Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This past weekend we celebrated my parents 60th anniversary and my Mom's 80th birthday. We chose a date half way between the two events (anniversary-Dec. 29 and birthday Feb. 5). My Dad's birthday is also Feb. 5 though 4 years apart. I always had trouble understanding this as a child; I thought when you got married, you had to change your birthday to your husbands. I vowed to marry someone who's birthday was in the summer since mine was two weeks before Christmas.....and I did. Alas, I never did get to change my birthday and perhaps, for the better, as nowadays I would rather forget it all together!

Here is a picture of Mom and Dad cutting a hot milk cake.

We had tons of wonderful food made by my sister, sister-in-laws and myself. Rich and I made a traditional Southern Maryland stuffed ham.

The "green stuff" is ground kale, cabbage, onions and assorted spices.

As an aside, I have 7 pairs of aunts/uncles who are all alive (save one) and married to their spouse for over 50 years. Six pairs are on my fathers side and one my mother. I think this is an incredible fact and am so proud of them all! Kudos!!!

Now on to my latest finish. I stitched this piece early last year and it has sat in the "to do" pile since. Since I'm in a "finishing" mood, it was pulled out and able to see the light of day. It was designed to go in a Whitman's candy tin which worked perfectly since I had one on hand...and a green one to boot. (If you know me, you know my favorite color is GREEN----something to do with my green eyes....and my Irish heritage!)

The project is called A Sweet Stitch by Sue Hillis. I, of course, substituted the fabric and fibers with ones I happened to have in my stash. So, I stitched it on 28 count Raspberry Lite jobelan with a combination of Glorianna, Belle Soie and Waterlilies silks. I found some wonderful coordinating overdyed felted wools to go with and an adorable pair of pink polka dot scissors.

Inside of box with  beautiful
scissor fob given to me by my friend Debbie.

Close up of smalls:                      Needlebook interior---                    
Floss holder                                 I used the scissor fob 
needlebook                                 piece to top off a 
biscournu                                    pocket to hold a                
                                                   needle threader. I was
                                                   thrilled to find this cute
                                                   needle threader by  
                                                   JABCO, just this past     
                                                                                              Monday, and it was 
                                                                                              perfect!!!! The vintage
                                                                                              button on the left was 
                                                                                              found at Accessories
                                                                                              of Olde.  

 All in all, a very fun project to both stitch and finish! Next up is finishing With My Needle's Miss Trenners Academy. I got the kit with the boxes so look for that in the next day or so.

Until next time...........Stasi                                                                                                                    


  1. Stasi - I am blown away - such beautiful stitching and finishing! You have created an heirloom!

    It is quite a feat to have so many long married couples in a family - kudos to all of them!

  2. Thanks Carol--that was quick!!!