Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again.............

I survived my week with the grandkiddies and am back to my usual routine of work, trying to squeeze in a walk and stitching in the evenings. We had a blast with Asher and Cora, some fun times at the pool, Chuck E Cheese, Monkey Joe's, etc.. Hubby and I were definitely worn out at the end of the week, but so thrilled they are comfortable enough to spend a week with us. It definitely showed me I need to work HARDER to get in shape. It's pretty tough trying to sing an adorable,sweet thing to sleep every night with a  20+ pound weight on your chest. Cora loves to lay her head on your shoulder and have you rock and sing her to sleep..... and I wanted to savor every minute because by next time she may not want to cuddle. So, out came Puff the Magic Dragon, Hush Little baby, My Favorite Things, All Most Heaven West Virginia and her favorite Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Asher is in perpetual motion, but likes to unwind watching some videos on our bed and then goes quietly into his good night. All in all, a memory filled week for us and hopefully for them too!

Now on to the stitching front.  I finished stitching Just Nan's Lady Scarlet's Scissor Roll --will show finished photos after I've put it all together. The fabric is a beautiful soft green 32 count Limestone Belfast, which isn't showing well in the photo. I stitched it with the called for DMC colors but changer the Gentle Art Tea Rose to Victorian Pink (since i had that in my stash) for the border. I'll be on the hunt for a cute pair of red scissors to stick in the roll when I'm done. I'm thinking I've seen some "ladybug" scissors somewhere along the way that may be perfect!

All kinds of cute little critters--bunny, squirrel, turtle, grasshopper and birds--even a lurker under the pumpkin patch

I'm also currently working on a biscornu for a class I'm taking at my local EGA chapter in September. I chose a piece from the EGA publication Needlearts called Pining to Stitch: The Biscornu. This was part of a seminar held by the Southern Maine chapter for the New England Region that included many more pieces, but luckily--for me, they published the biscornu one. I stitched mine with Valdani  overdyed threads and enjoyed all the different stitches. My favorite is the buttonhole bar that was used for the pine cones--makes them very 3-dimensional!! Again, I am on the hunt for some smallish pine cone button for the center. I have a pair of lovely pine cone buttons but they are too big for that purpose. I still have to stitch the back but that is mainly the pine branches and my initials.

Pining to Stitch: The Biscornu

Hers's a close up of a pine cone with the buttonhole bar stitch: 

I've also managed a little stash enhancement from The Attic. I love reading their newsletter and recently succumbed to placing a mail order for the following:

If only there were more hours in the day!!!! I know we all wish that!!!

That's it until next time. Thanks for visiting and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


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  1. I love that pinecone! What a great stitch to use to make it three dimensional. Great stash enhancement too!