Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A Few Stitch Finishes and an add to the Stitch Stroll....(496) are things in your neck of the woods? Weather is still crazy here...temps up and down..lots of dreary days, but the sun is shining this afternoon and feeling like spring is just around the corner.

I had a relaxing weekend with my brother and sister-in-law. They drove down from Baltimore to attend the Banff film festival with us for two nights 
(Rich and I went all three), but we mainly hung out and chatted all weekend. Nothing on the stitching front while they were here...sadly they just don't get it!!!

I do, however, have a few things to share. First up is my Stitch Stroll addition,  a gift  for the couple that hosted our Disney trip. I took the logo they had printed on our tee shirts and  made an ornament. I found an outline for Mickey Mouse ears, graphed it out and then filled in with the colored circles. Here is the tee shirt:

And here is the ornament: 

Here's a little tip I may have shared before but the cardboard coasters you get in restaurants work great for mounting ornaments!!!

Next up are some stitch finishes which will be added to the ever growing finish-finishing pile!!! I really need to set aside a day soon to get these done.

This is the band for the Blackbird Designs Merry Christmas. (see post on Feb.7 for top piece) I'm figuring I will have to add some stitching, as I go,  to make this fit around the top piece.

Here is Summer Schoolhouse #4 by WTNT ...pincushion, hornbook and strawberry.

Next is January from A Year of Celebrations by Hands on Design. Now this series has had a major overhaul. I had started by stitching March on 18 count linen, over two, and I just didn't like it. It seemed too big for the cigar box (see post on Feb.10) and I don't enjoy working on that large count linen. So, I had been chatting with Meg from Live to Stitch and she mentioned how her friends stitched on perforated paper in the car. DUH!!! Hadn't I just completed 48 calendar pieces for my Samsarah the car....on 14 count perforated paper??? How quickly we forget!!! So, I ran and figured out the size on the paper... and I like it much better. I can still stitch it in the car, which I did to and from Nashville. I had high hopes of getting most of the 12 completed on the long drive, but managed 1 3/4! :) The downside is I have to fill in the background, but I actually think it looks pretty darn cute. What do you think? Here is the original version and the new version, side by side:

I'll be doing March over on the perforated paper.

I am all caught up on my Amethyst Sampler BAnd SAL with iStitch Designs. I chose to do this one in greens and am using Glorianna Blue Grass and Avonlea Green.

I made a little error in counting with the box on the left and added some tiny bees above the urn. That caused an issue with the box on the right, so I added the row of numbers at the bottom of the alphabet. The alphabet on the right I will worry about when it ends but will probably add a heart motif. 

Finally is my newest start, A Stitch in Time by WTNT. I love the colors in this and am using the called for fibers. I'm also using the called for fabric, 35 count Gunmetal linen by WDW (it's much more grey in person).

So that's what's happening in my neck of the woods. Hope you have a good week and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Very cute little Mickey you created. A Year of Celebrations will look fantastic on perforated paper, and a HUGE congratulations to you for all of that filling in the background. Wow. Not sure I would want to do all of that times 12!

  2. What an adorable Mickey ornament you created for the couple who hosted the event you attended! I love the January block from A Year of Celebrations on the perforated paper, Stasi. Well done! Your new start looks good.

    It is rather spring-like here and rain isn't in the forecast until Thursday evening, so maybe we will dry out some more. Enjoy your week!

  3. Cute T-Shirt!
    Great stitching projects.
    I like the PP better, so cute.
    We also have back & forth temps here, now rain for 3 days, so hopefully it will melt all of the dirty snow.

  4. Same crazy weather here, Stasi! Near 70 today and it will be back in the 30s this weekend. Oh well, it is so nice to get even a taste of spring :)

    Your Mickey ornament is perfect--what a great idea! And thank you for the idea of the round coasters, too--never would have thought of that one! I LOVE the January stitched on perforated paper--like it even better than the original. Can't wait to see March and I'm so glad you thought of the change...

    Hope your March stitching continues to be as productive :)

  5. Stasi such wonderful stitching projects. You are such a talented stitcher who makes great choices in the designs you chose. Love the tip about the coasters. Thank you. RJ