Friday, May 26, 2017

Alphabets on Linen (146)

Today's Stroll piece is Alphabets on Linen by Cedar Hill. I have always loved this piece... a simple design using cross and eyelet stitches. When this chart came out we had a number of our customers at Twisted Threads stitch it with overdyed threads, each totally different and lovely. I stitched my version, in 1995,  on a 28 count linen with Caron Collection Wildflowers Fiesta (this is till one of my favorite colors) and double framed in an East Side Mouldings frame.

Thanks to Becky G. we have an answer about my little bird food jar. It appears the spout was  soldered on; she figured out the company name and I googled a photo. Somebody definitely was thinking back then. Now I Iove it even more!!! Thank you Becky--you are a master sleuth......stitching friends are the best!

 VIntage Hartz Mountain Bird Foods Glass Jar

We are leaving this morning for a visit to our daughter's in NC. I will try to continue "strolling" while gone but if the internet is persnickety, I'll catch up when I return.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hand in Hand....... (145)

Up today is a design from Sisters and Best Friends called Hand in Hand...Heart to Heart. I stitched this in 1998 and it was a freebie chart utilizing a small knit/crocheted glove. 

The other week we went to a flea market and I found this item I thought would be perfect for adding crushed walnut shells to my is!! I'm just curious if this is the original lid or if someone soldered the funnel tip to the lid. Seems weird a company would cover up their name, but perhaps there was a label too. I tried to google but didn't come up with anything since I can't read the name. Anybody has any ideas, please let me know.

My gifts are all stitched and so I've moved back to my stitching. The last couple nights I've been working on Threads that Bind.  Again I have run out of thread on a kit--so frustrating!!! I am very careful with my threads, especially from a kit, for this very reason. Luckily I had a red that matched well....hopefully I'll squeak through with the rest of the fibers.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Poke the Needle (144)

Todays Stroll piece is Queen Bee Needle Poke by Notforgotten Farm. This was a club piece from Lori's Little Stitches Handwork Club in 2016. I am not a member but luckily found the complete kit on the second hand market...and boy was I happy!!! You know I love me some bees!!!!

After seeing Patti's completed piece on her blog, Winding Vine Wanderings ,
I changed things up  bit. I stitched the bee in DMC 3371, instead of the rust color, and added an entry to the hive. I also added a pocket on the back to hold a pair of scissors, since I had plenty of the wool fabric, and attached three brass bees.

 So, Monday I was stalking the mail man all afternoon. I knew I should be getting a special kit from Elegant Stitch but when I went to get the mail, after I saw him drive by, it wasn't there. 😞 (I'm told that's a disappointed face emoji)  When my hubby went to lock up that night, thankfully, he noticed a box on the front porch. (It rained off and on all night and I hate to think what might have become of the box!) I am so tickled with what was inside--it's a collaboration kit from Elegant Stitch and Hands on Design. I had noticed a post on FB by Cathy from HOD about this new kit she had designed for Lois. Well, after watching the 30 minute floss tube video and hearing the kit was limited, I immediately called Lois and managed to snag one. The piece is called My Stitcher's Heart and comes with a papier mache box (which we will decorate), a scissor fob, pincushion and waxer bag (key waxer included).

So the plain box will go, unbelievably, from this

to this.....

Here are the other projects that came with the kit.

And the stitching and finishing supplies.

 Definitely the whole package!!!! I can't wait to get started.....can you tell I'm excited??? But, realistically, I am going to hold off...too many irons in the fire!!!

 Sorry if I rambled too much--thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rainy Days and Tuesdays........ (143)

Days like today, it seems so trivial to be posting about my stitching when terror has struck....again.....parents have lost their children.....young innocents have been traumatized .... and we are all wondering "WHY"!!!! I could go on but I won't; I know you are all feeling the same sadness and asking the same questions. My thoughts go out to all affected by this horrific tragedy.

