Sunday, March 4, 2018

Girl Bunny....

I did manage a quiet day of stitching yesterday, though the show Designated Survivor doesn't really lend itself to relaxing!!! It actually had me feeling a bit anxious and I have enough of that right now in my life. Rich enjoyed his 11 mile hike though was pretty sore/stiff when he got home. He was awfully proud of his 32,000 steps though! :)

Clara's stitching was completed and she'll wait to be finished along with that point she'll get her hat and basket added. She's pretty sweet isn't she?

I also got week 9 stitched on the Red Sampler Band SAL. I try my best to keep up with this; I think if it gets put on the back burner, it'll be tough to go back to it.

So, I have been perusing FB and shop websites for the new Nashville releases and I have a little list going. But one new design  this morning has really touched my heart! It's  Letters From Mom.  I really love the thought behind this; it will be released in 5 parts. The idea of making an "envelope" bag and putting these "letters" in it is so darling. I need MORE time!!!!  What designs have you seen that are "gotta haves"? I'm hoping to pick up my Nashville purchases the end of the month when I venture to Salty Yarns for a class with Catherine Theron.

We were asked to spend the afternoon with James today so my daughter and SIL could attend events for the other grands. He asked to go to Chuck E Cheese...and we obliged.... $30 later, he came home with a bag of cheap "prizes" but a happy heart. I won't get on my soapbox about this place but suffice it to say....not my favorite place....on multiple levels.

Now we're settling in for the evening and deciding whether to watch the Oscars or not. I think we'll start with Jimmy Kimmels opening and go from there. I'm not sure we've seen any of the nominated movies...unless Star Wars is it's kind of moot for us.

Hope you're enjoying a relaxing evening..... thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! 



  1. Clara looks great, and your Red Band SAL looks wonderful also.

    I've really been trying to *not look* at Nashville releases - I am such a slow stitcher and am quite a ways beyond SABLE ... and I change my mind often enough about what I'm going to stitch next! Guess I need to stitch more and shop less. :)

  2. I have a few things on my list, partly fabric. My LNS doesn't always have 36 ct so if I ask they may or may not pick some up fpr me. We shall see this week. I did order one kit that needed to be pre-ordered and did so thru Salty Yarns. I've heard good things about them before and you always seem pleased with them. Too bad we don't live on the east coast anymore.
    As for Chuckie Cheese - it is a kid thing either the adults like it or not. Luckily we only had 1 of the 3 kids really adore it but so far the 2 grandkids here actually like. I suspect the younger one will outgrow it the fastest. At least our makes really good pizza.


    1. Sorry I can't reply personally but you don't have an e-mail listed.
      Where on the east coast did you live?
      It's so much better to see fabric in person, hope your LNS brings some home for you.

  3. Clara is adorable and I love the little garden tools hanging from her waist. You certainly are a fast stitcher!!
    I was tortured once at Chucky Cheese at a birthday party for my niece. That was nice that you honored James wish though! You couldn't drag me in there! RJ and I have picked out quite a few patterns we have to have, they will be added to the growing pile that I hope I have time to do in my lifetime!!

  4. Clara is darling! :D I have not been looking at the Nashville releases. I have too much already! I hear you on Chuck E. Cheese's.

  5. Clara is darling. Way to go on staying current on the Red Band Sampler, Stasi! What class are you taking with Catherine?

  6. I LOVE Clara. She is adorable. I love stitches with garden elements and this one is perfect with her little tools. I collect vintage garden items and am always attracted to stitches that have them. Your Red Band Sampler is coming along wonderfully too. RJ

  7. Oh, isn't she sweet!! I love her little tools :)

    I haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese in years--used to dread it when one of my sons said he wanted his birthday party there. I can still remember that cardboard-tasting pizza and the chaos of 12 little six-year olds :)

  8. Stacie I do not know enough to get me to change my status, My e mail is phone is h 707563-4937 or cell 706 5271402. My post went away when I started this. Oh well I do Love your bunnies!