Sunday, August 13, 2023

Beach Please.....715

 Oh, I have been anxiously waiting to post this, but I had to wait for an "H". I started stitching Beach Please by Hands on Design, as a car project, in June on our way to and from Virginia Beach. I finished up all the squares on various car trips; they were quick and easy to do on the 14 ct. perforated paper. I found a perfect "beachy" looking  frame to use with a shadow box effect at Hobby Lobby. However, it was designed to use the 'flat' side, not the recessed side. So, I had to do some finagling to cover up some screw/staple holes on the side I wanted showing. I used buttons to cover up the corner joins and scrabble tiles to hide holes across the top where they had a hanger attached.  I have a bag of old scrabble tiles, but was missing an "H", so I searched and found some old game tiles on Ebay..... I usually pick up old scrabble games at yard sales. I am very tickled with how it turned out!  I am planning on giving it to my BIL and SIL since they live in Wilmington, NC and love the beach. But, I am going to enjoy it until we see them. Pssst...I love the  beach too!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What a wonderful finish, Stasi! Well done!

  2. It turned out great Stasi!
    That frame was a good idea.

  3. Stasi: You did a great job on the frame, what a wonderful idea for the tiles.
    Looking forward to seeing what you will work on next.


  4. This is such a cute and creative finish, Stasi! Glad you were able to find the "H." That's a great idea to pick up extra Scrabble tiles when you see them at yard sales. I'm sure your gift will be treasured!

  5. What a wonderful, original finish! I wish I had known you needed a letter, I have a bag of scrabble tiles to craft with.

  6. OMG......I love this!! That finish is just perfect. Happy Stitching! Sue x