Thursday, February 7, 2019 it winter..or spring...I'm confused!!!

And so are my daffodils that are popping up!!! This past weekend in OCMD we experienced snow...the last few days have hit 70 here in the Richmond area....please Mother Nature MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!! I guess we're never happy with the weather and since we have no control over it, I'm moving on!

There were approximately 16 ladies who traveled to Salty Yarns for their annual Super Bowl sale.   As I mentioned, we had about 2 inches of snow in Ocean City, which lead to an unusual site...a snowman on the beach!!! Happily, we were all tucked warm and toasty in the shop and/or our apartments stitching.


I had a lovely time, as usual, and enjoyed experiencing some beautiful show and tell and seeing  everyone's current projects....lots of eye candy and inspiration!!! Here's a quick run down of the weekend:
I drove up Thursday and arrived around 2:00pm.  Friday a group of us went out to lunch and I had the best grilled cheese was called an "adult" grilled cheese and was brie with bacon, topped with an onion/garlic jam--yummy!!! This is when the snow started!!! The owner, Sara, had a reception Friday evening for us die- hards with an array of delicious appetizers. Saturday was spent in the shop ( I did jump in and help to cut fabric), visiting the ladies in their apartments and stitching. Saturday evening, a group of us got together for a pot luck dinner and I made my Cincinnati style chili. All the food was delish and the camaraderie abundant. Sunday was spent in the shop again and stitching. Early Monday I left for home and back to reality!!! Always a wonderful time and can't wait to go back the end of March for two Catherine Theron classes.

I did stitch every night and managed to get the Black Sampler Band SAL piece completed. I did change the letters at the bottom to reflect my initials rather than the charted ABC. I love that last pretty! Now to attach to my spool!

After that, I got back to work on Merry Christmas by Blackbird Designs and got  the top of the drum all stitched. I had to figure out the '9' on the did I do? Next up is the band that goes around the drum. I just joined a FB SAL page for this piece and hope to get hints for the finishing.

Of course I did some stash enhancement....hard not to with the great sale. So RJ, here is what I succumbed to.
I thought the mermaid bag would be a nice companion for the Siren's Tart. I had seen the Nebby Needle chart on FB and thought it would make an adorable Christmas ornament/gift. The Hands on Design, Oh Say Can You Sea was a last minute addition. One of the ladies had gifted her small group this chart and supplies to work on for the weekend. A number of the ladies finished the stitching on theirs but one lady had stitched the drum over one!!!!  I've had my eyes on this chart for awhile since I'm from Baltimore and love the beach...perfect combination for the saying! It was so tiny and precious; I couldn't resist and want to give it a try (sure wish I'd taken a photo!!!).

Another lady there had stitched a Merry Cox piece from an old JCS magazine and attached it to a pre-made pouch. As luck would have it, there was one in the shop and I snagged it since I have that magazine in my stash--surprise, surprise!!! I bought the rings for my ever growing fiber collection and what I would call the world's smallest hornbook.

My hubby and I just joined Planet Fitness and I thought this would be a great water bottle....and, since the Lankford is for sale, a nice remembrance.

And then I bought this chart and the supplies to make it... stitched on 35 count WDW Gunmetal with an assortment of GAST, WDW and CC fibers. I must have really liked it because I already had the chart!!! So be on the lookout in the future as I will have a giveaway of the duplicate chart. 

Whew, I hope I haven't bored you to tears!!! In closing I would like to say that I am so blessed to have the opportunity to attend wonderful classes and retreats and wish that for all of you. I always learn something new from fellow stitchers... be it a new designer, a good read or a yummy recipe. There are FB  pages with lists of stitch retreats, your local or national EGA/Sampler groups and LNS classes. Check them out and see if one is won't regret it!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

My fellow Hogwarts devotee




  1. Sounds like a wonderful week-end! And nice stash enhancement!!

  2. Stasi, it sounded like a wonderful weekend. That snowman on the beach is neat. You made some fabulous purchases and congratulations to you on your finishes. You mentioned that the Lankford is for sale. What does that mean for Salty Yarns? And what 2 classes are you taking from Catherine Theron?

  3. Congratulations on finishing the Black Band Sampler. Merry Christmas is beautiful. Are you going to stitch Oh Say Can You See? as the tiny over one drum?? Love the world's smallest horn book!! ;) I will be watching for THAT awesome giveaway!

  4. That sounds like the perfect weekend! Lots of stitching, lovely new stash, and time spent with like-minded people - delightful. Merry Christmas and the "black" band SAL look wonderful.

    There's something oddly magical about snow on the beach....

  5. Stasi, so glad you were able to go to this event. It sounds like a lot of fun! Next time bring me with you, OK? :-)

    Your stitching is stunning. That Black Sampler Band ...whoa. Wow. Beautiful. And the Merry Christmas by Blackbird Designs is lovely. I love the soft colors.

  6. I wish MN would make up her mind also.
    Low temps. then on the 30'a, then back to low temps again!
    The snow looks so pretty on the beach with Mr. Snowman!
    The band sampler is gorgeous, and great stash!
    I bet that little drum was so cute!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Your weekend sounds absolutely wonderful, stitching-dining-comradery-shopping!! I'm a bit green with envy here!! Your BBD stitch is so lovely and congrats on finishing the Black Sampler band!
    RJ gifted me that beautiful chart and fabric so I won't be entering that giveaway but I'll be looking forward to seeing who wins it! Maybe we have have a SAL for it!
    Such a cute photo of you and Coro in your Hogwart capes!!

  8. I'm so glad the weather didn't dampen your fun at Salty Yarns, Stasi--it sounds like a wonderful time and you certainly got some lovely stash. Don't feel bad about buying a chart for the second time--I think we've all done it :) Your time with friends (and that "adult" grilled cheese sandwich--yum!!) sound like a perfect mid-winter break.

    Beautiful stitching and your "9" looks just perfect! Hope your weather makes up its mind--we've had the same thing here (although there is no sign of our daffodils yet!). Enjoy your weekend ♥

  9. Oh my girl does that sound like fun. I want to go so badly. When we go to our favorite place at the beach I always tell them how much I want to go to Ocean City to enjoy the crab cakes and to be able to go to such an awesome shop too. (They are from Ocean City and make the best crab cakes in Florida).

    I love your newest projects. Can't wait to see that fabulous Blackbird piece finished. It is going to be WONDERFUL.

    And, yes you had a great shopping trip. Love everything you bought. I'm anxious to see how the stitch goes on the bag. I know it will be great. All of the food sounded great too. I read on Sara's blog how helpful you were with cutting the fabric. I know how much she appreciated you. RJ

  10. Hi, Stasi. Really like the Blackbird Merry Christmas. It turned out really nice!

  11. Oh my. Forgot to mention the band sampler. Very nice! Love how the fiber colors you picked turned out.

  12. A little late on the congrats for the weekend and all the great stash. I’ve done the Santa’s Workshop key as a Christas exchange. Hobby Lobby had great keys to add to it. Glad you had a great time with great friends and great food. Super Bowl Weekend sounds like sopuch a relaxing weekend. Still catching up on old posts......