Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Whew..a bit of a Whirlwind..... and Some Catching Up.......712

 When last I posted I was getting ready to leave for a weekend of stitching with friends in PA. Lisa arrived at my house and we drove to Lebanon, PA to visit Vickie and Deb, friends I have made through events at Salty Yarns. Janice and Janelle joined us for a day each too. It was a great time with lots of good food, conversation and, of course, stitching. I had made little gifts for the ladies

and a special gift for our hostess with the most-est, Vickie.

 This is one of four designs from Milady's Needle Quaker Pendant II. I stitched it over one with Vikki Clayton silk ,Old Maid of the Forest, on 32 ct Luna linen by Lakeside Linens. The pendant came with the kit, but I added the scissor charm.

Lisa gifted us small tool boxes and I just love mine. First, it's green!!! Second it's perfect to stash with my stitching when traveling.

While there I worked on my Boardwalk Revue  and Penguin Pair.

 We started the drive to my parents on Tuesday morning, lost GPS for awhile and had to backtrack...but we made it...scooped my parents some lunch then started the drive home. What should have been about a 3 hour drive, wound up taking 5 1/2 hours!!! We were late to dinner with the family, but had a welcoming committee waiting outside for us. 

The next day my younger daughter and Jax arrived for 5 days, so we had a full house!!! We didn't do much because of the heat....100 for two days in a row and upper 90's the rest of the time. Rich took my parents home Sunday. So, no stitching happened while the company was here....and I really missed it. I gave my daughter the Santa 'cookie' mat and she liked it.


Since yesterday was August 1st, I had to pick a new project for summer camp with Sherri, Colorado Stitcher.  The prompt this  month was to try something new...a designer, fabric, fiber, etc.. I chose a new designer, Primrose Cottage Stitches. The piece is called I'd Rather Be Stitching and sorta is my mantra....I'd much rather stitch than anything else!!! I'll be stitching this on a 28 ct. mytery white fabric with Classic Colorworks, Silks4 U and Gumnut fibers. I've never used the Gumnut before either.

I think that's it for today...hope to be home for awhile and stitching! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. You've been busy! Lovely stitching--and there's nothing better than stitching with friends. Ann

  2. Sounds like you've had busy, but fun time.
    That little baby Penguin is so darn cute!
    Great projects, I've never used Gumnuts either, let us know how you like them,

  3. Your stitching weekend away sounded fabulous, Stasi. What lovely gifts you gave and the stitching case you received is awesome. It sounded like you had a wonderful time/visit with your family even though it was hotter than the blazes. Happy August!

  4. What sweet gifts you received and gave, and it looks like you actually stitched while with your friends.
    A full house with family is a treat, making memories!
    I love that I'd Rather Be Stitching piece, have fun with it.

  5. Your trip sounded must have been a bit of a nightmare in that heat, I know I couldn't cope in that! At least you had stitchy fun and family included too, so that must have made it bearable. Strange we should choose the same Cross Stitch Camp project, although mine is being stitched in silk like yours is, just the good old called for DMC's for me. Happy Stitching! Sue x