Thursday, August 13, 2020

And the Beat Goes well as a Little Strolling (561-564)


 And the heat goes on.....we had 25 straight days in the 90's with high humidity...I'm meeeeelting....and are catching a bit of a break now...only in the mid 80's!!! Whew!!!

I'm sure you get tired of me complaining about the heat, and I'm not a big complainer, so I will move on to what you probably come here for...stitching!

I'll start with the finishes for my Stitch's amazing what you can get done when there aren't too many options to do/go anywhere. I complaining again??? Sorry!

First up is the Burgandy Sampler Band SAL from iStitch designs. I did mine on 27 count natural banding using Glorianna silks....Bellagio (overdyed) and Elizabethan Green, Rosewood (solids) as well as NPI 324 and a mystery gold. I attached it to a vintage spool, the same as my other four.


Then I started getting in a holiday mood ..that explains the next three.

Dressed for Dinner is by Erica Michaels...a stand up turkey to go with my Lizzie Kate pilgrims. This didn't turn out as I hoped...I wanted to use some Rainbow Gallery Tweedie fibers to add some texture, but they only worked on a larger count fabric. So this bird is a 25 pounder....stitched on 7 ct. Klostern with Tweedie and #5 perle cottons. 


Then I moved on to Christmas with Christmas Markings by Heart in Hand. I too attached this to a vintage spool...stitched on the same 27 count banding as my SAL with an assortment of overdyed fibers. I can just roll it up to store year to year.


My final finish is a sweet little piece from Threadwork Primitives, Let it Snow...and boy do I wish it would! Oops again!!! I did this over one on a 28 ct. mystery linen with GAST Country Redwood, then added a tiny bow and snowflake charm. 

A few non stitching finishes were the Coming to America project bag by Brenda Gervais. This is a pre-printed panel and you cut and sew. I'll be using it to house her Mayflower project when it comes out. I used an "s" charm as the zipper pull in honor of my friend's ancestor who was on the Mayflower....Susan (nice it's my initial too). I also added the wording that was on the printed panel to the back of the bag....and no one will ever notice I sewed it on upside down...right???

I added an "s" charm to honor a good friend of mines ancestor who came over on the Mayflower, Susan. Works great because it is also my initil.


I was happy to spend a day sewing with my grand daughters and we made them each an outfit. Same pattern...different versions.

What do you think of these buffs/gators with Woodstock on them? I thought we could use in place of masks sometimes, though I just heard they aren't as effective.
 I also made a few with the Marauders map from Harry Potter.

Now to some stitching that hasn't yet been finished or is in progress.
Busy Bee Tuffet by Chessie "n Me...worked on a 32 ct. mystery blue linen with Anchor, WDW and GAST flosses. I was going to start this on the 15th as a SAL with Donna Rae of Flannel Jammies for National Honey Bee Day, but I couldn't wait!!! (I will have to pick another bee project for that---darn!!! This will be a biscournu and scissor fob. 

I have Token of Love by With Thy Needle and Thread stitched and am waiting on the box to come in to finish. I did this on a 28 ct mystery linen ( I really have been trying to use what I have in my stash) with WDW's and one Classic Colorworks fiber. I have not added the initials because I am debating whether to give this as a wedding gift..or not. I'm not totally sure it would be appreciated so I am waffling. If I don't, it will be Rich and my initials added. I just loved the colors in this!!!

I've been so missing my trips to OCMD that I set up a beach themed display.

It helped... but not as much as the real thing!!! Soooo, we did manage a few days to visit my younger daughter (who we hadn't seen since Thanksgiving) on Oak Island, NC. That .....and making it to the beach one day did wonders for my soul!!!
 Thanks for hanging with me during this lengthy post. I keep thinking I should post more often, so it isn't as long, but time seems to get away. I really miss being with other stitchers and have zoomed a couple times with groups. I'm going to try that more often as it was so very, very nice! I signed up for Sassy Jacks virtual Soiree in September and a Guild I belong to, long distance, may try virtual meetings for a bit. My stitching/sewing is what's keeping me sane and I am thankful for it, and you my friends, every day!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Always love your updates. Stitches are great and hope for future cooler days.

  2. wOw! So many wonderful, awesome finishes Stasi! Love that big turkey! :) Your beach display is so gorgeous!

  3. Wow! You are really getting a lot done! I really like the colors you chose for your iStitch SAL! Love the Coming to America project bag! Not sure when that was released, but I just saw it recently. I was working at the shop the day I saw it so didn't jump right on it. When I finally got around to checking it out, the site was closed. As soon as they come back up, I'll try to order that! I didn't know that the 15th was National Honey Bee Day! Thanks for the info. I guess I'll have to pull out one of my many bee designs! Jean and I have been thinking about signing up for the Sassy Jacks September Soiree.

  4. I love the colours of Token of Love too, I shall have to look for that one. What a shame you are having doubts about it being well received as a gift, who wouldn't love to be given that, it's divine.

  5. Great projects!
    Love the HIH Markings on the spool.
    The girls dresses are too cute.
    Stay cool!

  6. Stasi, I totally enjoyed your post! Loved seeing your finishes, your WIPs, your beach displays and in general, life. And you can complain about the heat or missing your friends or whatever any time. Thanks for the chuckle about your 25 straight days of 90s. Our record was 34 or 35. UGH! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Lovely projects - both finished and in progress.

  8. Stasi, so many wonderful stitches. You do such a lovely job on everything. Your finishes were all great. The girls look adorable and so happy. Yes it is so hot here in Florida too. I want to go to the beach so badly but I'm stuck in the house because underlying conditions. PLease let Covid come to an end!!! RJ

  9. Finally catching up on my favorite blogs, Stasi--attempting to get a bit of normal back in my world :) Loved seeing your latest projects and the girls' dresses--they look so cute in them and the smiles on their faces say it all. I love your beach display and have often thought of doing some beach themed smalls for a display myself. I am not a big beach lover, but I do like the summery designs and find that I really don't have many except patriotic and some bee things.

    This heat... sigh! I know I was lucky and missed an entire month of it in July when we were in San Diego (where it was in the low 70s!), but, boy, it sure is draining. Am really looking forward to fall this year and even winter. I did discover while out in CA that I would truly miss the four seasons that we have here in the east. Hope you have a great week ahead ♥

  10. OMGoodness, so many beautiful projects! That turkey is adorable.
    I love your beach display, perfect for the summer. I miss visiting the Salty Yarn!