Saturday, July 25, 2015


I know it's been way too long since my last post; I do have the best of intentions, but somehow the blog is always put on the back burner. Our business has been crazy busy and that has been tying up my week days. The weekends seem to fill up quickly with trips to see the kids and ....oh my...stitching related events!!! I was away every weekend except one since the beginning of June!!! Now, I'm not complaining as these have been quite enjoyable trips, but I think I need to stay home for awhile!!! So, since I'm home this weekend, I'm seizing the opportunity to do an update.

Since we last met, I went to Cincinnati, along with my travel companion Debbie, for a class with Merry Cox. It was a wonderful weekend, as usual, and so nice to see Merry healthy and back teaching. It was a shorter trip than usual so a lot was "squeezed" into 2 days. Thursday after arriving, we were off to Skyline for some Cincinnati style chili and to meet up with an old neighbor. Friday we went to Keepsakes Stitching ( a great needlework shop in the area) and then to Lebanon for lunch at The Golden Lamb ( a historic hotel/restaurant that boasts visits by the likes of Charles Dickens and many presidents). That night we met up with my 'twisted sisters' from my days working at Twisted Threads and  spent an enjoyable evening catching up. I wanted to make something for the girls and came up with this idea: I had an old sampler that I had started years ago at the shop. It was a monthly SAL from The Irish Hare. Somewhere along the line, she stopped designing and it was never finished. I decided to put it to good use by cutting....yes I said cutting.... it up and framing small sections in a Tim Holtz pocket watch. I tried to use their initials if possible and added a little embellishment. I think they turned out pretty darn cute..what do you think? Sorry the picture isn't clearer!

 I even got to pick up my framed And They Sinned!  I had mailed it to my framer there; he did a fantastic job and I was able to bring it home with me safe and sound in my car.  Shout out to Ken!!!!

Saturday was class day with Merry; I took A Young Lady's Workbox. It was an all day class with a lunch break--no prestitching involved so mainly we walked through the stitching and finishing. It was nice to see old friends and familiar faces!

Box that came with the class
 Sunday, we headed home with a stop at the midway point in Wheeling, WV. We also stopped there on the way out. There is an exit that has a ton of restaurants, Russell Stover outlet (though we didn't find any tins) and a Cabela's that has the best fudge in the world....I counted 50 different flavors...needless to say, we succumbed!!!

Now on to what I've been stitching lately! With so much traveling in the car, I managed to get a few more of my calendar pieces done..... of course that was when I was a passenger....not driver!!! I did have a friend ask me once how I managed to stitch while I drove!!! :) Almost done all of March, just have the kite to finish.

Then, at home, I've been working on the Alphabet Primer Pocket by Catherine Theron. I am almost done the back of the pocket, all stitched over 1 with a tent and/or basketweave stitch. I love this piece and the photo doesn't do it justice. The sky is so subtle in it's shading, blue to grey, that it looks very real!!! I'm happy to have a lot of that color left over to hopefully put to good use in a future project.

I should be home now for awhile so, hopefully, I'll get my mojo going and post more often. 

Now to the personal news I had alluded to in my last post. I am going to be a grandmother again, times two, in about 6 months!!!! No, twins aren't daughter is adopting two children from Sierra Leone, Africa. There will be a boy and girl roughly the same ages as my grandkids now...7 and 5. My daughter went over there in June to meet them and now has to wait 6 months before she can go back and bring them home. I can't post photos but they are adorable and we can't wait!!! I am so proud of my daughter and her husband for opening their hearts and lives to these children. They have been praying for this and working through the process for the last three years. Asher and Cora are very curious and excited about their new siblings. Awhile ago Asher was asked by a friend if they were adopting a puppy and Asher replied : "No, a human!" So.......I have two Christmas stockings to make...just in case they are here by Christmas. We already have them picked out... two from the Shepherds Bush series. I will keep you posted on their journey.

That's it for now--hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Sorry...couldn't resist that line from a favorite musical, The King and I.

