Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh this not the sweetest piece ever? I'm not usually a Just Nan, "pastel-ly", pink person but when I first saw this I was drawn to it. It kind of reminds me of the 50's for some reason and my grandmothers. For whatever reason, I immediately ordered the kit (it was a Silver Needle exclusive) and started it upon arrival. The it sat in my PIP pile for over 5 years waiting......and catch my attention. I think part of my problem in getting back to it is that I dislike all the color changes in Just Nan's charts. Granted, I think they are beautiful and realize the need for all the subtle shading ....I just hate to have to keep changing my floss! So, finally I got the stitching completed and again it sat waiting....and waiting for me to finish it. Thank goodness for a new year and new goals! I got my butt in gear, some motivation mojo going and is finished!!!

Here are pics of the front and back with the case closed:

Overall size closed is 61/2 X 4 inches.

The saying on the back is:
In my little kingdom of stitches that cross
I am queen of the needle and boss of the floss 
Here is a photo of the inside...too dang cute!!!                                                             

 There are pockets/holders for needles, pins, threader, scissors, a sampler square and even one marked for inspiration (not sure what I'm going to put in that one but I started with a just have to find something to put in it).I'm also on the hunt for a cute pair of scissors to slide in the ultra suede sleeve.  

Next up is a Sue Hillis project, A Sweet Stitch. This goes in a Whitman tin so should be a fun finish. Hmmmm, this one is pink too!!! Am I getting "girlie" or what???

Until next time............ Stasi


  1. This is just soooooo pretty! Your stitching and your finishing are superb! I am in awe! And I'd like to be the boss of the floss- very clever!

  2. Oh Stasi,
    incredibly sweet, just like you!