Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Mugwumps are coming....The Mugwumps are coming....

I am so grandkids are coming tomorrow to stay with us for a week while their parents go on a cruise. I have been busy getting everything ready for them--childproofing, setting up sleeping arrangements, buying their favorite foods etc.. I think I'm ready...I just hope I can keep up with them!!! 

I hopefully have some fun things planned...Monkey Joes, the Hagerstown Childrens Museum, Chuck E Cheese ( a request from Asher) and a local pool. We're going to celebrate Christmas in July on Wednesday: I'm going to sneak a small tree up Tuesday after they've gone to bed and have a couple presents under it. We'll make Christmas cookies, sing Christmas carols and have a jolly old time. :)

 I was so tickled the other day when Rich and I were scouting some antique/collectible store. Kris has been teaching Cora the song "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee" and lo and behold, there sat an Anne Geddes baby doll dressed like a bumblebee. I swooped it up and it's going under the tree for Cora.

I also completed a quick project that I've wanted to do for some time. I had a pile of Golden books from when my girls were little that I wanted to make available to Asher and Cora. I had found some adorable "Golden Book" fabric awhile back and thought it would make a wonderful bag to hold the books in. is the finished bag complete with Pokey the Puppy!!!
Well, Rich and are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate our 38th anniversary (can that really be?) which is tomorrow. We're heading to a great little restaurant in Hagerstown called The Blackeyed Susan. They're having a seafood fest that we thought sounded  yummy! So, I'm off to get my walking in, then shower, then get all gussied up!!! Yea--right!!!

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  1. What a wonderful time you must be having with your grandchildren.

    Your idea of Christmas in July sounds like a fun one. Can't believe you found the "bee" doll--perfect for you!