So, to continue with my last post.As you can see, I had a fabulous time at Salty Yarns. Betsy is a wonderful teacher and the gang at The Lankford/Salty Yarns are most hospitable!

While there, Sally was celebrating her birthday and I try to gift her with a stitched piece. This year was no different and I actually managed to get two pieces completed. They are both from Tools of the Trade Part 1 by Blackberry Lane Designs. She has done a series of (I think it's up to 5) charts with coordinating smalls. I stitched the pin keeper on 28 count Light Mocha cashel (over one) with Gloranna silk (cranberry).


I also stitched the pin cushion but instead of finishing it in a salt cellar, I had found an adorable chick egg cup. Since Sally is always calling us her "peeps", I thought it was quite fitting! I stitched that on 30 count R&R 18th Century Red with Kreinik Silk Mori 8000. I had to be a little creative with the finishing since the cup was deeper than a salt cellar. I came up with the idea to fill the cup with cranberry seed beads.
top of pincushion


Next up is my gift from my roomie, Debbie. She gave me a very fitting box filled with all manner of goodies: L'Occitane soap and hand cream, a beeswax beehive, antique spool, sea shell candy, fun sticky notes, decorative Kleenex and paper clips shaped like glasses!!!How fun!!! Thanks Deb!

Contents of gift box

Since my dear friend , Paola, was coming to this event, we usually exchange a gift..or two. I had gotten her a lovely wood turned, acorn shaped needle holder from a guy selling on Facebook and a sweet needle book from In the Company of Friends; sadly I forgot to photograph them.  This is what I made her. I had seen some wonderful "bee" fabric on line that was just calling to be made into a project bag. I used a pattern from a kit I had bought years ago from Merry Cox called A Token of Friendship. I substituted my fabric and stitched the little friendship saying to go on the flap.  

My gift from Paola was stunning!!! She stitched a Jeanette Douglas design on 40 count linen, then attached it to a completely hand sewn pouch. The colors, trim/ribbon, charm, and fabric choices are absolutely PERFECT and so ME!!! Her stitching is divine and precise--I wish you could all see it up close and personal! I know it was stitched with love and it is a true treasure!!! Inside was an adorable pincushion with a beautiful counting pin and wooden needle case (great minds think alike). Thank you Paola!

So now I must madly prepare for my trip to Cincinnati. I leave early Thursday morning with my travel buddy, Debbie. It's a bout a 7 1/2- 8 hour drive but we'll stop along the way--sadly no needlework stores I'm aware of along the route. Skyline Chili will definitely be our dinner choice when we get in! Friday is a play day and Friday night I'll meet up with my fellow "Twisted Sisters". Saturday is a full day class with Merry Cox, then heading home Sunday morning. Will update when I get home, though probably not right away---I feel I'll need a recuperative few days....maybe more at that point!!! Big news coming of a personal nature, so please check in next time.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Hopefully, you haven't been too bored by my ramblings.


Monday, June 22, 2015

A Quick Catch Up Before I'm Off Again.......

Okay...I really shouldn't be doing this, as I have tons to do to get ready for my trip to Cincinnati on Thursday, but have been feeling guilty about not posting after my class earlier this month. It's not as if I've been slacking, it's just that our business has been in full swing and I've been away every weekend. The ole "bod" just doesn't bounce back like it used to and I'm tired!!!! 

Here's a quick synopsis of my visit to Salty Yarns in Ocean City, MD ( June 2-7):
Arrived Thursday, checked into my room at The Lankford,got my goodie bag, caught up with my roomie, Debbie, in the lobby, ordered carry out Chinese for dinner, stitched the evening away in the lobby.

