Friday, October 27, 2017

Another Boo!....(301)

First, thanks for your kind comments yesterday; I appreciate your support and encouragement for my journey and am blessed with your friendships.

It seems a lot of my Halloween pieces have "boo" in the title and today is no different. Strolling today is Boo to You, a kit from Shepherd's Bush that came with the hand painted Jill Rensel mat. I stitched this in 1999. What a cute little trick or treater!!!

 I'm up to "G" on the ABC Sampler; it is definitely growing!

We're off to Baltimore where we're going to see a Beatles "re-enactment" band perform tonight. The Beatles were the first concert I ever went to back in 1964 so this should bring back lots of memories (though I can guarantee I won't be screaming through the whole thing)!!! Then we'll be bringing my parents home with us for a few days to see their great grand children on Halloween. So, there won't be much stitching to report on over the weekend, though I will be "strolling" and working on my Samsarah calendar pieces in the car.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! 


  1. What a cute Boo piece! Your ABC band is moving along. How wide (and the stitch count) is the banding that you are using, Stasi? Enjoy your evening and safe travels to Baltimore.

  2. Rock on, girlfriend! You are going to have a blast. Love the progress. You are zooming along.

  3. Love your Shepherd Bush stitch and the pretty frame and mat Stasi. And your ABC piece is looking great. Have fun at the Beatles concert. I remember when they came to the USA. My cousin went over to New York and wanted me to go with her. They didn't interest me in the least so I didn't go. As I got older I learned to love their music and was sorry I did not go. RJ

  4. The ABC sampler is so very cute! Have a super time tonight!

  5. Stasi, I'm becoming a fan of SB stitches and just got a few in the mail yesterday in fact...I wish your photo was better, but what I see of it is very cute.. You are making great progress on the ABC Sampler.

    I have seen a few Beatles re-enactment bands, and some are really great. Hope you see a good one and I'm envious you got to see the Beatles in person in their crazy heyday!! I did see them on Ed Sullivan, I'll never forget that night!