Friday, May 8, 2020

And we're still hanging in there.....

I haven't been counting the actual days that I've been self isolating, but I know it's going on two months. You would think the time would be dragging, but I feel every day/week is going by so fast....perhaps that is a good thing!!! I keep busy with my stitching and I've been cutting fabric for masks for a local group in Richmond while my sewing machine was in the shop. I managed to get a haircut from the girl that does my daughter's family and my hubby's hair. She came to my daughters garage...mask and antiseptic in tow...I feel much better now. So basically, I stitch while binging some show after I've done any chores. I watched 5 seasons of When Calls the Heart and am currently watching an NBC show called Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist...on the suggestion of my younger's rather quirky but lots of musical numbers, which I love. A retreat I was going to has been cancelled a second time and I miss seeing my stitching buddies and sharing our passion. I have been texting daily with a small group of friends and we're sharing our projects that way.

 So, now on to what I've been working on. As I said above, I've been cutting yards of fabric into 6X9 inch rectangles to be made into masks. At last count, I've cut up about 45 yards. Here is one days worth:

I've also made about 100 masks for family and friends. That put my machine into a tail pin and I had to venture out to the repair shop. Luckily, it was only about a 10 day wait period and I have it back, as I finally got three of the Brenda Gervais project bags to make for myself. 

I'm a week behind on my SAL's. The weekly installment for the blackwork piece is a long narrow band where you are supposed to put a quote of some kind.. Since I'm doing mine on banding, it won't fit. So, I will have to improvise a bit. I'm thinking about just dong the graphic element alone or starting to do single boxes down one side and doing my quote vertically. Hmmmm...any thoughts? Here is where I am to date:

I am now two weeks behind in my iSTitch band sampler, but you will see why shortly.

I have started a mini SAL with two friends. We are starting the Berry Thief by Jackie du Plessis. I was lucky to find a complete kit for sale on FB recently and snatched it up. I haven't gotten too far but at least it's started. (Sorry, couldn't figure out how to get photo bigger)

Berry Thief Needle page
I decided to put in an all out effort to get Seeking Refuge by The Scarlett House completed. It took about a month to stitch. I chose to stitch it on 46 count Vintage Buttercream linen (it's much more golden than photo) with a combination of Victorian Motto, WDW and GAST fibers, heavy on the VM's.  I made the checkerboard borders two toned, changed the bunnies from white to brown and substituted beehives for the dogs. I meant to move the dogs down to where the birds are....but forgot, so birds it is! I love this piece and the saying was perfect for these crazy days.

 I will close with a Happy Mother's Day wish for all and hope that you can visit in person (at a safe distance) or virtually with your Moms and/or children. Here are a couple photos from our garden to end with. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

Scotch Broom

Our 'mini' wildflower garden


Saturday, April 18, 2020

Hanging in There.....549

The days are blending one into another.....I venture out once a week to do my grocery shopping and hubby and I are trying to hike/walk a few times a week. We try to support a local restaurant one day of the weekend and order curbside pick up or delivery.  I have made 70+ masks for family and friends, but am running low on elastic, so on hold for a bit. Other than that I am home and stitching away!!!

I have been doing a little retail therapy...a couple charts, some shoe buttons and I rescued a scrimshaw piece by Marcy Pumphret off Ebay.

A cute little buff from Zappy Dots....

So, on to what I've been working on.....I hope the photos will stay put.  I noticed the ones on my last few posts were deleted somehow and I just spent quite a bit of time reloading them. Fingers crossed!!!

Up first are my SAL's.........

Peppermint Purple SAL..up to date

iStitch Burgandy Band SAL....up to date

Learning Stitches by Jeanette Douglas (on line class through Sassy Jacks) up to date

Next, works in progress:

A Fish Tale by Hands on Designs 

Seeking Refuge by The Scarlett House

A quick little Easter finish...a little kit I got at JoAnn's.



Now, a little exciting news....even though the PSS had to postpone their retreat in April, they still had a virtual merchant mall. Le Shays shaker box company had a drawing for five items for anyone who made a purchase at the sale. I was one of the lucky five winners and received this lovely shaker tray. It is an olive green to find a project for it!  I am so thankful and tickled!!!

