Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Start and a Finish......(495)

Happy Stitchy Sunday!!! I am home after a quick trip to Baltimore Thursday for a funeral for my SIL's Mom. I'm happy to be home for the next..almost...two weeks and hope to get caught up on things around the house....both home related and stitching!

Let's start with my latest finish...just sewed on the spool this morning. This is my third SAL with iStitch Designs, the Black Sampler Band. I chose to do mine in two colors, both variegated  Valdani threads, called  Chocolate Brownies and Terra Cotta Twist. I stitched it on a 28 count natural linen banding over one and attached it to an antique wooden spool. I did change the letters at the bottom to my initials rather than A-B-C. This will officially be added to my Stitch Stroll as #495.

I've been looking for a long term car project and came up with a fun idea. These have to be on a large count linen or perforated paper in order to work in the car. I love monthly series and when Cathy Haberman came out with the set she had designed for a cross stitch magazine, I had to have them. Then I came across an old cigar box while I was organizing my sewing room and the proverbial light bulb went off!!! What if I stitched A Year in Celebration over two on an 18 count fabric??? Yep, it would fit on the top and I could change them out every month....bonus in that the box was fairly deep and possibly I could "store" the individual pieces in the box (not sure that will actually work once they are mounted but we will see)!!! So I started the first one, March, on the trip to Baltimore and actually finished the stitching while at my parents. Now, I will admit, this is NOT my favorite type of stitching (big count) but it serves the purpose of keeping me from just sitting and staring out the window while traveling. The others will not follow as quickly...reserved for the car... and I'm taking my time to decide on the finish-finishing.

I think that's it for today, thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Glad to hear you've found a new car project! Wish I could be productive in the car but all trying nets me is a nasty headache - bleah. Your March piece is cute, and that is a wonderful cigar box! Congrats on getting the (not)Black Band SAL fully finished - of course it looks lovely. :)

  2. Stasi I love your spool stitch and the way you added the big pretty. That is a fabulous cigar box and perfect for your monthly project. Love it. I too like to stitch in the car especially on long trips but I do most of the driving and that would be a no no to stitch and drive! RJ

  3. I too went to my SIL's Mom's funeral on Thursday.
    The Sampler Band is beautiful.
    Where do you find banding that long?
    A cute idea doing the monthlys on that beautiful box.

  4. Your colors and stitching on the band sampler are soooo pretty! The spool idea is awesome. Great idea with the cigar box, too. If you mounted the monthly series on sticky board or 3/16” foam core, would you be able to store them all inside? I’m like you, I don’t really like big-count stitching, but I have to keep my hands busy. I’m not a car stitcher. I’ve heard several friends mention stitching on perforated paper in the car. I may have to try that.

    Have a great week!

  5. Your Sampler Band is wonderful! So is that cigar box!! Love it! And I love the Year of Celebrations, I have stitched it myself. I like the way you are going to display it. Cute!

  6. Congratulations on your March finish! Great inspiration given from the cigar box! Your finished Sampler SAL stitch looks fabulous in your chosen thread colors.

  7. Oh, what a great idea to stitch that series for your cigar box, Stasi--it will be perfect! Not sure how you can stitch in the car--I've tried, but struggle. I never thought of using perforated paper in the car, but that might be easier.

    Your sampler band finish is so special--very unusual and a real heirloom piece :)

    Hope your next two weeks at home are fun and relaxing. It's always so nice to have even a week with no appointments or obligations--they are rare though!

  8. Been wanting to stitch this series.....and I have cigar boxes! Hmmm. Will have to think on it. Nice job. Look forward to the finished finish.