair from Prairie  Schooler. My friend, Lisa, had gifted me this adorable pumpkin frame and I needed to come up with something to adorn it. I zoned in on designs from A Prairie Year I and II by Prairie Schooler. I stitched on the perforated paper since  it would fit well in the leaf clamps. I did change the fibers from DMC to VMS and added a charm to each one. Here you go:

The other finish was Spooky Stories Book Mark from the Black Needle Society. This was something I bought on the second hand market; I am always on the lookout for projects I can do in the car. This was a kit, so stitched with the called for DMC.

Once I got home and could settle into my stitching nest, I worked a little more on One Nation. I have totally changed out the last panel doing a 'hybrid' from the original design with a design by The Primitive Hare.

This month is going to be a busy one for me. We have our trip to the Canadian Rockies coming up and I need to get my head in "travel" mode; our last "big" trip was pre-Covid.  I need to figure out what to take to work on, that I can see easily and will be compact.
I'm hoping to visit Traditional Stitches, if the timing works out. I've never been to Canada, so am pretty excited.

I am off to Joann's this morning, then back by noon to get on the wait list for Stitch Con 2024. I've been wanting to visit Cincinnati again...I need me some authentic Skyline chili.....and this seems like the perfect opportunity. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as we celebrate the end of summer.



  1. What wonderful finishes, Stasi! Hope your trip to Joann's was productive. Good luck to you on getting on the Stitch Con list!

  2. Hello Stasi: Your fingers and needle have been busy, I must look up this Wednesday Words site.
    Your fall designs are lovely and the boards make a perfect finish.
    Primitive Hare has so many lovely designs.
    Nice Halloween design.
    Have a wonderful time in the Rockies in Canada.


  3. These fall finishes are all so cute and look great on the pumpkins, Stasi! You are very lucky to be able to stitch in the car... I just can't do it! I'm so interested in your train trip--hope your knee has fully recovered and you have a wonderful time. Canada is such a gorgeous country--we used to vacation there every summer when I was growing up. So many lakes and so much green everywhere--you will love it! ♥

  4. Great projects, the Pumpkin boards are perfect fro those PS designs.
    One Nation is looking good.
    Have fun deciding what to take on your Canadian trip!
    Stay cool this weekend & have fun.

  5. Great pieces for car stitching, and fab finishes!
    I haven't been to the Canadian Rockies, but I love Canada. You should have a great time.