Friday, December 29, 2023

A Christmas for the Books.....740-743

 Holiday Greetings! I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your families and friends. Our much anticipated holiday did not turn out quite as planned. Late Saturday into Sunday, Christmas Eve, we, one by one, came down with a stomach "bug"..... 12 out of 13 succumbed...all but my oldest grandson. We had to take my Dad to Urgent Care on Christmas Eve because he felt so bad, but checked out and was sent home. Luckily we were split between two houses and were feeling better by Christmas Day...though not tip top! All the food I made sat in the fridge and we had to throw away 5 dozen oysters...nobody had the stomach to even think about them! LOL  So, we had a very low key Christmas, but managed to enjoy each other and make the best of it. We figured Jax was too young to know what was going on and the older grands understood and were happy they still got presents!!!

Not too many photos, but here are a couple:


Jax hugging the stocking I made him

I got my annual ornaments from the grands and they are hanging on my special tree, which showcases all the ones they have made me over the years.

I am finally able to share some gifts I made for some blogging friends this year. 

For Thy Pins by Bright Needle

And here are some I received:

Aren't these counting pins adorable from Vickie???

And remember the fiasco with the package my Secret Stitcher sent me earlier (two months to arrive via USPS and missing the contents), well my Christmas package was amazing!!! A beautiful project bag with matching ort container, a sweet kit, a needle minder organizer with a few needle minders in it and a needle threader. Love it all!!!

And the icing on the cake was this sweet stitched piece attached to the back of the project bag!!! I a lucky girl, or what???

I will end on a happy is my parents 72nd anniversary. Here is my most recent photo of them. We were so blessed to have them spend Christmas with us and make it out relatively unscathed! LOL

After doing about 10 loads of laundry, I am chillin' and stitchin' the next couple days. In case I don't make it back before the end of the year, I'm wishing you a happy, healthy, joyous and stitch filled New Year! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Aww Stasi, I'm so sorry to hear that your Christmas didn't go to plan. There are so many bugs going around at the moment but it sounds as if you're all on the mend now. The tree with the your grandkids decorations on so precious, it must be such a joy adding new ornaments to it each year. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year, Sue x

  2. Happy New Year Stasi: It looks like you had a wonderful time, Jax is so adorable hanging onto the stocking.
    Congratulation to your Parents what an adorable couple.
    I love my Pin Pillow thank-you so much.
    The counting pins are lovely what a sweet package from your Secret Stitcher.
    It is heartwarming that you have a special tree for your Grandchildren's ornaments so sweet.


  3. A very blessed New Year to you and yours, Stasi. 72 years of marriage and
    still ever united...that is quite a record..the very best to your Parents. I just
    love your Grandchildren's Tree and hope that tradition will continue through
    adulthood...what a treasure.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments about my parents. I treasure all the grands ornaments and am tickled every year that they continue. HAppy New Year!

  4. Oh, Stasi! That sounds like a Christmas to remember--even if not for the right reasons! Your poor family! Only one of us got that stomach "bug" and, thankfully, did not pass it on. I'm relieved your dad is okay--that must have been very scary. Congratulations to your parents--72 years! Amazing! Love the grandkid's ornaments--what treasures :) And little Jax is just the sweetest. Let's hope the new year brings much healthier days for all. Happy New Year, my friend ♥

  5. I'm sorry so many got sick, how awful at Christmas time.
    Jax is too cute hugging that stocking!
    Great gifts you've received.
    Happy Anniversary to your parents.
    Wow, 72 years! They look great!
    Happy New Year Stasi!

  6. I am sorry you all were sick, but it sounds like you still had a wonderful time together. Congratulations to your parents on their 72nd wedding anniversary. So amazing! Wishing you relaxing days for the rest of 2023 and a delightful New Year.

  7. So sorry to hear that you were unwell over the holidays, hope you are all recovered now. Wishing you a very Happy New Year with lots of stitching opportunities.

  8. Oh no, the Grinch came to visit you for the holiday! But I'm glad you were feeling better by Christmas day.
    Sweet ornaments from your grands, how nice to display them on your special tree.
    More sweet gifts and you know I LOVE the pincushion!
    Awe, 72 years is quite an accomplishment, much love to your parents.