Saturday, October 1, 2022

October so soon???

 I have switched over my Samsarah calendar and put out my autumn stitching....fall is definitely in the air. We did have a very rainy/windy day yesterday....great for staying in, puttering around the house and making grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. Prayers still going out to those in the direct path of Ian.

I thought I'd share my fall stitching displays; I find I'm pretty much only decorating with my needlework these days. I'll let the photos speak for themselves....


This is what I worked on yesterday...We Live in Hope by Blackbird Designs. 

I am working on this for Sampler Camp with the Colorado Stitcher. We are supposed to change things up a bit as a challenge. I was attracted to this because of the mention of the Chesapeake Bay and am going to honor my heritage with this sampler. I can trace my family history back to the first settlers in Maryland, via my paternal grandmother. A gentleman, Richard Duke, was one of 140 people who came over on a boat called The Ark accompanied by a smaller boat, The Dove. They landed on March 25, 1634 in southern Maryland and named the spot St. Mary's City. It is believed that Richard was an assistant to a priest, Father Andrew White, who is supposed to have said the first Catholic Mass on American soil. 

I am going to add a second smaller boat, in place of the house, and some of the pertinent info regarding MD history. Here is the original chart design:

Hope you have a nice weekend........thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. Lovely fall decor, Stasi! Beautiful start on We Live in Hope and I enjoyed reading about your history. Have a good weekend! Stay dry!

  2. Love your heritage sampler and am putting a bid in on that lovely sewing
    table (Martha Washington?) with the charming painting on its front...... I
    enjoyed looking at your needlework display. Have a great weekend, Stasi.

    1. Not sure who this is...but thanks! Yes, that's a Martha Washington sewing table. I bought it at a craft show when I lived in WV..pretty cool isn't it?

  3. Stasi: Your fall displays are lovely, I love the old tin in the first photo, of course all your photos are wonderful.
    The Sampler you are stitching is beautiful, I am so happy Alma is still designing after the loss of Barb.
    What a wonderful family line you have and able to trace so far back in history, beautiful.

    Thank-you for sharing

  4. Love your Autumn display Stasi, wish I could zoom in to see things better. I can see you have stitched the acorn design by Betsy Morgan (round box) and I think I'm going to tackle that one next. Looked through my silks yesterday but I only have 2 so will have to change the rest of the colours.

  5. Everything looks so pretty.
    Love your Martha table, what a treasure!
    Lucky you can trace your heritage.
    My niece has been searching our heritage, & actually found a cousin in Ireland that we didn't know about! He sent her some old pictures.
    Can't wait to see your changes on the Sampler.

  6. Such a pretty display Stasi and that little table is to die for. Happy Stitching!