Friday, November 3, 2023

We Have Frost......

 Fall may have officially started on September 23, but we had our first frost last night. This looked much prettier in person. :)

I finished up my pre-stitch for the Noteworthy Needle class last evening. It will be such a sweet little box when completed. I can't wait to see how this all comes together; we were supplied with tiny bamboo, puzzle -like pieces to mount the stitching on. 


I saw a cute idea on IG this morning where you participate in a stitchy themed scavenger hunt for the month of November. Day 1 you post a photo of your current project; Day 2, your favorite scissors. I am late joining but plan to hop on board after I post this. So, if you are on IG, please check my posts out...@stasibbee. Looks like fun!!!

On another note, my husband has been working at the early voting poll at our local library.  He's been telling me about the canvassers (people who give out candidate info) and how aggressive they have become....both sides!!! He said they race each other to vie for potential voters attention...even if you have books in your arms and are just going to the "library". Rich has mostly been doing drive up voters and has had these canvassers push past him to get to the people in their cars. Then he has trouble getting to the poor people in their cars. Supposedly, when he gets to the cars, the canvassers are supposed to back off, as the car then becomes a 'personal' voting booth. But, these people insist they each get time with the voters and don't back away. He said it's crazy!!! I say, what's happened to common decency and civility when performing our civic duty??? I went to vote yesterday and Rich was waiting for me to walk me through the "gauntlet". Do you have this issue where you are?   And the truly can't "see the forest for the trees"!!! And I'm off my soap box!

I hope you can have a peaceful, relaxing weekend and can enjoy some quiet time. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. Can't wait to see your finished project.
    Yes, people seem rude now.
    We have Daylight Savings this weekend, we gain an hour of sleep!

  2. Well done on finishing your pre-stitching for the box piece, Stasi! Those are interesting pieces for assembly. There was frost closer to town, but we didn't have the icy look here in my part of the holler yet. Early voting takes place at the county administration building. The only signs allowed there are the ones that say "early voting here" and put out by the registrar's office. No canvassers either. By law, they are supposed to remain 40 feet back from the entrance. They sound rabid. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Aggressive is the word and should not be allowed... one thing to "encourage"
    for your candidate and another to be insistent. Unfair to voters..Off the soap
    box as well. Love your box project.

    1. It's crazy and very intimidating! I worry about Rich working there sometimes.