The Lankford Hotel

Room at The Lankford

antique dressers/tables in every room
Goodie bag consisted of this fabulous box of finishing fillings--emery, ground nut shells(with and w/o lavender scent) and poly pellets...and a 15% discount on purchases that weekend

Friday was a finishing class with Betsy that I didn't sign up for so I worked all morning on business related matters, ate my leftover lunch from Thursday, browsed Salty Yarns, met up with friends, dinner at Fagers Island and a reception at Salty Yarns for all attendees. 

Saturday had class with Betsy, Can't see the Forest, accomplished goal of getting "drawer" put together, lunch provided, carry out dinner from Chipotle, reception for attendees and more stitching/gabbing in the lobby.

Drawer for class piece

Sunday I was free again as I had already taken the class, This One's for Betty, so I hung out in Salty Yarns (hoping I was keeping Sally company and not being a pest) and managed to get some stitching in on a piece I had brought to work on. Most people started to head home but those of us that were staying over gathered in the lobby again to stitch..and oh..dinner at Sunset Grille!
Pin Money Pocket

My finished stitching--now to put it together!

Monday, spent the day with Paola, went to Serendipity quilt shop in Dagsboro, DE, lunch at local restaurant there, back to purchase my stash and then a lovely dinner to celebrate Sally's birthday!!!
Fabric purchases (I was soooo good)

Close up--love the x's

Stash purchase

stash purchase

Tuesday-- on the road home early with a quick stop at Anthony's for pit beef sandwiches to take home to hubby for dinner.

So there you have it; I'm sure I've overlooked some things but the days do go by in such a blur. So much to share, learn, catch up on  and chat about. 

Since this is taking longer than I anticipated, I'll follow up tomorrow with another post so you aren't totally bored to death! I have some gifts I made to share and some gifts I received.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Monday, June 1, 2015

A Common Thread

"The Love of Stitching is our Common Thread"--true that!!! This is the quote on my latest stitch/finish and so true among stitchers. We love to share our needlework and "bind" ourselves to others with the same passion for needle and thread. I had seen this design somewhere on FB and immediately fell in love with it. Sadly, it was a club piece that I  was too late to get in on it, but I hoped to find it one day on the secondary market.  Happily, I had mentioned my "search" to a friend who WAS a member of that club and she graciously gifted me the kit for Christmas (thanks dear Sally)--just proving how kind and giving stitchers are.

 So here is my completed Common Thread Stitchers Mat by Threadwork Primitives. I love the muted tones in this and the hand dyed velvet pincushion..very sweet, yet elegant at the same time.

This will be a quick post as I leave Thursday for Ocean City for a class with Betsy Morgan. I have all my end of the month reports/taxes to do for our business, make some dinners for hubby, do laundry, pack, decide what projects to take to work on, etc., etc., etc.!!!! I'll try to do better documenting my trip but I always get so caught up in the weekend that I forget to take photos. I'll also have a few projects to share when I get back, but they are gifts and will have to wait until my return.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Can't See the Forest..............

I have completed the pre-stitching on Can't See the Forest by Betsy Morgan. This is a class I'm taking in June at Salty Yarns. Now, I didn't have to pre-stitch this but couldn't wait to get started on it's so darn cute.....and now I can concentrate on the finishing at class. Counting the days!!!! This was a fun little stitch and I'm loving the green fabric......yes it's green!!!! I rearranged the  pieces a bit so I have a nice section to do something else on. This will be a little box and a scissor fob.

I also got a gift stitched and finished for a friend's birthday. It's A Lady's Trimkeep by Plum Street Samplers. I did it in one color and added the tiny ladybug buttons. You're supposed to wrap your "special" trims around it in the open space between the letters. Quite useful...don't you think? Hope she likes it!!!

I got an e-mail last night right at dinner time that someone had hacked my credit card---2- $75 charges to Dave and Busters and a $.01 charge which is a dead giveaway that they were "phishing". Luckily, the credit card company picked up on it and after my confirming they weren't my charges, closed the account and will be sending me a new card. Oh...those darn cyber thieves!!!!!

My sweet grandson turned 7 the other day--I just can't believe it!!! He was so tiny when he was born...under 5 pounds! Here he is in all his baseball glory!!!!

