Friday, January 22, 2016

Gearing up for the BIG snow!!!!

I thought I'd try to do a post before I started into my "stitch-a-thon" which I know will be interrupted by frequent "shovel-a-thons", so we can keep up with the 25-30 inches that are being predicted. I love the snow and have always enjoyed shoveling--it's usually so quiet and peaceful at that time. However, I'm  starting to dread the shoveling, especially when it gets so deep it's hard to pile up. Our plan will be to do frequent sweeps so it doesn't get overwhelming, but it will be the overnight stretch that will be tough. Ben we come!!!

We have plenty of food, gas for the generator and chopped wood for a fire. Who could ask for anything more? Why me of course!!! Last week at Salty Yarns, I got a magnifying lamp (thanks S&S) that is battery operated and now I can stitch if the power goes out! Hoping that doesn't happen but I will be ready!!!!

Speaking of Salty Yarns, I had a wonderful time last week with the mid-Atlantic EGA ladies. They were approximately 170 strong and passionate about their needlework. It was such fun to help them with fabric selections, see what their projects were and just "talk the talk". We even had some snow on Sunday and the beach and boardwalk were covered with about 2 inches. Not a lot, but enough to make it beautiful and fun for the locals. I saw kids riding bikes up the boardwalk while pulling their friends on a toboggan--very clever since there are no hills!!! Her's a pic as the snow was just starting:

I thought I'd share some pics of Salty Yarns since I'm always jabbering about how great they are, and let you see for yourself the wonderful treasure trove of charts, fibers,  fabrics ..oh my!!!

Newer kits (take a peek at the boardwalk
 on the right)

Racks of charts

more racks of charts
fiber racks

needlepoint fiber wall
display of finished smalls

small section of frame selection

lovely boxes and pincushions
fabric wall (where I spent a lot of time)

portion of hand-dyed fabrics
knitting/ yarn section
Hope you liked your virtual "tour" and can see why I love visiting there so much. If you are ever in the Ocean City, MD/ DelMarVa area, it is definitely worth the stop.

Oh, I almost forgot! I got another row stitched on Nova!

Be safe, keep warm and, if you are in the path of the blizzard of 2016, hope you squeeze in lots of stitching time.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads"of friendship!



  1. Stasi, thank you for the virtual tour of Salty Yarns! Maybe I should create a bucket list of shops to visit. The snow has begun to fall here; very pretty out there at the moment. Loved your snow picture of the beach/boardwalk. Stay warm!

  2. Thank you for the tour. I thought my LNS was great but we have nothing like your Salty Yarns in New Zealand. What a massive stock. I could spend a week there:-)

  3. Salty Yarns is an amazing shop!! Thanks for the little tour.
    Hope the snow and the shoveling doesn't get too bad and that the power stays on. Here in the NW, it's pretty mild.

  4. Stay warm and toasty and stitch a lot!

    I hope to visit Salty Yarns one day...

  5. Great pictures, can't wait to go back in April!

    1. Thanks Lynn. Look forward to seeing you in April. Are you taking one and/or both of Sherri's classes?

  6. Okay, I'm ready for a road trip now. Thanks for sharing the pictures.