Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Getting Ready for some Stitch-y Goodness....(614-616)



Greetings and Happy Fall Y'all!!! I think autumn may have finally slipped nights and great sleeping weather...definitely my favorite time of the year! It's about time for another blog post and I thought I better get it done now before I leave Thursday for two...yes I said two....stitching events! I am heading to OCMD for their annual Jamboree the first weekend. There will be three wonderful teachers: Catherine Theron, Cissy Bailey Smith and Linda Vinson. Then I will be attending the Delaware Valley Historical Society retreat the next weekend. I decided rather than driving home for two days , then back, that I'd stay the week in between. There are a number of ladies doing the same thing, so it should be a quite fun time with lots of stitching going on. So, lists are being made, food prep for hubby, packing etc. I packed my needlework today because, of course, that is number 1 on the hit parade!!! I will tell you all about it on my return.......or maybe I can squeak in a post while there...... but for now, here's what's been keeping my busy!

I have a few  small finishes....first up is The Stitching Bee  by Little House Needleworks. This was a club kit I bought on the second hand market and stitched as called for.

 Next are Naughty/Nice,  a sweet pair of freebies from Thistle Threads. These were done on Tokens and Trifles perforated paper cards..I think they were 20 count. This was my September ornament for the IG SAL, hosted by Carol of Stitching Dreams fame. I just love these!

Finally, I saw this on FB (Violets and Verses) and on Vickie's (A Stitcher's Story) blog. It is a freebie chart listed in the files of the Violets and Verses FB page. I bought the crown at Hobby Lobby, removed the original yarn cross stitches, painted it gold, added the stitched piece...and restitched the X's.

I finally completed the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings. I did change things up a bit.....I took the cow out of block 10 and put a beehive and trellis in its place. Instead of the original wording, I put the places I've lived in different blocks (thanks to a dear friends suggestion) and a very fitting quote in block 12. I did stick with called for colors and did it on 40 ct. linen, over two. I will be dropping this off at the framers on my way home from Ocean City. I can't wait to get it hung on my wall!

  I completed the September and   October Word plays.










I've been working on a new car project....Patriotic Needlebook by Carolyn Meacham. It's done on 24 ct. congress cloth. I changed the colors so they weren't so bright (They're still bright, but not as much as the originals).

 I've started back on my Bee Contained by Betsy Morgan and am almost finished the etui box. The fabric is actually yellow, not cream.

I had the opportunity to take a virtual class this past weekend with the shop, Acorns and Threads. The designers were Hands on Design, Summer House Stitchworkes and Ink Circles.  Here is our 3 part project...a basket, a ball and a book. They are stitched on 30 ct. Aztec Red from WDW with lovely Glorianna silks. These designs are only  available to attendees, but they did a bonus chart, that will be available to all,  with three different "rounds". This will be exclusive to Acorns and Threads for their 25th Anniversary.

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 Well, I think that's it....lots to do before Thursday. Stay well.....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship.



  1. All of your projects are so nice, I wish they still made those PP cards.
    Love that crown idea.
    That looks like a fun zoom project.
    Have fun at your retreats!
    We'll be waiting for an update!

  2. What an assortment of lovely projects you have worked on and gotten finished, Stasi! Enjoy your two stitching events in OCMD. Please pass along my hellos to Catherine Theron. I have missed seeing her and the rest of the Williamsburg gals. Thinking of you and have a safe trip on Thursday!

  3. Stasi: You have so many beautiful designs going and the finished ones are wonderful.
    I hope you have a load of fun at retreats.


  4. Have a great time in OCMD!! I’ll be living vicariously through you and all the others 😁

  5. Once again you have posted so many beautiful stitching projects. Hawk Run Hollow is amazing and how exciting it will be displayed on your wall soon. Your keeping up to date on the word plays, I'm more than curious as to how you will display them. Love the Seeds of Friendship project. Have a great time at both retreats!! Safe travels!

  6. Oh, my! You sure have stitched a ton of amazing pieces, Stasi! Congratulations, especially, on finishing your HRH piece. I know how time consuming they can be. Love how you personalized it and made it your own. Love those sweet Wordplay finishes--I really need to get back to mine. I've stitched four, but lost interest for some reason.

    I hope you're having the time of your life in Ocean City and will love the Delaware retreat just as much. Looking forward to seeing photos and hearing all about it. Enjoy ♥

  7. Great projects one and all. Seems we are traveling in the same circles this fall.