Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summer Days.....(231)

OMG, yesterday was o-p-p-r-e-s-s-i-v-e; the humidity was so high it was like a "physical" presence. Yuck, yuck and more yuck!!! I am counting the days until the cooler temps of fall, but am still sharing a Stroll piece today called Summer Days. It's by Ewe and Eye and Friends and was stitched in 2000.

The next installment in the Blue Band Sampler SAL was delivered yesterday and I hopped right on it. Friday mornings have become a great time of anticipation!!!

I have a busy afternoon planned, lunch and pedicures with my daughter and granddaughter, then hubby and I have back to back eye exams. I'm probably due for an "upgrade"; my distance vision seems to be getting less..... shall we say.... "distant". I'll take a piece of linen with me to test that I will be able to see it with my new prescription.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

These are a Few of My Favorite Things....(230)

I'm channeling my inner Julie Andrews because today's Stroll piece highlights two of my favorite things.....needle in hand ....and .....the beach! It's by Hands on Design, Stitching by the Sea, completed in 2015. I love the bright, cheerful colors in this and the JABCO buttons are a perfect addition. I did use threads and fabric from my stash and instead of lining the "basket" with wool, I found a blue cotton fabric that reminded me of waves. I also added the "OC" on the top since that is my most special place "by the sea". OC stands for Ocean City, Maryland, a vacation spot I've been visiting since an infant.

Basket Interior

Top of Pincushio

Bottom of pincushion

Bottom of Basket
 I'm discovering the world of Podcasts. I like to listen to books while driving, especially on trips, but sadly the library doesn't seem to be investing in many new ones. So, I'm having to burst out of my comfort zone and try this brave new world. There definitely is a learning curve involved; I don't know how many times I kept repeating the same prologue and couldn't get it to FF to the next chapter. Then my hubby asked if I knew how much data I was the heck do I know??? My daughter to the rescue!!! She had me download the Verizon app so I can see where I stand on the data usage and get alerts if I'm getting close to going over our limit. Then she suggested I "download" chapters, a few at a time, when I'm on a wireless network; then I'm not using data as I listen in the car. Whew...too much to worry about and learn. Maybe I need to go back to just turning on the radio!!! 

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dog Days of Summer (229)......

are about to return,  so today's Stroll piece celebrates the month of August. It is from the Shepherd's Bush fold series of 2001. I have all 12 that I switch out monthly.

I've been selling some stash "overload" on FB....on the one hand it feels good to be realistic and pass things on to someone who may actually stitch it. On the other hand, it's a little mournful letting a bit of my "collection" go. But, I'm happy seeing that PayPal balance rise to help pay for future classes. :)

Are you all getting excited about the eclipse on Monday? My younger daughter lives in Brevard, NC (home of the White Squirrel Festival) and they are in the band that will witness the full eclipse. She gave my hubby this shirt for his birthday; he will proudly be wearing it Monday.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stitch Little Darlin' ......(228)

Thanks for all the kind comments/support about our grandchildren and Sierra Leone--it is much appreciated!

 Today's Stroll piece is Stitch Little Darlin', a class I took from Merry Cox in 2004. This was quite a challenge at the time; I don't recall doing any 3-D projects before then. I added my hubby and daughter's names at the bottom of the verse and the buttons on the bottom for protection. I remember getting this finished in class but being very unhappy the bottom fit. I was able to re-do at home and was more pleased with the results. Note the thimble holder and a needle page is under the flap.

I received a pre-stitch in the mail for a class I'm taking in October at the Salty Yarns Jamboree. This is for a Sue Hillis class; the other teachers are Milady's Needle and a gold work class from Deborah Merrick-Wilson. I've never done gold work, so that will be a new experience for me.....long and short, I had to start the pre-stitch and this is where I am so far.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Watermelon Garden.....(227)

Before I begin my usual post, I am asking for prayers/positive thoughts to be sent to the area of Freeport, Sierra Leone, Africa where huge mudslides have wiped out a community. This is very close to the orphanage where my grandchildren are being housed waiting for final approval from the US Immigration Department. Thankfully my grandchildren are okay but their facility is expecting to have to take in numerous children orphaned by this disaster and there is concern about the spread of disease. Somebody please move this red tape forward and bring J&E home to the loving family who so anxiously await them!!! Thanks!

On to my Stroll piece, though my heart is not truly in it today. Watermelon Garden is a Black Sheep Night kit from Ewe and Eye and Friends, stitched in 1997.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

And Many More....(226)

As promised, here is the "sequel" to yesterday's post. And Many More was another exclusive kit, by Just Nan, for the Silver Needle. This one was stitched in 2006. I was drawn to these because they are such sweet pieces, but not my favorites to stitch. There are so many "scattered" stitches and color changes, I feel I am constantly re-threading needles. The end results are worth it though!




 The trees are continuing to grow on the stocking. I love trees and this chart is chock full of them!

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

20 Flowers ...(225)

So, I stuck to my original plan yesterday and worked exclusively on the Christmas stocking while re-watching some episodes of Downton Abbey. I got one whole band completed and started another one. A lot of the "red" accents in the chart were done with beads, but I'm electing to stitch them with floss so it's not so froufrou. 

On to my Stroll's  20 Flowers by Just Nan, stitched in 2004. This was an exclusive kit from the Silver Needle. It consisted of a scissor pocket and fob. There is a companion piece which I'll share tomorrow.



 For those interested in the Mitford movie, it will be shown next Sunday night, the 20th, at 10:00PM on  the Hallmark channel. I'm not sure about the casting, definitely been "hollywooded" up with Andie McDowell as Cynthia and a guy cast as Father Tim who looks anything but what I'd expect Father Tim to look like. I have it set to record and will reserve total judgment until I've seen it.

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