Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Part 2

Wanting to share my gifts from "stitchy" friends today. As always, I am touched by their thoughtfulness (knowing exactly what I like) and generosity (taking from their valuable stitching time to make something for me). But before I do that, I want to quickly share the birthday gift I made for my friend, Paola. I finished it months ago but had to hold off until after I thought she opened it.  It is the Friendship Sweet Bag  set by Jeanette Douglas. I pretty much did it as called for, the colors were yummy and instructions for finishing good. 

So, now on to my presents!!! First up is Phyllis. She gifted me an adorable bag filled with Savannah Bee products and a really neat "shelf" for my stitching chair. I will truly feel like the "queen bee" when I use the bag--perfect isn't it? Thanks Phyllis!

Next up is Sally. Sally took the chart Where there are Bees by the Prairie Schooler and  made me a fabulous bee-themed tray and box that is bee-utiful!!! I love, love, love it and it means so much that she took the time to figure out all the re-designing and finishing to make it special for me. Thank you Sally!

Note the beehive thread minder and beeswax!

Last, but not least, is Paola. She sent an adorable snowman thread holder so that, even though we had spring like temps for Christmas, I had a little "snow" around! She also sent a lovely pin with teeny tiny stitching down over one including a black background!!! It is stunning, pictures not doing it justice. Merci beaucoup, Paola!

Sometimes, even a small gesture can mean so much. Cathy B. from the blog With Needle and Thread popped a delicate, tatted snowflake in a Christmas card to me. We have been following each others blogs for awhile now, and even got to meet once at an Attic function, but it was so heartwarming for her to remember me in this way and much appreciated. Stitching friends really are the BEST!!! 

And, speaking of stitching, I have actually been doing a bit. I finished part two of the Shepherds Bush fold, My Home, the scissor fob.  I did stitch it over one (stole that idea from Sally at Salty Yarns) and am happy with the smaller size. I was lucky and had some seed beads in the same color purple in my stash (Yes Debbie--I know!!!) since the larger ones wouldn't work. I also had to use the heart button differently for the same reason. I really don't like doing the ribbon edging and after several starts, finally got it to where I am satisfied. I know there is more of it to come in the series, so I hope to improve it as I go along. 

I have moved on to Part 3, the pincushion as my next project. Then I need to get back to work on the Lady's Pocketbook.

While in Richmond, we went to see the Downton Abby costume exhibit at the Virginia Historical Society. It was fabulous and I loved seeing all the beaded/embroidered trim. They had about 40 different costumes and pictures of the scenes where they were used. This was a perfect way to get me excited about the new season starting Sunday--can't wait!!!
While there, we did a quick run through of the rest of the museum (definitely worth a return visit) and I stumbled across this tiny beaded "purse" supposedly owned by Martha Washington.  It was only about 3 inches big and attached to a ring (which I foolishly didn't get in my photograph). You would wear the ring on your finger and hold the purse in the palm of your hand. Here's a photo and I hope you get the idea. I loved this and if I'm ever in a really clever, creative mood, would like to be able to figure out how to reproduce one. 

Ring would be attached to chain at the top

And to close, I did squeeze in the Star Wars movie over the holiday and was as excited about it as the first one back in 1977.Back then, it was the first movie with spectacular special effects and has always remained a favorite. Here is a pair of shoes I saw when visiting a neighborhood in Baltimore, called Hampden, right before Christmas. Pretty cool...if you can remain upright wearing them!!!

Well, if I'm not back before New Years, I wish you all a Happy, healthy New Year full of the things you love---family, friends...and stitching (among other things)! :)

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. I am now the proud owner of the Friendship sweet bag and smalls . They are truly beautiful and the thought of you stitching all these exquisite pieces and finishing them to perfection for me fills my heart with gratitude.
    Thank you very much Dear Friend!

  2. What a fabulous gift you created for your friend and what lovely gifts you received! That clip on table looks very handy. Happy New Year!

  3. I really like the gifts you made Paola. And my, oh my, what special gifts were made for you!

  4. Such wonderful stitchy presents... beautiful designs and workmanship! That Downton Abbey exhibit is coming to Cincinnati in 2016... can't wait to go see it. I'll be glued to the tv Sunday night. I love the series and hate to see it end. Have a happy happy New Year!

  5. Gifts are awesome! I bet your friends were really satisfied. It is so sad that Christmas time is over:(

  6. Hi Stasi, I photographed that same little purse when my husband and I went to see the DA exhibit on our 35 the wedding anniversary. If I could find out how to makes buy the hardware, I'd love to turn it into a stitching project! See you at Salty Yarns!