Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Do you ever..........

go ahead and do something totally foolish...even as your brain is shouting "stop--this is stupid"???   Well, I did it last night and now have a bandaged left thumb! I was opening a tin can and the lid wasn't cut all the way, so I thought I'd help it along with a gentle push. Well, the lid didn't like being pushed, jumped back and sliced my thumb about 1/2 inch. It looked pretty bad but stopped bleeding after some pressure and pretty much settled back into place. Decided against Urgent Care and possible stitches (we West Virginians are tough--even temporary ones) and so far so good. My big concern is will it perform as needed this weekend with my finishing classes? I was able to stitch last night, but you don't realize how important those little digits are until they are out of commission. I will do my best and leave what I can't manage until it's healed. I just need to GET there!!!!

No pics today--though I should post of my house--it's probably not looked this good since we moved in!

So, I'm off tomorrow morning and will catch up when I get back.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Oh, makes me feel faint. I did that 22 years ago. Have the scar to prove it. I did need 4 stitches to put that back together. Take very, very good care of it. Please!

  2. Oh, no! A thumb boo boo can definitely hamper stitching. Hope it heals swiftly. I should take a pic of my house... it's never been in such disarray. LOL!

  3. Have a great time at Salty Yarns this weekend with your finishing classes, Stasi! Hope your thumb fully heals and doesn't present any issues this weekend!

  4. Stasi, pack along a pair or two of latex gloves (or non-latex ones if you're allergic). I've used them to keep blood off of needlework and to protect a healing finger. Tell everyone at SY hello, and I'll see them in a month!

  5. Ouch. That stinks. A (belated) hope it is alright for your class.
    Glad to hear the prepping and packing is going well. Itchy always say you don't know how much stuff you have until you have to move. I cull and purge periodically but KNOW I have too much stuff.