Sunday, January 3, 2016

A New Year Begins.............

......a time for resolutions, setting goals, pondering what was and what is coming. I've decided not to make any resolutions this year; I rarely keep them and then get down on myself for not having done so. I know what I want to try to accomplish in 2016 and I'm just going to do my best to "get 'er done" and not fret if I don't. Wish me luck!!!

Hubby is out taking his first "ride" of the New Year on his motorcycle. I think he's nuts with as cold as it is, but he's bundled up and obviously enjoys it.

Me, I've been busy in my craft room organizing, down-sizing, cleaning and simplifying. I planned to work a couple hours in their each day, but stumble across misplaced treasures, long forgotten "starts" and languishing UFO's. This all keeps distracting me from my task at hand!!! By the way, one of my big plans for the new year is to do this room by room throughout the house---my daughter keeps telling me I'll feel much more "free" if I get rid of things I don't really need. Problem is I NEED them....or at least I think I do. There's definitely a need for a major mind set realignment here!!! Anyway, I have boxes with items to donate, sell on E-bay/FB, offer to friends and just throw in the trash. I'll get there; it will just take me longer than expected! :) Here's what part of my craft room looked like after the holidays. Ugh!!!

Last year I committed to finishing And They Sinned  and am happy to say "mission accomplished". Today I uncovered Nova by Genny Morrow and that's going to be my "do or die" piece this year. For those not familiar, it is 396 squares with a "calico" look. I started mine in March 1998 (boy is this embarrassing) as a SAL with some ladies at Twisted Threads. I'm doing it on 24 count congress cloth, so the squares are 1/2 inch each and the overall size will be 9 x 11. First on the agenda will be to re-stretch it and then replace the fibers which I've raided over the years. It's done with DMC, Anchor and Eva Rosenstand floss. I have completed 186 squares so have 210 left. I figure if I do a row a month, I'll be done by the end of the year. I may, however, move more quickly because, if I remember correctly, this piece was fairly addictive!

I am almost finished with Goodness and Grace, part 3 of the Shepherds Fold series. I've been working on that while watching The Fall on Netflix. This turned out to be a great show--it does move very slowly, but sure kept hubby and me captive for a few nights. Downton tonight--can't wait!!!!

Glad I could squeak this post in today--thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Happy New Year all!



  1. Love Nova! I have the canvas and the book but that's it. Enjoy finishing it.

    1. Thanks Lynn--perhaps this will get you motivated! Happy New Year and hope to see you at Salty Yarns!

  2. Your Nova looks great, Stasi. Not familiar with it so off to look it up shortly! Goodness and Grace looks super. Good luck with the decluttering and organizing!

  3. Stasi,
    Your stitching looks great. What is the frame called that you are using when stitching on Goodness and Grace?


  4. Nova is fantastic. Goodness and Grace is super sweet.

  5. I look at your craft room and think .... if only mine were that neat. Gives you some idea what I'm dealing with. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. I hope you have great progress on the organization and that some of your passion to organize will rub off on me.