Today's Stroll piece is The Bunny Needlebook Cover by Handwork. I stumbled across this last year during the move and completed the stitching; then it sat until I uncovered it the other day. It fits a 4X6 notebook which I have yet to buy. I hope that little bunny brings a smile to you face today. And, I hope you can find comfort in your stitching today--I know I will.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

A Stroll Finish...... Mexican Reticule Part 1 (141)

Soooooo, yesterday I put the proverbial 'cart before the horse' and posted Part 2 of the Mexican Reticule before I posted Part 1 (that's what I get for trying to be organized and typing up my post early knowing I would be short on time this weekend). I'm surprised no one noticed my mishap, or perhaps you are all too polite to point it out. Sooooo, here is the post that should have appeared yesterday:

  I had a good finishing session on Friday and completed some outstanding projects. Today, for my Stitch Stroll piece, I'm going to share Maria Katarin's Mexican Retcule. This was a class I took last June with Betsy Morgan; I was hoping to get it finished to take this year for show 'n tell in June. Definitely not my usual color palette but I love the bright colors and interesting stitches/patterns on the back. I'll be sharing the smalls tomorrow, but here is the main piece.


Under flap


Aztec Stitch
 Isn't this stitch intriguing? It's much easier than it appears and we got to do a trial run before we attempted it on the real thing. There is a piece of pink dupioni silk behind it. My one regret with this piece is that I didn't put more interfacing in it to give it more body---it's a little "wimpy". But hey, it's only going to lay in my display case anyway!!!

 Betsy is a fabulous teacher, so if you ever get the opportunity to take a class with her, don't let it pass you by. I'm counting the days until June when I take my next two classes with her. 

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mexican Reticule Part 2 (142)

Here are the smalls I promised, in the previous post, from Maria Katarin's Mexican Reticule. There is a thread winder, ruler and scissor fob; the ruler is actually accurate!
When I went to the Dyeing to Stitch retreat recently, I stumbled across the scissors and they work perfectly with the bright colors.

We're off to visit a Civil War site in Petersburg, VA today. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Mermaid's Tale Part 2 (140)

Good morning! We got an early morning walk in already and are gearing up for the day. On our walks we often see this...... is amazing how humongous these root balls are! The soil is very sandy and when a big wind/storm blows through, these trees just tip over. To give some perspective, that root ball is probably 10-12 feet high/wide!!!

On to my Stroll is part 2 of A Mermaid's Tale by Sherri Jones. Up today are the smalls; left to right are a pin keep, pincushion and scissor fob.


Sitting in the bottom of the purse, I've added a vial of sand from Ocean City, Md (where I took the class), a large pearl and a mermaid's tear (this was given to me by a friend and I think it's seas glass).

I have been getting some finishing done and will start to share that tomorrow.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

A Mermaids Tale/Tail.......(139)

And another Friday is upon us--we have a number of baseball games this weekend for my grandson and.......hopefully some finishing!

The sleeping on our porch has been interesting...there are a LOT of weird animals that go bump in the night. It's been taking awhile to adjust to all the odd sounds, but they all seem to 'shut down' around 11:30, like a switch was turned off!!! I am amazed at how comfy the air mattress is! Alas, we dismantled this morning due to impending thunderstorms tonight. 

Today's Stroll piece is a Sherri Jones class I took in 2014 called The Mermaid's Two Tales. I'm sharing the main purse today and the smalls tomorrow. This was such a wonderful class and Sherri gave us some background on mermaids and the symbolism of their split tail.....something to do with houses of ill it for fun!




Interior with thread winders that are under pinkeep flap

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!  Oh, and we have a bluebird nesting already in our birdhouse!!!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Still Stitch Strolling in May.....(138)

As promised, here is the second "oldie but goodie" bell pull. Again, it was stitched in 1984 but I don't remember the name of the chart or designer. I can picture the front of the chart, but that's about all. It looks like I split the aida threads to "lay" the bargello work and it turned out pretty darn good!!!  (Updated--after a google search, I found the chart and it's called Keepsake Samplers --- thanks Maria S of Ontario and Joanie)

Hope you are keeping cool wherever you are.....90's here today....YUCK!!!!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

An Oldie but Goodie......(137)

During our recent move, I uncovered a pair of old bell pulls I had made in 1984. I don't remember the names or designers, heck it's been over 30 years!!! I'll share one today of the Four Seasons and one tomorrow. Both are done on Aida (I didn't start to stitch in linen until 1995) and they're as pretty today as they were then. I have a shot of the overall piece and then a close up of each season---see I liked "bees" and "alphabets" even before I knew I did! :)  (Updated--after a google search, I found the chart and it's called Keepsake Samplers --- thanks Maria S of Ontario and Joanie)

