Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Salty Yarns Jamboree 2019....Stroll Addition (516)


First, let me start by saying I wish each and every one of you could experience Jamboree at Salty Yarns. We are spoiled rotten by Sara, Sally, Mary and the Lankford gang from homemade lasagna dinners to delicious desserts to a generously stuffed goodie bag. We then have three fantastic designers teach three fabulous classes...all with the sparkling Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop. There is even a parade of cruiser style cars parading down the boardwalk each morning!!! Can it get any better??? I hope you will enjoy my recap of a fun loving weekend.

Greeting us at the entrance to the Lankford Hotel, which is the oldest hotel on the Ocean City Boardwalk, is this lovely autumn display undertaken by Mary and Brian.

Then there is the obligatory sunrise photo taken while I'm walking the boards in the morning.

 And a shot of part of the parade of cruisers...this usually lasts well over an hour.

The weekend officially starts with the lasagna dinner on Friday evening followed by  teacher introductions and some time to  mingle while enjoying appetizers, desserts and wine. There are two classes on Saturday, with a lunch break between, and one Sunday morning. The attendees are split into three smaller groups and assigned a classroom. We stay in our designated classroom and the teachers rotate between us. 

Our first class Saturday morning was with Cathy Habermann of Hands on Design. We had pre-stitched three Halloween designs and learned how to finish a shaped flat ornament in class. Here is the one I managed to get done in class....just about everyone had a finish! Cathy is a great designer AND finisher and her step by step instructions, with photos, made the finishing so easy.

 My Saturday afternoon class was with Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett of Needlework Press. We started a scissor pocket that was made using motifs from an antique sampler by Sarah Barker. We also got a chart of the sampler. Vickie is very knowledgeable about antique samplers and this project is precious.

My last class on Sunday was so much fun!!! Janice Note of Noteworthy Needle had drilled us all pumpkins to stitch.....quite an undertaking as I think, if I remember correctly, she drilled approximately 42,000 holes for all of our pumpkins. I was determined to get mine done, as well as a number of other stitchers, in the lobby Sunday night. We cheered each other on as one after the other completed the project. Here is mine:

And here are the ladies:
Photo courtesy of Bernadette Matthews

The leaves go all around the pumpkin in fall colors. It was tough pulling that needle through the shared holes, even using a needle grabber, and I do have to admit to sore fingers by the time I was through. Sometimes we must suffer for our art, but none as much as Janice. She accidentally cut her wrist with an exacto knife Saturday night while cutting off the top of a pumpkin and had quite a scare!!! Thankfully, she didn't need stitches and, having a great sense of humor, was able to laugh about it the next morning. This will go down as a legend tales of Jamboree!!!

Now on to acquisitions...first up is our goodie bag! It all came in the bag that says 'Random Crap" though I wouldn't refer to any of the contents that way! 😉

Next are the kits we received that were designed by Sally .......there was a choice between two .....but aren't they both adorable.... and all materials were included. The ribbons go on as a band around the tin box for this one.

And this one had wasabi tape around it.

Then there was the stash enhancement.....

I tried to keep my purchases to a minimum since I'll be going back to Salty Yarns in less than two weeks for the annual CA Wells weekend. If you don't know the back story, this is it in a nutshell....  CA  cancelled out, at the last minute,  on a class weekend about 12 or so years ago, but the ladies still got together to stitch and had a "wake" in CA's absence. They continue to do this every year and since I was signed up for those original classes, I try to go when I can. 

Well, that's all she wrote for this blog edition. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. That sums up the weekend nicely. Thanks for coming and for all you do for Sara and me. Also thanks for my "goodie bag"...I love everything, but especially my new Shepherd's Bush project bag. See you soon..

  2. Great summary of our wonderful weekend in Ocean City. I thoroughly enjoyed the designers and the projects they taught us. And especially enjoyed spending time with friends. Pumpkin time Sunday night in the lobby was fun!

  3. First of all, that's my most favoratist(LOL)car ever in that picture, a '69 Camaro Super sport. :)
    Looks like a fun time with a very pretty ornament finish with Cathy.
    You received some great goodies & stash.
    Those Pumpkins are a great idea, poor Janice!

  4. Your white pumpkin is quite cute. I had to read that several times. I can't believe that Janice had to drill 42,000 holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This looks like a perfect location for a retreat, Stasi! And what great projects you had to work on. I think Cathy is such a creative designer and it must have been great to take a class from her. I enjoy her relaxed personality :)

    Enjoy all those new goodies and safe travels to your next Ocean City get-together!

  6. Stasi: Wow what a wonderful time you had, I met Cathy back in August when she came to Needlework Guild having a couple of classes to choose from, she is an amazing Lady.
    I am a bit jealous of all your stash, you made a haul.
    Have a beautiful day.


  7. Stasi, I totally enjoyed reading your recap from Jamboree. It sounded like a fabulous weekend with lots of memories to keep. Enjoy your week!

  8. How fun! I'm so glad you were able to go. I would love to learn how to do a shaped flat ornament.

  9. The retreat sounds so wonderful from the moment you arrive till the day you leave. How neat that all of you CA ladies made lemonade out of lemons....I guess it doesn't take much of an excuse for stitchers to get together! Great stash you bought, looking forward to seeing the pincushion done.