Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Coasting into Fall.......


Greetings fellow stitchers....I hope you are enjoying some beautiful autumn weather! We are finally experiencing some fall temps after dealing with a couple days that hit 100 last week!!! I am so happy to be in my jeans...I may even have to put a sweater on when I go out later. Speaking of sweaters, check out this adorable chart I stumbled across...I think on IG...but you can't hold me to it. Sweater Weather is an adorable chart by a new to me designer, October House. I am hoping to incorporate an old sweater of mine in the finishing....stay tuned!!!

I have some stitching to share, all of which is waiting to be FFO'd. First up is Miles from A Pair of Pilgrims by Lizzie Kate. I'm doing this on a 28 count mystery fabric, over two, with called for fibers...a mix of GAST, WDW and Anchor.

 Next is Stitching by the Sea by C A Wells. I had done this for a friend years ago and have been trying to get another one stitched for me. I used a 28 count mystery R&R fabric, a very pale blue, and the fibers (silks) provided in the kit; I happened to have enough left over from my first one. 

Next, is the Bee Pinball by Carriage House Samplings. This is full coverage on a 36 count mystery linen ( do you see a pattern forming here?). I substituted fibers and used  different threads for the front and back backgrounds. I used Gloriana Spanish Moss for the hive side and NPI 335 for the bees side. 

Last but not least, I got on the Halloween band wagon and did a couple of the small motifs from Brenda Gervais's Time for Halloween. I pretty much used the called for threads but sometimes substituted leftover threads from kits, since not much was needed. The pumpkin was stitched on a 40 count...yet again..mystery linen. The cat was done on some gingham ribbon I found at JoAnns, which turned out to be 40 count. I'm working on a third and will share that next time hopefully along with a finish on the pair shown here.

Ribbon from JoAnns--orange and brown

 To end, I'm going to share a couple photos from my reunions this past weekend. Yes, I had two reunions on Sunday...a when it rains, it pours scenario! But I managed to get to and enjoy myself tremendously at both. The first was a Codd family reunion, my Dad's side of the family. He was one of seven children and all branches were represented. There were about 150 people there which made for a lot of mingling and I tried my best to speak to all my cousins, aunts and uncles but had to leave early to get to my next event. (I was already losing my voice by the end of those 3 hours) This is what my daughter posted on FB:

“Legacy is not leaving something FOR people, it’s leaving something IN people.”
These two are legacy-builders! ❤️
Image may contain: 25 people, including Patti Codd, Jessica Connolly Huncher, Michael J Connolly, Will Codd, Vaughn Volkman, Pat Codd, Janice-Rick Codd, Tyler Codd and Stasi Buhrman, people smiling, people standing and indoor

 Next was a reunion of my grade school classmates..we had 17 out of 47 that were found and could make it. What a blast!!! I hadn't seen most of these people in 50+ years....but the years faded away and we were remembering, catching up, laughing, and making new memories...what a special night!!! Sadly we were all so excited we forgot to take a picture until after some people had left, but here is a shot of those still there....not too shabby for a bunch of 67 year olds!!! And yes, the voice was SHOT by the end of the night!!!

Well, Thursday I am off to OCMD for Jamboree at Salty Yarns. We will be having three teachers..Hands on Design, Needlework Press and Noteworthy Needle. Hopefully I'll have some finished pieces to share next time and, of course, some stash enhancement.

Until then, thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Sweater Weather is a very cute pattern! Stitching by the Sea is gorgeous!

    What a fabulous weekend YOU had!!

  2. All pretty projects.
    Mile is handsome. :)
    The ribbon is interesting.
    You just enabled me with October House, I've never heard of that designer either, what a cute project.
    I like the idea of incorporating a piece of sweater, or maybe even wool. Thanks for the link.
    Your reunions sound fun, everyone looks great!

  3. Stasi, what pretty projects you shared! Thanks for the link to Sweater Weather! It looked like you had a fabulous time at both of your reunions. Enjoy your upcoming weekend in OCMD!

  4. Stasi: Your first photo is adorable, I am loving the Pilgrim, I am looking forward to seeing the pin ball finished.
    Thank-you for the link to the Sweater design it is adorable.
    I find it always fun to do reunions, I have never gone to a high school reunion, just did not want to.
    You are lucky to be doing the Salty Yarns retreat have loads of fun.


  5. I'm sure you're enjoying your weekend retreat at Salty Yarns, Stasi! I've enjoyed seeing everyone's photos on IG--it looks like such fun! And how great that you had a nice turnout at your gradeschool reunion! Lots of wonderful memories came flooding back, I'm sure :)

    Loved your latest stitching, but that teeny tiny cat on the gingham ribbon is my favorite. I may have to steal that idea some day!

    I was hoping to get a blog post together this weekend, but it doesn't look like that will be happening. We are in the process of getting my in-laws settled into assisted living and it is not going well--exhausting and sad. And I'm not convinced that it will work out. They really both need to be in nursing homes :(

    Hope you have a safe trip home and got lots of wonderful stash!

  6. "Stash enhancement." LOVE it!

    Stasi, your "Stitching by the Sea" piece is absolutely stunning. I clicked on the photo to get a closer view, and wow, those specialty stitches and satin stitching are gorgeous. Love the colors. They are perfect for a "sea" theme.

    Who would have ever thought to stitch on ribbon? What a great idea!

    I checked out "Sweater Weather" on Etsy, and yeah, girl, that is a beauty. It reminds me a little bit of the "Weenie" series by Plum Street Samplers (Halloweenies, Jeans and Weenies, etc.). The little wiener dogs wear sweaters and there are lots of little quilt motifs in the patterns.

  7. THe reunions must have been so enjoyable to connect with family and friends. Love your bee stitch and how clever to stitch on the gingham ribbon!!