Thursday, March 29, 2018

Back to Reality...

So as much as I enjoy myself at a stitching retreat, I am always happy to get home and sleep in my own bed and stitch in my own nest.....not as happy about the piles of laundry, bills needing paid and grocery shopping.

That being said, I had another fabulous time at Salty Yarns. We take class, we eat, we share, we shop and I even got walks in two mornings on the boardwalk. They were chilly, windy walks but helped wake me up for the day to come. The stitchers that attend are always so nice and inspirational. We have a "show and tell" and the ladies share their finishing ideas and support. 

Here is the chock full goodie bag we all received...some finishing supplies from Lady Dot, doctor's flannel, a thread holder, waxer, clips , chart minder and the bag to hold it all.

I got there Thursday afternoon and sat and stitched until my roomie arrived, then dinner and more stitching. Friday and Saturday were open days for me (I had already taken the Saturday class), so I wandered Salty Yarns picking up projects from the recent Nashville Market, chatted, went to lunch with friends and stitched. I got quite a bit accomplished:

Week 12 of the Red Band Sampler SAL

Finished the ABC de la Brodesue

More motifs on the Celtic Band Sampler

 We had a reception with the most delicious food Friday evening in Sara's home and a dessert reception followed by stitching on Saturday evening. We eat good, there is no denying it.....hence the attempts at walking in the mornings.

Sunday was my class and here is what I got accomplished. The whole piece is bordered by a row of black smyrna stitches...good thing I like to do them. Aren't the colors yummy? Catherine is a great teacher, very laid back; if you ever get the chance to take a class....DO! I showed what the finished piece will look like in my previous post.

And, of course, some shopping therapy was in order and this is what went into my bag:
 RJ..this first one has your name written all over it! :)

French Schoolgirl Sewing Case and Smalls by Needlemade Designs with banding

L-R: Small Matters by Noteworthy Needle, Letters from Mom by Jeanette Douglas, Soul Sisters by Plum Street Samplers and Oh Say Can You See by Hands on Design (I figured I had to have that one being a Baltimore girl and loving the beach)

Waxers by Stacy Nash...can you believe the detail in these?
Pins by Puntini Puntini
Thanks again Sara and Sally for a wonderful weekend--you are the hostesses with the 'mostesses' and always make us feel welcome. Thanks also to the lovely ladies who never fail to inspire and enable!!! :)

Now, onto a sewing project (sorry this is getting so long) but since I'm back to not posting every day, I have more to share at once! The girls asked me to make them dresses so Esther and I went to JoAnn's to pick out fabric for she and Cora, who couldn't go. This is what we're going to make.

 Esther picked the Shopkins fabric for herself and I picked the polka dots for Cora. Esther wanted to help make the dress, so she came over yesterday and we got the bodice done before she jammed up my serger. :) She really wants to do things herself and I'm encouraging that but..... I'll be finishing the dresses at this point. LOL

In closing..... a quick "grands" daughter had asked me to babysit the girls and have a sleepover last Friday and, since I was going to be away, my hubby bravely stepped forward and offered to do it. All went well except for the 4:30 wake up again for Esther. He even made Cora her favorite chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast....Esther ate leftover pizza! While here, the girls were playing with their Barbies and Esther decided they were at the beach. She drew a picture of a beach and taped it to my floor. She found a couple small wooden chairs in my sewing room and sat them around the "water" for the Barbies to lounge in....if only Rich had thought to take a picture! So, the "beach" is staying for awhile as a reminder of good times in OCMD and the playful imagination of children.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Love the beach picture that Esther drew! It sounded like you had a most fabulous time in OCMD. Congratulations on getting the Jardin Prive piece finished and getting the next band stitched on the Red Band Sampler SAL. Okay, I'll ask...what is the doctor's flannel for that was in the goodie bag? You are off to a good start on your class piece, Stasi. Enjoy the rest of March!

    1. Doctor's flannel is often used to make needle pages and I think is a soft wool. It's often hard to find but appears that Lady Dot is selling it.

  2. Sounds like both you and your husband had memorable weekends, Stasi! Esther obviously has a great imagination--and I'm right there with her on pizza for breakfast :) I could eat pizza any time--cold, hot, or in-between!

    You got a lot of stitching accomplished at your retreat and your finish is so pretty. And good for you for treating yourself to some fun new stash... I look forward to watching your class piece grow.

    Happy Easter to you and your family, Stasi :)

  3. What a great finish! Super stash!! Rich had fun alright! ;)

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Lots of progress on WIPs and such a nice start on your class project ... and delightful new stash!!

    How lucky the girls are that you're making them Easter dresses. The beach taped to the floor is such a fun story!

  5. You are making great progress on all your pieces and a finish to boot. I am not surprise some sort of bee like pattern jumped in your bag. I have been looking at the Jeannette Douglas piece, but so far am resisting. Can’t wait to see the finished dresses (as I am still catching up from oldestvto newest on posts). Glad you had a nice time at Salty could you not! R

  6. Trying to catch up on missed blog posts. How adorable that Esther drew the beach photo, that is a keeper! Love your purchases, I have to get those sweet Puntini pins for RJ and myself and it's hard for me to see the Noteworthy needle photo. Is that the bee smalls? Janis is in my EGA group and she brought the bee smalls in, they are too precious!!! I'm going to buy them for RJ and myself to stitch with the Bee hive coordinating stitch. I'm glad you had such a great weekend with no car issues!