Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Christmas in July Finish ....(465)

Greetings all...we've had a break in the hot weather and have been enjoying some warm...not HOT days this weekend. I did get out for a walk this morning since it was in the upper 60's...first time in a couple months!!! 

It's been a busy sewing/stitching week. I was determined to complete stitching the Christmas tree piece and get it finished. I had Cora and Esther over on separate days so we could work one on one on dresses for them. We got the last installment of the Red Sampler Band SAL on Friday and I hopped right to that; we also received a good sized bonus chart which I also delved into. So lots to share........

First up...the dresses!  I'll post photos with them modeling them when I can because just hanging on the hangers doesn't do them justice. They picked out their own fabrics and chose the style...Cora went with a "cold shoulder" look.The girls each helped cut out the dress and sew everything (with me guiding on the sewing machine and them pushing the pedal) but the collar/shoulder areas.

Next up, progress on the Red Band Sampler SAL. I decided to do the bonus chart in a darker red, Glorianna Cranberry. The bands above that and below the alphabet were week 28. There is a bit more of the bonus chart to do and then it will be over just in time to start the Black Sampler Band SAL in a couple weeks. I'm still deciding what I want to do with that one..fabric and fiber.... so stay tuned!!!

And lastly, my finish and Stitch Stroll addition.... It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Xmas by Thistles. I stitched this over one on 32 count Slate Green by Lakeside Linens. I used most of the called for colors but substituted for ones I didn't have on hand. The size is approximately 7" tall and 5" at the widest bottom point. I mounted it on an old antique door knob. The doorknob was tarnished so badly, it was brown. I'm kind of wishing I hadn't cleaned it up, but maybe it'll tarnish up again real quick! :) I'm going to admit I'm not real happy with my finishing. I was so motivated to get this done,  I didn't take the time to think it all through. I wish I'd left a little more linen past the stitched piece; it's hard to see the bottom wording. My thought process was there was a nice stitched outline that the rick rack would abut and make it easy to keep nice and straight. I may have used too tiny a trim because it doesn't show up that much. I started to "fuss" with it, but was afraid more damage than good would be done. But, despite all that, I still love this piece..loved it from the first moment I saw it!!!

Hope you all have a nice week and can squeeze some stitching time in. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Lovely dresses you and the grandgirls created, Stasi! Your Red Band Sampler is looking good and I look forward to see what you decide on for fabric and thread for the next one. I like your tree piece and what a good use of the door knob. Take advantage of the cooler weather because the heat/humidity are supposed to return Monday.

  2. I look forward to seeing the girls in the dresses. The fabrics are so pretty. Hooray for the red band sampler being done! And the tree!!! :)

  3. I think your tree finish is darling, Stasi--and how cool to use a door knob as the base :) I love the fact that the girls helped create their own dresses--you will have little apprentice dress-makers in no time! Looking forward to seeing them modeling their creations.

    Hope this cooler weather continues--it really has been delightful!

  4. I love your tree Stasi. I just got done stitching a tree all in white silk. I really enjoyed it very much. Yours came out so wonderful in the door knob...just perfect.

    Lovely dresses you and your two seamstresses made. How lovely that they are taking after their very talented Grandma. RJ

  5. I bet the girls look adorable in their dresses! Even though they picked different fabrics, the colors coordinate. :)

    You've done a marvelous job of staying up to date with the red band sampler and this bit looks as lovely as the other parts you've shown. Will be interested to see how you finish it (and what fabric and color you pick for the next one). I think the tree looks very nice, and what a cool idea to use the doorknob as a planter. Not sure about this, but if you took out some of the stuffing and made it flatter, might your pretty rick rack show better?

  6. As always your work is just fabulous. The door knob idea is pure genius! Love it