I'm going to end now with a photo I captured of a little friend visiting our phlox. Please be safe and stay well everyone. We will get through this hopefully with new appreciations for the things we have always taken for granted. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



Monday, April 6, 2020

Okay, So I almost had a major meltdown.........


Photo: the Food Lion this morning. I had a truly surreal moment...... that literally hit me in the face..... as I spied my image in the store windows donning my homemade mask and wearing bright blue plastic gloves (that ripped in half when I took them off). Who'd have thought this was possible a few weeks ago??? I quickly pulled myself together, did my weekly shopping and hightailed it home to sanctuary!!! There I pushed through a good cry!!! I miss my family and grandkids, I miss the soccer and baseball games, I miss going out whenever and wherever I want, I'm missing the retreats I was scheduled to attend...and ones I'm sure will be cancelled/postponed soon. But, then I tell myself I can do's not that could be worse....pull on your big girl panties...suck it up buttercup!!!!

And now on to our regular scheduled's what I've been working on...and yes, I have been jumping all over the place.

18 more masks ( a different design) for my family and a friend.


Burgandy Sampler Band SAL by iStitch Designs --working on week 14 and 15..... it's a big block of Assisi work.


Up to date on the Blackwork SAL by Peppermint Purple.


Moving along on A Fish Tale by Hands on Design but needed a break from all the pink and green.

So a pumpkin came out .... I know I'm way out of season..but this was perfect for my back porch.....Autumn Blessings by Noteworthy Needle. Using one strand of #5 perle cotton, colors I had on hand. I had drilled this back in October!!!

 A new start...a perfect piece for today...Seeking Refuge  by The Scarlett House. The saying rings so true for me, and I'm sure many of you.
" When the world seems to be out of control, I find a way to nurture my soul
  Seeking refuge wth needle and thread, The angst and anxiety no longer I dread."
I'm doing this on 46 count Vintage Buttercream by Lakeside Linens with some of the original fibers, but filling in with Victorian Motto shop colors. 

Here's my teeny, tiny start.... 

Please stay well, my friends, and we will come out of this on the other side! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

And the Winners are.....

A Stitch in Time by With Thy Needle and Thread:

A Tisket, A Tasket by JBW Designs:

 Congratulations to the winners...please e-mail me at with your mailing address and I'll get your chart off to you.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Sunday, March 29, 2020

Checking in...and a Drawing Reminder (548)


Greetings all...I hope this finds you healthy in the confines of your favorite sheltering place.....home sweet home!!! 

It's been a fairly busy week ...I started out by making 30+ face masks for my niece, who is the administrator of an assisted living facility in the Baltimore area. She had put out a request on FB and I felt the need to respond. There were quite a few tutorials on YouTube, and they were not hard to make...not ideal for the situation but better than nothing. I hope the supply chain picks up and turns this around soon!!!

I have had a finish-finish this week....Little Dumpling Travel Bag by  Thistles. Mine was a lit (leftover from a class at Market) but there are charts available. It was much easier to put together than I anticipated and turned out so darn cute!

My new start is an exclusive kit from Salty Yarns, A Fish Tale by Hands on Design. I love the colors in this.... so beachy!!! The design features a box lid, three fobs and a pincushion that all fit in/on a drawer style box. The kit is all inclusive..fabric, full skeins of WDW, the drawer to finish it on, shell pins, a waxer, an ort jar, a coordinating thread holder, a fish ruler, fabric, trims  and cardboard for finishing and all the instructions. Cathy's finishing instructions are superb!!!

This is the band for the pincushion.

 Trying to adjust to our new oldest had a birthday Friday and even though we only live a few miles apart, we did not participate except for me making her favorite cake and dropping it off. I'm not going out except for necessities and to walk/hike. I've been calling a friend a day to keep in touch and hanging out on social media. I try not to listen to the news and depend on Rich to let me know what I must. I am enjoying small things people are doing to stay positive. Some of our neighbors are having themed days like zoo days where they put stuffed animals out on their front lawn. Today is flowers day and a number of them have chalk drawn flowers in their driveways. We are seeing more neighbors out and about than ever before..though safely practicing social distancing. We've had parades of teachers from our local schools drive through the neighborhood honking and waving to their students. These small gestures are so uplifting and I choose to focus on them!

