Thursday, April 27, 2017

I'm Still Strolling..... (117)

Well, the show last night was Beautiful! It was fun to hear so many of the songs Carol King is responsible for, along with some of her hit songs from Tapestry (one of my favorite LP'S). I never knew she got pregnant and was married at 16!!! One small snafu...hubby (gotta love him) wanted to park near the theater and walk to our restaurant for dinner thinking it was only a few blocks. We got a great parking space, since we were so early, but the "few" blocks" turned out to be about a mile! Wouldn't have been an issue if I'd had on "walking shoes", but I had on some strappy sandals!!! Positive outcome was I, unexpectedly,  got in my 10,000 steps!

On to today's Stroll piece. This is a Merry Cox design that was in a magazine ---I think SANQ. If any wants specifics, let me know and I can dig a little deeper. It is called Shaker Spool Holder and I stitched it in 2005. 



Side View
I'm running errands this morning then packing this afternoon for a quick overnight trip to Virginia Beach. I leave tomorrow and am taking a class with Beth from Heartstring Samplery on Saturday morning. This is sponsored by Dyeing to Stitch and will be my first time attending one of their events. I'm hoping to see some people I may know as I'm "flying" solo!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. I am glad you had a nice evening out.What a pretty piece this is.A class with Beth should be wonderful.

  2. Very cool spool "box, Stasi! Glad you enjoyed the show plus getting your steps in. Wow! I hope you have an enjoyable time at the Dyeing to Stitch retreat and good class with Beth. I look forward to hearing about it.

  3. Always wanted to stitch that piece - yours is just beautiful! I love Merry's designs and the way she feeds my smalls obsession.

    117 ... oh my, you've been doing this since the first of the year, haven't you? I think Ann said that, but it didn't really sink in till just now. Am going to have to pace myself looking back through your posts. ;)

  4. I love your sweet box! I played Tapestry over and over in highschool, one of my favorites, I hope to see the show someday too! Mary

    1. Thanks Mary--I remember good times when I listen to Tapestry!

  5. Hi, I would love more info on this cute sewing set.
    I make and collect pincushions and needle cases, this is a bit different. I'm in South Australia, and stitch every day
    Cheers Nanna js

    1. This pattern was in the Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly magazine, issue #41. It is called Shaker Spool Holder by Merry Cox. Hope that helps!