Friday, April 7, 2017

French Bon Bon Part 2 (97)

Today I'll share the "innards" of the French Bon Bon Box. Some came with the class kit and others I've added. First up is a little book that when opened up has a needle page, pincushion and sleeves for accessories. The bag holds a thimble and is adorned with a tiny scrimshaw piece from Marcy Wharton.

Front of book and thimble bag

The inside of the book is shown here. The needle page is at the top right with the pincushion below. On the left, I have a small wooden awl and in the center is a sweet little notebook with a scrimshaw cover. I need a tiny chatelaine pencil to add in another sleeve. 

Here is the back of the book and some of the found treasures. Clockwise from the left are the rear of the stitched book, a small "spool" box with scrimshaw birds on it ( it was hard to get a close up), Sajou thread winder, a dance card and a needle keeper. The dance card was found at an antique shop in Berkeley Springs, WV. It is from the Junior Promenade of the class of 1931 at Gettysburg College. I was tickled to find this and, for some reason, felt it belonged with this set.

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  1. What a beautiful set of smalls and additional "condiments", Stasi! That dance card was certainly a fabulous find. Enjoy your day!

  2. What perfect additions! I especially love the Eiffel Tower pieces--and I can see why you wanted to add the dance card--the color even blends with the silk on the inside!

  3. Merry's sewing cases and smalls sets are always delightful - I love your book and the thimble bag. And please pardon my laziness for making one comment do double duty - the French Bon Bon box is gorgeous! Fabulous work!