Sunday, December 10, 2023

A Visit to Liberty Hill Needleworks........732-737


 I said I'd be back with photos from the new needlework shop in Williamsburg, so here I finally am! First let me say how nice and welcoming the owner and worker bees are. Second, you would never know they were a brand new...just opening shop...they are well stocked with charts, fabric, fibers and accessories. It is bright and cheery with lots of models and cute displays. Here you go with the no particular order:

Every customer received a little gift......

Folding scissors and a needle minder

.......and I made some to me fabric, some Nurge hoops, embroidered ornaments for the grands for 2024 and a sweet sampler featuring the Governors Palace in Williamsburg.

So excited to have a "not so local" needlework shop a  75 minute drive way. Plan to visit if you are in the area for some "stitching happiness"!!!

And...ta da...I FFO'd the grands 2023 ornaments...Polar Plunge series from Hands on Design...I even did one for me.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship. Hope you have a great week as we head into the very hectic holiday season.


  1. ooooh that must be stitchers heaven. Great. I am sure I would spend a lot of money there. Here in Germany, no shops only online.
    Greetings, Gabi

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Gabi! It is a wonderful shop and easy to spend lots!!! LOL

  2. I really would like to visit Williamsburg one of these days and will be sure to go to this lovely shop should that wish come true. It's so nice to have needlework shops opening instead of closing down.

  3. What an amazing assortment of pictures of the new cross stitch shop, Stasi! Thank you for sharing! I was hoping to get there before Christmas, but it doesn't look like it will happen. Well done on the ornaments for the grands (and one for yourself)! Enjoy the week!

  4. That shop looks amazing!
    Too bad I live so far away. :(
    I love the little tree with the sleds.
    Glad you had fun.
    Your ornaments all look so very pretty, great job on them.

  5. Your set of ornaments look amazing Stasi, now they are all finished. They are going to be so pleased with them. Love the look of the new shop too, so I can see it being somewhere you visit quite often. Happy Stitching! Sue xx

  6. That looks like an amazing new shop, lucky you! I haven't been to Williamsburg in ages, but it makes a nice incentive.
    The Polar Plunge series is so flippin' adorable, you finished them beautifully. Which one did you keep for yourself?