Friday, November 24, 2023

And the Countdown to Christmas Begins.......729-730

 So, we did a thing!!! My daughter and SIL are so busy finalizing details/projects on their new home and I thought I would be down a dishwasher (luckily we were able to pick one up and Rich installed it on Wednesday) we had a "different kind of turkey dinner. I called it "Thanksgiving on a Bun"!  Kristin cooked up turkey burgers, that we put stuffing, provolone cheese and cranberry sauce on,  and mac and cheese. I made three sides and pumpkin bars for dessert. Kris said my face dropped when she suggested this option, but, in the end, it wasn't bad at all.

I had help with my contributions...Esther helped make the pumpkin bars on Wednesday and James and Cora came over early yesterday to help with the sides. I was tickled they wanted to help and enjoyed the special time with each of them.

We ended with our post dinner game tradition....playing  A Ticket to Ride.

On the stitching front, I finished the last of the BOAF angels, the angel of charity. I did change her dress color from GAST Celery to Mistletoe and made the gift box red. Now to finish these cuties!!!

I also finished my gift for the Christmas/Winter exchange I participated in. I chose to stitch two smalls from Snow Day by WTNT. One I finished as a pincushion, and the other I stitched over one and made into a necklace. I loved the necklace so much I made two as a gift and one for me!!!

I've been reading about the Blessing Sampler on social media. Evidently you start a piece on January 1 and finish it by the 31st....I hope I have this correct....then you will receive blessings all year. I picked a sampler to start:

It is by Amy Mitten and comes with her silks. I've had it in my stash for years, so it will be good to get it moving. I love the alphabet and how Rachel has mixed up all the letters...interesting!!!

To end, here is a photo of the grands working on their annual gingerbread houses....though this year they were Oreo houses!!! LOL   They have been doing this every Thanksgiving morning since they were toddlers.....and they are still just as messy!!!

I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and are gearing up for what's to come!!! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What a different, fun menu. Will you do it again? Love that the kids helped you! Your exchange presents are awesome Stasi! Love the tradition the kids have of the Gingerbread house building.

  2. Your Thanksgiving meal looked delicious, Stasi. We headed up with a change of plans so pulled a couple steaks out of the freezer. Enjoyed seeing the photos from your Thanksgiving. Oreo houses? Interesting!

  3. Sometimes I would rather have something else for Thanksgiving other than Turkey.
    It sounds fun to make different foods for the Holiday.
    The exchange projects are too cute!
    I never saw an Oreo Gingerbread house, it sound interesting.
    I'm glad the grands still like to do it.

  4. I think your dinner sounds good and like an easy day! We made homemade pizzas for our Thanksgiving dinner. Nobody in ou home really cares for turkey but I did miss the stuffing since it is my favorite part. Oreo houses sound yummy,

  5. It sounds like your Thanksgiving Day was a busy one and I love that your grandchildren have continued with their tradition of making gingerbread houses, even if they weren't gingerbread. xxx