Sunday, August 19, 2012

Road Trip.....and New Finish

I have put off driving up to see the needlework exhibit at the Chester County Historical Society all summer. It seemed September 7th (when the show ends) was a looooong way off! But, it was a "now or never" moment realized on Friday--that I had to go soon or miss it. Soooo, Rich and I took a road trip yesterday of about 3 hours to West Chester, PA. WOW--was it worth the trip!!! The exhibit was fabulous with many examples of different styles of samplers, huswifes, pinballs and globes. A veritable feast for the stitchers eyes! When we first got there, we were the only visitors--in fact our movement into the rooms turned the lights on. The whole time were we there , there were only 4 other people, so we could take our time, study the pieces, read the info cards in a very leisurely fashion. I was especially taken with some beautiful examples of needle lace; it was so fine and delicate. I was also happy we took some time to walk around the rest of the museum as we came across some fabulous pinballs that were in wonderful condition with very good color.

Sadly, there is no plan for a catalogue as a reference tool. I did take some pictures before my camera battery died on me, but am not allowed to post on my blog without permission. I'm figuring others have gotten that permission and posted them, so hopefully they are just a google search away.

Then, a walk up the street to find a plethora of restaurants- a veritable feast for the stitchers tummies!!!! We chose an Irish pub since they had available seating outside. Oh...and did I mention it was an absolutely beautiful day--temps in the low 80's and NO humidity!!!
Rich at lunch

A quick visit to The Strawberry Sampler where I bought a shop model that was perfectly fitting for the day...don't ya think? Heck, I couldn't buy the frame for the price of the whole stitched piece, so I'm extremely happy!!!

Now on to the finishing front!!! I completed one of my Merry cox classes  from June, Le Nouveau Palais Royale. I stitched this for my granddaughter, Cora. It has her initials, her name, as well as mine and the name she calls me...Mimi. The only change I made was to sew beading around the pin keep instead of using silk ribbon.  The pieces all fit inside the box stacked on top of each other and then the box slides into the silk bag. I'll have to start my hunt for treasures to put inside. I'd really like to come up with something special as a  scissor fob instead of the ribbon.
 I just love the colors...they are as sweet and lovely as my little Cora! I've been whispering in Cora's ear since she was born( she's almost 21 months old)  that I was going to teach her to stitch...that she'll be my little stitching buddy one day. I am starting to refer to myself as the "stitch whisperer" where she is concerned. My hope is she'll become interested in some type of needlework so we can keep the art going.
The whole shebang

Pinkeep and pincushions (bottom layer)

middle layer with scrims

top layer

presentation bag

That's all for now--thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Stasi - your Merry Cox finish is gorgeous! What a treasure!

  2. I am all finished with my stitching on this one, Stasi! My finishing class is in Nov--I can't hardly wait after seeing yours! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dear Stasi
    What a lovely job you did on this one too

  4. Sooo Lovely finish! As always with your beautiful works!
    Love Merry Cox designs too, they are so neat and pretty.

    Keep up the great stitching, always stop by and look at your blog and enjoy your stitching adventures. The Regal Bee and the Betsy Morgan pieces are truly out of the world beauties!
    Looking forward to you stitching up your Jane Greenoff designs too, wow they are wonderful and so pretty. She is a great designer and very highly in demand here in Europe.

    Thanks for all your sharing!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Anette--appreciate you "stopping" by. Merry's pieces are always so swweet and delicate! I'm looking forward to working on the Jane Greenoff pieces, but have a lot on my "to-do" list!!!

  5. Yes, time is to short for us stitchers, when it comes to stitching all things we have planned:)
    I have a way of sort of sneaking in more projects on my To-Do list,
    just finding nice new things I just HAVE to stitch...:)

    I wanted to ask you about the little precious toy horsehead from Betsy Morgan you stitched earlier. It is embellished with such beautiful variegated shade of ribbon, is that ribbon colour you think avalable still?

  6. Anette,
    The ribbon came in the kit, but Betsy had what is was listed. it is a 4mm silk ribbon, from Gloriana, called Auntumn Arbor. iy=t really is a lovely color.

  7. Thank You so kindly!
    Now I will order it.
    I love it too, and I am stitching up Betsy´s Mareze d´Orts Box so I think I use it to embellish the tassels on each side, hope it will look as good
    as yours:)

    By the way I also have a beautiful laying Tool from Mike, my daughter and son bought it for me. I will us it for my satin stitches on Judy Dixon´s hardanger pieces.
    Thanks again so very much Stasi, take care.

  8. Anette,

    That is so funny. Maggie 9Mike's wife0 is in my EGA guild and had just mentioned that they had a request fir a laying tool to be sent to Sweden--must have been yours!!! It truly is a "small world".


  9. Yes, it must be mine:) My daughter had the contact with Mike and she was so
    very pleased with everything, and loved the contact they had.
    They also made a pretty tassel to go with it.
    And I will always treasure the beautiful tool, knowing it is made with love and skill.

    So fun how things turn out sometimes!


  10. What a wonderful treasure! Even more special when it is made with love for a special grandchild. I hope your "stitch whispering" works! My dear child is only interested in boys and sports. But, maybe someday I can get a needle in her hand.

    I have been stitching diligently on my Merry Cox class pieces since June, but still a ways from finishing them. The Sweet Little Blossoms piece has been fun to stitch but neverending Nun stitch! I am changing the stitches used for the flowers, so they are taking a little longer to test out. Thanks for sharing another beautiful project.

  11. A beautiful set and I pray your granddaughter really loves it knowing you stitched this project for her. My granddaughter will be 6 years old next month and pray she will learn from me as well! Happy Stitching.