Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dang me...Dang Me

Well, it's been a month to the day since I last posted and I have been a busy bee---. but more about that later. First I must start with a story of woe.............. I had shown, previously, the beautiful sampler I had stitched for my granddaughter, Cora. I took it down to give to my daughter  recently and she's oohing and aahing all over it, telling me how much she loves it. Then, shyly she looks at me and says" Mom--what year was Cora born"? I immediately start to freak knowing I screwed up something and lo and behold....I had stitched the wrong year!!!! Dang it!!!Our dear Cora was born the last day of November 2010, and I didn't start stitching her birth sampler until 2011. So, I inadvertently put 2011 instead of 2010!!!!!! My sweet daughter, Kristin, said "it's okay we can just leave it like that"......seeing I was beginning to go into major meltdown mode, but there is NO way I could leave it. So, I shall have to take off the back of the piece, unpin--hopefully just about 1/3 from the bottom, remove the over one stitching  ( luckily just the one number), restitch the correct number and put it all back together. Whew!!! And here's the kicker.......I did the same thing when I stitched a birth sampler for my daughter, Jess's 18th birthday--put the year I stitched it instead of her birth year.  You think I would have learned from that experience!!!! It's a wonder my backside isn't 'black and blue' from all the "kicking myself in the butt" I've been doing!!! :)

Now, on to better things. As I mentioned earlier, I have been getting some stitching done. I completed all the stitching on The Regal Bee and now have to sit down quietly and contemplate how I'm going to finish it. The designer, at this time, doesn't have finishing instructions but I loved the piece so much, I bought it anyway. I figure I can pull on all the knowledge I've gleaned from my past classes with Merry Cox, Betsy Morgan, Judy O'Dell and others to get me through it. The shaker box it goes in is just fabulous, especially the lid which highlights the grains of wood. I'll share that when I have it all done. For now, here is the needle book and pages and the scissor fob (over one).
scissor fob

needle book and pages
I've also managed to get the pre-stitching done for my Betsy Morgan class, The Elizabethan Casket Etui,  in June. . There will be buttonholes stitched at the top and it will be made into a drawstring bag for a stitching goodie.

I also (had this in my stash awhile) stitched the Hobby Horse accessory that goes in the Toy Chest by Betsy Morgan. It will fit over the top of a beautifully turned wood laying tool. I will share photos when it's finished but here is the stitched piece. (Sorry the horse head is sideways but I forgot to rotate)

I am currently working on another addition to the Toy Chest, The Paintbox Needle Threader Case. Betsy says that is the LAST piece, but she's said that before. :) 

So, to end today, I'm going to share a little story about Cora. It seems she likes to Skype with me and will sit on the floor by Kris's computer and point up at it until Kris calls me. I can't tell you how remarkable it is to answer the call and see her precious face smiling back at me. Computers can frustrate the living heck out of me, but then there is this wonderful technology that allows me to interact with my grand babies on a daily basis, while they're hours away. I can remember visiting Disney World back in the 70's and visiting the World of Tomorrow ( I think Monsanto sponsored it) and seeing the tableaus for the future where people could shop on line and talk to each other over their computer. I recall Rich and I discussing that this could NEVER happen--someone had a great imagination. And here we it...and loving it!!!

Until next time.....

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  1. Stasi -

    What a shame about Cora's birth sampler. I feel your pain! No matter how many times we check and double check something we don't see it. Cora will have a great story to tell about her birth sampler and the love that you had for her to take it apart and fix it.