Monday, December 28, 2015

A Very Merry Christmas I had

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for a happy, healthy, stitch filled New Year! I really wanted to get in my sewing room and organize today, but have been distracted (hubby's home) by other tasks, and did want to get a blog post in. 

We had a fairly low key Christmas at my daughters in Richmond, which was relaxing and enjoyable. Although with temps in the 70's, I don't know how many times I said, "it just doesn't feel like Christmas"!!! We carried on however and the grand kids even found imaginative ways to utilize the sleds they got from Santa! Pillows were abundantly piled at the bottom of the steps!!!

I think they waited until I was gone to do this!!!!

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving and I was blessed to receive some wonderful gifts, not only for Christmas but for my birthday which is also in December.  First up are the gifts from my family--- I'm just giving the highlights.
Older daughter's family gave us "gift cards" from a company called Kiva. We get to give a "set" dollar amount loan to someone in a third world country to aid in starting a business. Theoretically, they will pay us back as they begin to make a profit. I'm hoping to find someone with a crafty business. Pretty neat idea, huh???

Younger daughter gifted me this tee shirt for my birthday--perfect for me!!!

 Sister gave me a teapot charm which will find a  home on my charm bracelet.

Power Plant at night

But the best gift of all was that my hubby totally surprised me by flying my younger daughter and her beau in for the weekend before Christmas. It not only made my Christmas but that of my parents and daughter. He also surprised me by bringing my older daughter and her family up to spend Saturday afternoon and night at the Baltimore Inner Harbor with us. Thanks babe!!!

First ice skating experience

Pie in the Face game
I think I will end now and share my "stitchy" gifts in another post. I don't want to bore people to tears and hopefully haven't done so!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Oops!! I wanted to add the ornaments my grand kiddies made for me. I had started a tradition with my girls, when they were little, and had them make ornaments every year as their gifts to family and close friends. This lasted into the high school years. I am thrilled my daughter has continued the tradition with her own children!


  1. Awesome gifts and love the kids on the sled. But I think the pie in the face game is the winner! How much silly fun that is. And the tradition with your girls of making ornaments.....what an awesome idea. And no, we wouldn't be bored if you had added your stitching presents to the post.....but we do look forward to another post. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Dear Stasi,
    All this sounds wonderful and may you be blessed with more and more Christmas holidays like this in years to come surrounded by your beautiful family. Happy new year Stasi and Rich!

  3. What a wonderful Christmas you had! Love the kids on the sled; too cute! The ornaments made by the grandkids made me smile. What a fabulous tradition for them to carry on. Happy New Year, Stasi!