A little side bar....I stitched these when I lived in Bethlehem, PA. I lived there from 1983-1990 and never had a stitching buddy. Now granted, my girls were school age then and time for needlework was sparce. The irony is I  now have a number of ladies I've become friends with, via Salty Yarns, that are from the Bethlehem/Allentown area. It turns out we all even shopped at the same store, Stitch n Count. Heck, one of them even lived down the street from me but wasn't stitching at the time. I am so blessed to know them now, but oh do I wish I had known them then!

I have always loved the idea of a sleeping porch where you could have "beds" that fold up against the wall and drop down when needed.  In lieu of that, we have a queen sized air mattress---you've come a long way baby!!! We've blown that up (via an electrical outlet) the last couple nights and slept on our recently screened in porch. I'm not sure how long we'll keep it up as it gets hot and humid, but that air mattress is comfy!!! I guess this is our version of "glamping"!!!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Little Flower....and a Bee (136)

Up for my Stitch Stroll today is Flower Bee from Bent Creek. I'm pretty sure this was a small kit with the tuckaway pillow included, however, I can't recall when I stitched it. It's cute nonetheless!!!

 I'm still working on a few gifts, so can't share all my current stitching. I have two items ready to finish-finish and one more to stitch. Will be sure to show after they are gifted! :)

I did work a bit last night on the Drawn Thread's Threads that Bind. Sorry, too lazy to take all the way out of Q Snap.


We had our granddaughter with us Mother's Day afternoon as my daughter and SIL took my grandson to a baseball game for his birthday. We exposed our granddaughter to her first Flea Market; she wasn't sure she wanted to go at first and expressed concern she could get "fleas". After we dispelled that, she wound up having a great time and found 8 items she could buy with the $5.00 we allotted her. She was a natural!!!

After lunch at Friendly's we came home and she decided she wanted to play school. My hubby was the student and I was the high school helper/Mom (sadly her student got in trouble at recess). Here she is at her desk----an upcycled first class airline seat! We used this as the grand kids high chair when they came to visit us as toddlers.

She was even able to call her students' Mom from her desk/chair!!! :)

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Strolling through May (135)

Today's Stroll piece is May from the Year in Chalk Series by Hands on Design. I so enjoyed this series, and gifted the entire group to my daughter for her birthday last year. She displays them by changing out monthly (via Velcro) on this easel frame I found. 



I finished week 4 of the Blue Band SAL.

I received some nice gift for Mother's Day. My hubby gave me a blue bird house. Our neighbors have one and I had seen a bluebird fly into it recently. Now I am NOT a big bird lover, but I do like bluebirds so I'm hoping we'll have a little family move in.

My daughter gave me a new 31 rectangular tote bag; the web strap on my old one broke ( I have since repaired it) so now I have two. These are perfect for when I'm traveling to my classes in OCMD for my stitching supplies, food, etc.. Then my SIL told my daughter and I to pick a show at the Altria theater to attend.... on him. Dirty Dancing is coming next March and I think that may be the winner!!! I think that was such a sweet and thoughtful daughter and I bought season tickets to the Broadway series in Cincinnati for a couple years and I've missed that!

Thanks for stopping by an your "twisted threads" of friendship!



Sunday, May 14, 2017

Quaker Schoolgirl.......(134)

Today is Mother's Day and I am blessed to be the mother of two beautiful daughters. They are both intelligent, independent women of whom I am extremely proud. But most of all, they are caring and loving, both giving back to their communities in numerous ways. I am thankful for them every day!!!

I love this unposed photo of them!
 On to my Stroll piece....Quaker Schoolgirl Necessities by With My Needle. This was stitched in 2007. It includes a "pocket", scissor holder and needlebook.



Inside with Smalls
 I was thinking, while lying in bed this morning, that we stitchers are all "mothers" in a way. We give "birth" to our needlework creations and they are a true "labor" of love. So, Happy Mothers Day to all!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!