Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neigborhood..........

The weather is just beautiful here today--sunny, clear and not too hot or cold--a Goldilocks kind of day! I went outside for awhile to do some pruning only to find our pruning shears are broken. That will have to wait for another day.... boo-hoo. I do believe I will head out for a walk around the neighborhood however--feeling the need for some fresh air and Vitamin D. 

I have completed the stitching required for my Merry Cox class in June. It was way less than is normally needed, but I am glad to have it off my plate, so to speak. So here is my Le Nouveau Palais Royale: 

Not sure what this is going to be....maybe lays on top inside of wooden box....we'll see


I did include Cora's name and what she calls me, Mimi, on the piece. I also put her initials and year of birth on the mirror image pincushions. Here is a picture of our sweet little Cora in an outfit I had made for her Mommy over 30 years ago.
Well, this post is a little short as I want to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful day. So happy we'll have an extra hour of daylight this evening!!! 


  1. Beautiful stitching- I love how you included the personal bits - names, initials. I think that makes the pieces special. And what an adorable little girl - cute cute cute!

    The weather here is gorgeous too. I hoping to do sit on the screen porch and stitch a bit.

    1. Thanks Carol! Hope you got to sit on your porch and stitch. I'm so loving that it's 6:20 PM and still light outside!