Saturday, April 18, 2020

Hanging in There.....549

The days are blending one into another.....I venture out once a week to do my grocery shopping and hubby and I are trying to hike/walk a few times a week. We try to support a local restaurant one day of the weekend and order curbside pick up or delivery.  I have made 70+ masks for family and friends, but am running low on elastic, so on hold for a bit. Other than that I am home and stitching away!!!

I have been doing a little retail therapy...a couple charts, some shoe buttons and I rescued a scrimshaw piece by Marcy Pumphret off Ebay.

A cute little buff from Zappy Dots....

So, on to what I've been working on.....I hope the photos will stay put.  I noticed the ones on my last few posts were deleted somehow and I just spent quite a bit of time reloading them. Fingers crossed!!!

Up first are my SAL's.........

Peppermint Purple SAL..up to date

iStitch Burgandy Band SAL....up to date

Learning Stitches by Jeanette Douglas (on line class through Sassy Jacks) up to date

Next, works in progress:

A Fish Tale by Hands on Designs 

Seeking Refuge by The Scarlett House

A quick little Easter finish...a little kit I got at JoAnn's.



Now, a little exciting news....even though the PSS had to postpone their retreat in April, they still had a virtual merchant mall. Le Shays shaker box company had a drawing for five items for anyone who made a purchase at the sale. I was one of the lucky five winners and received this lovely shaker tray. It is an olive green to find a project for it!  I am so thankful and tickled!!!

I'm going to end now with a photo I captured of a little friend visiting our phlox. Please be safe and stay well everyone. We will get through this hopefully with new appreciations for the things we have always taken for granted. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. Your phlox is gorgeous; what a great capture of it and its visitor! Your SAL stitches are looking super, Stasi. What a cute egg stitch! Fish Tale and Seeking Refuge are looking mighty good as well. Congratulations on your Shaker tray prize! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Your banding projects are all so pretty, as are your other projects.
    Congrats on your win of the shaker tray, can't wait to see what you stitch for it.

  3. Is a buff another word for fabric? And what are shoe buttons?? Inquiring minds need to know!! :)

    Love all your projects but I'm so impressed with your Seeking Refuge house, that is alot of bricks!! I love houses but I really find them so tedious to stitch. Your band samplers are amazing and great start on A fish Tale.

    I'm so thrilled that you won the Shaker tray!!!

    I planted lots of phlox on a hill and it came back weakly one year and nothing this year. I have no luck at all with plants. I can imagine the deer polished them off. Yours are so thick and gorgeous!!
    Stay well!!

  4. Oh, what a gorgeous tray, Stasi--that is so exciting that you won! I know you'll find a perfect project for it, too.

    As I mentioned on IG, that photo of the butterfly on the phlox is just lovely! We don't have any phlox here, but like Mary above--the deer would polish them off in no time. We've pretty much given up :)

    Love your band samplers and that pretty Scarlett House design. Thank goodness we have our stitching right now! I haven't been inside a store since March 13th... my husband does the grocery pick-up in their parking lot once every 10 days or so. Sigh... this is getting old!

  5. Congratulations on the tray! It is gorgeous! Beautiful phlox, too. I have no luck with phlox, but my tulips are beautiful. Thank goodness for walks outside. I get out for a walk every day. It nice seeing Spring coming to life. Your Seeking Refuge is coming along really well. It's making me want to stitch mine, but I don't think I have a large enough piece of linen on hand. I just finished Spring Row for my daughter; but, of course, can't get a frame right now. I never thought of doing it on banding. What a great idea for those designs! Stay safe and keep stitching!

  6. Stasi: What a sweet post, your fingers have really been busy.
    The Easter finish is so sweet.
    Congratulations on the win, you are so lucky.
    I walk the dog every morning about 4:30 5:00 it is getting warmer out a mile walk feels good.
    Stay Healthy