A reminder that I have a drawing going on for a With Thy Needle and Thread or JBW Designs chart. Please see my previous post and enter there by commenting and stating which one, or both, that you'd like to be entered in for. I will draw two names, one for each chart on the 31st! If you have previously commented and are not an official follower of my blog (found on the sidebar), please become one  so you are eligible. Also, if you are a no-reply blogger, I can't contact you by e-mail so be sure to check back to see if you win and, if you do, get me your contact info so charts can be mailed.

So please everyone, be safe, stay home, wash your hands, stitch the day away...... and we'll get through this! Sending virtual hugs!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Happy Spring and a Little Strolling....(544-547)

Greetings all and happy spring ...I wish you could be here to small my hyacinths..they are heavenly!!! We could never have them in WV as the deer made a meal out of them every year. So far, so good here in RVA. The daffodils are popping and the phlox is creeping..spring flowers are definitely my favorite!

I know all of us are reeling from this coronaviris situation but I am trying to remain calm, go about my business as much as I can and be safe. That means pretty much staying home except for the grocery store. I've only seen the grands once in over a week and that is tough! Good things are happening though, small but meaningful....I see people smiling at each other more at the grocery, clerks being told to stay safe and thanks for being here, people letting my 89 year old Mom go to the front of the line when picking up a prescription. My granddaughters teacher actually had her students get on line and she read them a bedtime story!!! We need to look for the good in all this while being safe and hoping for positive outcomes for all.

Speaking of my grands...I have to do a little grandmotherly bragging grandson, Asher, was named Student of the Year at his middle school. I was told he was chosen out of 1500 students!!! We are so proud of him!!!

Asher visited by Principal to present award
And, please forgive me, but I have to mention that my younger daughter, Jess, also got Teacher of the Year at her school in NC. She works at an 'at risk' high school and faces  many challenges with a level head and caring heart. We have so much to be thankful for! (No picture, she'd never forgive me!)

Some disappointments like the PSS retreat being postponed to 2021,shops closing to the public,  Guild meetings and stitch groups being cancelled as well as baseball/soccer games. Thanks goodness for the internet where we can stay in touch virtually. Have you seen all the freebie charts that designers are starting to come out with to help with our confinement??? How generous is that!!! They just ask we call our LNS for supplies, if needed, to help them through these troubling times. 

I forgot to mention in my last post about the floss tubers I met at Market. It was so exciting to meet Vonna (Twisted Stitcher), Stephanie (Just Keep Stitching) , Michelle (Bendy Stitches), Suzy Reno and Kim from Sassy Jacks/Yonder Ways.

As for stitching...I have been a very busy bee...lots of finishing and stitching. I've been concentrating on finishing in the mornings and early afternoons, then switching to stitching for the remainder of the day. I am liking this staying at home and getting things accomplished...not sure how long it will last before I get cabin fever..... but for now, I am enjoying it immensely!!! I'll start with some finishes; I'll put info in the caption under the photos.

Jolly Santa by Bent Creek--stitched in 2002 (Zipper kit)

Cabin in the Globe by Bent Creek stitched in 2002 (Zipper kit)

A Stitch in Time by With Thy Needle and Thread.... Stitched with called for fabric and fibers

Stitching by the Sea by CA Wells....called for fibers but substituted a light blue fabric

A Tisket, A Tasket by JBW...kit, stitched as called for
Now for what I'm currently working on...and yes, I have a banding thing going on!!! First up is the Burgandy Sampler Band SAL from iStitch Designs...up to week 11.

Next is the Peppermint Purple Blackwork SAL on FB.. through week 12.

Third is an on line class with Sassy Jacks, Learning Stitches by Jeanette Douglas...first two lessons, Hungarian and Ray stitches.

