Monday, April 6, 2020

Okay, So I almost had a major meltdown.........


Photo: the Food Lion this morning. I had a truly surreal moment...... that literally hit me in the face..... as I spied my image in the store windows donning my homemade mask and wearing bright blue plastic gloves (that ripped in half when I took them off). Who'd have thought this was possible a few weeks ago??? I quickly pulled myself together, did my weekly shopping and hightailed it home to sanctuary!!! There I pushed through a good cry!!! I miss my family and grandkids, I miss the soccer and baseball games, I miss going out whenever and wherever I want, I'm missing the retreats I was scheduled to attend...and ones I'm sure will be cancelled/postponed soon. But, then I tell myself I can do's not that could be worse....pull on your big girl panties...suck it up buttercup!!!!

And now on to our regular scheduled's what I've been working on...and yes, I have been jumping all over the place.

18 more masks ( a different design) for my family and a friend.


Burgandy Sampler Band SAL by iStitch Designs --working on week 14 and 15..... it's a big block of Assisi work.


Up to date on the Blackwork SAL by Peppermint Purple.


Moving along on A Fish Tale by Hands on Design but needed a break from all the pink and green.

So a pumpkin came out .... I know I'm way out of season..but this was perfect for my back porch.....Autumn Blessings by Noteworthy Needle. Using one strand of #5 perle cotton, colors I had on hand. I had drilled this back in October!!!

 A new start...a perfect piece for today...Seeking Refuge  by The Scarlett House. The saying rings so true for me, and I'm sure many of you.
" When the world seems to be out of control, I find a way to nurture my soul
  Seeking refuge wth needle and thread, The angst and anxiety no longer I dread."
I'm doing this on 46 count Vintage Buttercream by Lakeside Linens with some of the original fibers, but filling in with Victorian Motto shop colors. 

Here's my teeny, tiny start.... 

Please stay well, my friends, and we will come out of this on the other side! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. I know how you feel Stasi, I too have had moments while reading about this and I haven't left the house but still can't contain the tears. I don't feel invincible because I can't seem to remember to wash everything down when it comes in the house. But then I wash my hands and pick up my needlework and I'm able to get past it for a few hours. Like you I am also all over the place with what I'm doing. One minute I'm working from home, the next stitching another motif, and then trying to work on a finish. I feel like I'm getting nothing done because I can't settle down. But I'm doing the best I can do and that's all I can do. So just keep circling back around to the needlework and I think we can push through this. I still see the girls and grandchildren, but through windows as they come and go, no game night, no hugs, but at least I see their faces. Stay strong girl...we can do this

  2. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} (only safe ones.). You’ve got this. Stay safe and be well.

  3. Hi Stasi...Great post...I too miss visiting Carlye and her 5 kids...Zack and his 2 Ryan is in NC we are in NJ so I don't get to see them as much Sky travels all over the country with his job but has said airports are empty and all is well with him he lives in NC too...I will keep you and your in my Prayers. Definitely this is something I woukd never believe could happen...I am a Devout Roman Catholic and derrive much Oeace from my Prayers,Adoration, and Mass which I can watch at hom . Not as great as Receiving the Eucharist...take care God Bless and continue to be with you and yours!!!

  4. Stasi,when I look at your list of projects, I wonder what I have been doing these past weeks (actually, construction- a story for another day) Take heart, stay well- we will all stitch together soon Timmye

  5. I hear you Stasi. Guess who broke a molar right when this began? And the dentists won't see anyone during this pandemic! And the nightly news makes me cry. I worry for our eldest, the pediatric nurse. I keep sewing masks.

  6. I think everyone is feeling that way lately.
    I'm keeping busy stitching & finishing.
    I too miss getting in the car & going places.
    Love your banding projects.
    I too have purchased Seeking Refuge, need to get fabric for it though.
    Take care, it's ok to have a good cry.

  7. I’m right there with you Stasi! Some days are good and others I just want to stay in bed. I’m finally able to concentrate on my stitching and that helps me.

  8. Well said, Stasi! We will get through this. Take care, my friend!

  9. Sometimes I think I need to walk through Hobby Lobby or Home Goods, for retail therapy, and then immediately realize that will not happen.
    I'm not sure if it will happen again. A cure or vaccine will come but I don't see how things can be 'normal as we knew it'. My dad once told me the secret of getting old and being pleasant is to accept change. So that is what I will do.....accept the new normal. Patty McDonald


    lobby or

  10. Crying is always a good outlet, Stasi! I've had my moments, too, although not often. I can be going along just fine and then it will hit me--oh, yeah--that virus is still out there wreaking havoc. With my husband working from home, too, I'm having another big adjustment although it's gone better than I anticipated :)

    Great job on those masks--I made two for us this weekend. The first took me two hours! The second one went better--a seamstress I am not, that's for sure :)

    Take care now--this, too, shall pass! ♥

  11. I haven't had my break down and cry moment yet, but my husband pointed out how short tempered I have been lately, I know it's from all the stress of these times. Great job on getting all those masks made!! Your getting lots of stitching time in too. I have a hard time sitting when I'm under stress, so I've been getting lots of outdoor work done and then I'm too tired to sit and stitch in the evenings. I need to go back to my morning stitching.
    Seeking refuge is a lovely pattern. Stay safe.

  12. Hang in there Stasi. All we can do is take it one day at a time. My heart breaks for the front-line workers. God Bless them! My niece works in a hospital here in Baltimore, and her dad is a policeman in the city. I just pray for them and all those working out there keeping us fed and keeping us safe. I also bought Seeking Refuge because it spoke to me at this time. On the positive side, I got all my spring cleaning done and have now started on the outside getting the gardens all cleaned up. The flowers seem especially beautiful this year. I am a home body, so I like staying home; but like you, miss the retreats and classes. Stay safe.