Thursday, July 12, 2018

A Couple Finishes to Add to My Stitch Stroll.....(466-467)

Wow...did we just have a pair of about raining cats and dogs...I actually have a puddle on my front porch! No need to water flowers tomorrow!!!

As promised, here is a photo of the grandgirls in the dresses we made; I think they're feeling pretty proud...I know I am! Thanks for indulging me!!!

Now on to the stitching front.... I've been in a finishing mood, so I dug out two pieces that were languishing in the finishing pile. First up is one I stitched in 2015 called Bumble; it's one of the joint Square-ology designs from Hands on Design and the JABCO button ladies. I finished as a pincushion stuffed with ground walnut shells so it has a nice 'weight' to it. I sewed this all around the perimeter then cut a small X in the back to pour the walnut shells in. I couldn't get it as full as I'd like this way but am quite pleased with the outcome. I had the backing fabric in my stash and sewed a square of muslin over the opening in the back (after sewing the X shut).

 Then I tackled  a piece I had started in 2007 and completed in 2008, Quaker Alphabet Band by The Marking Sampler. The original was tied on an oval basket, but I happened to have a round one that worked perfectly. Here is the original version: done in WDW Molasses.

Here is my version stitched with Silk n Colors Tapestry Green (which was more blue than green). The basket piece was done on  28 count linen banding over two, while the pincushion and scissor fob were done on 28 count Cashel linen over one.

 It was suggested to sew the banding to the basket with invisible thread, but I found it's staying put with just the lacing there at the back. I also changed out tassels for a bead at the bottom of the scissor fob. Guess I have a new sewing basket!!!! 

Almost finished with the Red Sampler Band SAL...just need to add my name at the bottom; I'll post that and my choices for the Black Sampler Band SAL soon.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Yes, nothing better than a finish, unless it is two finishes. Love them both...I did the alphabet band project but only finished the band and then Sara sold the basket I had it on in the shop so it's now home sitting on nothing and the other two pieces are stitched but never finished. Perhaps you have spurred me on to finish the other two pieces and get the band back on a basket Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. Wow, Stasi--your new sewing basket is wonderful! I like the way the lacing looks, too. And your bee finish is so sweet--how many bee creations have you stitched through the years, I wonder?

    Don't the girls look sweet in their dresses--I love the colors and styles of both. Good memories :)

  3. The girls are adorable! Love the new sewing basket--really like the lacing on the back.

  4. Those smiling faces say it all!! How adorable are they in their cute new dresses!

    I wish the finishing mood would strike me someday! Both your finishes are perfection. I love the fabric you chose for that sweet bee stitch and how clever of a back you added. The round sewing basket worked perfectly, I love the lacing and tassels you added.

  5. Great dresses and love the alphabet band!

  6. Look how happy and proud the girls are!! :)
    The bee stitch is so sweet.
    Oh the basket is wonderful Stasi.

  7. Both of your finishes are super, Stasi. I really like the alphabet band and its matching pieces. The grandgirls look thrilled with their dresses; both are such cuties. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Lovely finishing and sewing, Stasi!!

  9. The girls look fantastic in their sundresses - of course all three of you should be be very proud. What a wonderful sewing basket set! And cute bee pincushion - perfect fabric with it.

  10. The grand girls sure look grand. Nice finishes. Like the lacing on the backer. Pretty cool to be getting all your things finished!