Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April Showers..... (101)

Another little April from a monthly series, this one from Shepherd's Bush. Isn't the umbrella button adorable?

My hubby and I went to the Virginia Historical Society yesterday afternoon to see an exhibit of toys from the 50's, 60's and 70's. What a walk down memory lane, especially the 50's for me!!! Of course they had Barbie's, Chatty Cathy, Lennon sister paper dolls (I had these), Easy Bake oven, etc. for the girls; and Roy Rogers, yo-yo's, action figures and coonskin caps, etc. for the boys. There were games like Cootie Bug and Monkeys in a Barrel that we used to play at my grandmothers----lots of toys and most with a memory from its owner. Each era had a living room set up with a TV showing commercials of that time---what a riot! Oh what I'd give to have some of those originals now!!!

They had a quote from Fred Rogers, one of my girls favorite shows and I wanted to share it.

Needles, threads and fabrics may be our "toys" of choice these days, and instead of getting together to play Barbies or jacks, we stitch and chat. Thanks for making a difference and helping me play !!! :)




  1. That exhibit sounds great! How long will it run?

  2. What a fun time that was! You brought back so many memories of great toys for me :) My Mom grew up next door to the Lennon Family, in Venice CA and played with the sisters...small world.

  3. April Showers is sweet. I grew up with Mr. Rogers. What a special man.

  4. April Flowers is a sweet piece. What a fun outing you had, Stasi! Many memories popped in my head as I read your post.