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

I Wish I Could Clone Myself..................

or twitch my nose like Samantha...... or borrow Hermione's time turner........or get my hands on the blueprints for HG Wells  time machine!!! This past weekend there was a plethora of stitching retreats and events and I would have loved to attend them  all! There was the beach retreat at Salty Yarns in Ocean City,  Ellen Chester at Stitchville's Spring Fling, the inaugural Prim Stitchers Society retreat in Williamsburg, Celebrations in Nashua and others I'm sure I wasn't aware of. To top it off I was scheduled to attend a Catherine Theron class in Virginia Beach this past Friday, then hoped to hop over to Williamsburg on Saturday for the PSS retreat vendor mall. Alas, life got in the way and I had to cancel due to a family funeral. I have been blessed to have many wonderful aunts and uncles and when I lose one, I try my best to be present to pay my respects.

I did attend a Sherri Jones Class a  couple weeks ago at Salty Yarns and FINALLY got the Button Brag Book I have been longing for. Sherri presented a wonderful class on how to stitch and finish the book as well as a very interesting lecture on the history of buttons. Look out button I come!

I had such an enjoyable weekend as it was a wonderful group of ladies. We stitched in the lobby as a group and shared experiences and our love of needlework. Sara provided delicious meals for breakfast and lunch, and appetizers/dessert in the evenings. We also managed to enjoy a number of dinners out at local restaurants. We were given a goodie bag upon arrival that had all the "makins" for a finishing job: Piece of ultra suede (in the tube), pop pom trim, crushed walnut shells. a waxer and a 15% discount coupon. Linda from Uncommon Scissors was an attendee and she graciously gifted us each a pair! Thanks Linda!

I held myself in check but did enhance my stash a bit:

Now I can't wait for my return visit for Betsy Morgan in June! Here is what I've gotten done on my Can't See the Forest:

I think I just have the top to do (and this class didn't require any pre-stitching) so I will be way ahead of the game!

I stumbled across this bee fabric somewhere on the internet and wanted to share---don't you love it? Now, I'm trying to come up with a project for it.

To end, here is our adorable granddaughter at her first dance recital--so happy we could attend!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

A couple pillows for my baby.................

I've been going through my crafty items and clearing/cleaning out a bit. A friend from the beach had told me about the Salvation Army in Chambersburg's annual sale called Fabric Fair. They take craft donations all year and then have a BIG sale the beginning of May. (Luckily I won't be around to be tempted to go and buy back a lot of stuff) I managed to take up quite a few boxes of "donations" and feel confident they will go to appreciative homes. So, while doing this, I came across a set of eight old needlepoint pieces I had stitched in the 70's!!! They were bright and colorful scenes and I thought my youngest daughter might like them. I took the best four and made them into a pillow; it really looks great in her living room!

Without pillow form
I had also seen a pillow down at Salty Yarn's Super Bowl Sale. I already knew she liked the saying and I thought the colors would be great in her house. It's a Pine Mountain "sleeve", but I made the actual "pillow" it slides on to.

 We traveled to Brevard, NC to spend Easter with her, and my older daughter and her family met us there as well. We had two days of gorgeous weather with hikes to different waterfalls. Brevard is known for its many waterfalls (they claim 1000) and we managed to see 6. We also stumbled across some Easter eggs for the kids on one of the hikes...who'd have thought the Easter bunny would have time to drop some for them!!! Here's a shot of the whole gang  minus me ( I was taking the photo) and Alex. The backdrop is two of the three Triple Falls; these were featured in The Hunger Games movies.

I've started working on a class piece for a Betsy Morgan class in June- Can't See the Forest. And I'm gearing up for my Sherri Jones class the end of next week, The Button Book. I've been waiting for this class for awhile and am so excited to finally take it. No pre-stitching involved and I've been collecting buttons for it too. Will update when I get home.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted Threads" of friendship!