Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Michael's Myth

Okay, I haven't "mused"  here yet, but I'm feeling  the need today!!!

I went out to get a piece of glass for the birth sampler and thought I'd start at Michaels since I had a 40% off coupon. First off, no coupons allowed for just a piece of glass. Then I got the price for an 11X15 piece...granted it was conservation glass to protect against UV rays. Bottom line, their price was $33.83!!! I decided to shop around before biting that bullet. I went to a framing shop in downtown Martinsburg, Queen Street Gallery, and inquired about the glass. Their price ...and it was for the exact type of glass... they even had the same display as Michaels... was $8.51!!! Go figure! I would have had to leave my frame at Michaels and go back to pick up the glass. At the local shop, she cut it for me right away--great customer service!

So, this has lead me to believe that Michaels jacks its prices up to accommodate the 50% coupons and the professional framers are just as competitive....if not better....and..... I'd rather give them my business. So now, I'll have to work on my "trust" issues and try the local framer.

Hope you're having the gorgeous weather we are!


  1. Very interesting. I've wondered about this myself. My recollection of what I paid for framing from Bowman's was that it was always reasonable. Now I still get mine framed the same way -no glass, no mat- but without the coupons from Joann's it would be cost prohibitive. I know I could drive down to Ft. Thomas and still use Bowman's but from Sharonville it is a drive. Glad you got the glass for a reasonable price.

    1. Carol, I have to drive 30 minutes to get just about anywhere so luckily that doesn't matter for me but I can definitely see how that would play in to your decision.