Sunday, July 29, 2018

Dreaming of the Sea.....

 ...and I have been doing just that!!!  I got the final two pieces of the Hands on Design, Dream of the Sea, stitched and they are awaiting finishing. I had to put that off because I got an order from Salty Yarns (more on that later). But here are the two HOD pieces:

Corner Gauge Pocket
So now I have returned to a WIP, Summer Schoolhouse #2, by With Thy Needle and Thread. I did the lady awhile ago, but here is the gent.

I made 24 project bags (12 large and 12 small) and 6 lamp covers over the last few days for Salty Yarns. I forgot to take a photo and have them all packed up ready to ship. But I do have a photo of a bag I made for myself and a lamp cover.

Project Bag


Lamp Cover
The lamp cover slides over your magnifying lamp and has a drawstring at the top to secure in place. This protects from the sun shining through the lens and prevents a possible fire. 

 Now I have made a number of these bags and always struggled with the zipper. I could get the one side in easily, but the second side was a bugger!!! I decided to google putting a zipper in a lined bag and found a site called Whitney Sews on YouTube and OMG..... she has a terrific way to sew in the zipper. It was one of those light bulb over the head moments...why didn't I think of that???? Thanks Whitney!!!

So, that's what I've been up to all about you?  Sorry to rush off, but I've got to get dinner going. Have a great week and thanks for your "twisted threads" of friendship.



  1. Everything is beautifully stitched! And I love the project bag you made for yourself--how appropriate!!!!

  2. The project bag and lamp cover are awesome. Congratulations on getting the HOD pieces stitched up. The gent looks good as well. Enjoy the coming week! Will it be a dry one or a wet one?

  3. Beautiful stitching. I am looking forward to admiring the HOD pincushion, when you will have time to finish it off. I have placed my first order yesterday and will be keeping a close eye on my letterbox :)

  4. Great projects.
    The bags are so cute, and a great idea for the lamp.

  5. Oh my goodness the HOD Dream of the Sea pieces are so pretty! You sure got a lot accomplished!!

  6. Oh my Stasi you have been busy! Love your stitches. What count did you do the schoolhouse stitch on? Your bags are fantastic...great, great job! Love your choices in stitches. RJ

  7. Your stitching is beautiful (as always)! What a fun set the beach pieces are!

    I'm surprised you didn't finish the gentleman sooner seeing as he came with a beehive. :) Am thinking I remember your saying you changed the colors a bit when you did Schoolhouse #1 - same colors here?

  8. Love the fabric you used for your own project bag!! You get so much done, you make me feel so lazy!!! I'm glad you explained what the lamp cover was for!! I just love that ABC the gent with the beehive!