 I've been trying hard to keep up with these SAL's but that means other projects are falling by the way side. I did start a new project that I got at Market, Little Dumpling Travel Bag by Thistles. This was one of the classes taught at Market but the designer had some extras in her room. You're seeing the back side of the piece in the photo.

That's about it......oh wait..... I thought I would have a little drawing now.... something to work on perhaps as we are stuck at home!!! So, you must be a follower (you can check the Followers widget at the bottom left of this page to be sure you're legit) of my blog and leave a comment stating which, or both,  of the two charts you'd like to be entered for. I will draw two names on the morning of March 31st, so check back then to see if you've won and get me your mailing info. Here are the charts (see above for finished designs):

A Stitch in Time by WTNT

A Tisket, A Tasket by JBW Designs

Good luck everyone and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Friday, March 13, 2020

A Trip to Crazy Town...... 543

Now you might think I mean Nashville, but actually it's Food Lion and Target. There is an underlying frenzy going on at the stores....I feel it....and am trying not to go off the deep end. I understand the worry and have enough supplies on hand to last the two week quarantine period...if needed. That's all I can do and hope for the best! A nice thing happened this morning, though, in the midst of all the craziness. I had let a men, who only had two items go ahead of me in line at Food Lion. Then a lady came running in saying the cashier was holding three things for her because she had to run out to the car to get more money. Turns out it was a bit more than 3 items and then she started adding/subtracting items to match the amount of money she had. It quickly became obvious she didn't have enough money so the gentleman in front of me told the cashier to add her things to his two items and he paid for it all. Made my heart sing!!!

As for Nashville, I really don't have too much to say; I'm sure by now you've all seen the previews and after Market posts. I was very restrained and only bought a few items. 

I did buy some gifts for friends but that will have to wait until after they are gifted.

Sara gave Sally and I a gift the first night...a lovely project bag with a piece of green dupioni silk in it. Sara also gave me a sweet little kit that had been taught at Market.

 So, in general Market was wonderful yet many new designs. Sometimes when there is SO much to choose from, I feel the need to pull back and mull things over before I buy. I will say one of my favorite things at Market was the completed Jenny Bean Parlor series by Shakespeare's Peddlar--it was my WOW!!! (Sorry didn't take a photo). I also loved the charts by Marjorie Massey that Theresa was selling. It was great to see old friends and reconnect with others. I told myself before I left that I wouldn't hug too many people, but couldn't help myself. All in all, it was a great experience and if you have any questions about a certain designer, let me know. Also, let me know what you were moved to buy from Market. 

Sadly, we did see a lot tornado damage on our way into Nashville along Route 40. .....houses totally demolished, trees and road signs snapped and LOTS of blue tarps. Luckily, we were on the other side of town and not affected firsthand. 

 I can stitch in the car, on certain things like perforated paper, so I got one piece completely stitched and the other 3/4 done on the way out and back. Both are from Samsarah Designs and found in the Halloween issues of JCS....Jack and Frank. I have two more from the series and am on the hunt for the remaining ones. These will be jointed when fun!

While in my hotel room, I got the piece stitched for an upcoming class at my Guild. Sadly, the class has been postponed due to the corona virus, but it will be made up at a later date. The piece is from  Just Hatched by the Prairie Schooler.

Since I've been home, I got caught up on two of my SAL's, Burgandy Sampler Band SAL  by iStitch Designs and the FB Blackwork SAL by Peppermint Purple.

I also have a finish-finish.....just in time for St. Patrick's Day.... Shamrock Row by Bent Creek. I did this like I did my Easter Bunny Row last year, where I had seen the idea on FB. I stitched the piece on banding and attached it to an antique wooden spool. I used the called for threads and added some sweet shamrock charms and an antique MOP flour leaf clover at the end. I just kind of unfurl it and it stands up on its own. When the holiday is over, I can just roll it up to store until next year.

Last, but not least, I had seen this mug posted on Beth Twist's IG page and, since I happened to be in Target today, I scoped it out. How sweet is this???

Well, I think that's all I've got today. Please stay safe, my friends!!! I keep telling myself I'd rather be a fool for taking precautions than find myself in an unprepared/worrisome situation.  Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!