Saturday, August 15, 2015

Message Received...............

So, my hubby and I heard an unexplained noise the other night while stitching/watching the boob tube, went to investigate and found nothing. Chalked it up to "hearing" things while distracted by the TV show we were watching. Lo and behold, I visited my sewing room yesterday and found this:

My IKEA shelf unit had "separated" under the weight of my stitching books!!! Oh-No
(as Mr. Bill might say)!!!!!  Hopefully we can fix it with a major gluing, but now I feel I have to consider if I should get rid of some of the books---not something I want to think about as I have a really nice collection. But, do I really need them all? How many stitch diagram books do I need? Will I ever stitch anything from the annual Vanessa Ann books I've been holding on to for years? I know .....need vs want/covet!!! Guess I've got some pondering to do!!!!

On to some stitching news! I did find some thin black velvet ribbon and encased the edges of my Alphabet Primer Pocket. I like it so much better now that I can't see the linen showing through the black joining stitches.

I also managed to get an accompanying small stitched and finished to go with the pocket and another small stitched. Here they are:

Village Scene Needlcase

Inside with needle pages

All tied up with ribbon and a bow

Village Scene Scisssor Minder and Sheath

I just need to finish up some nun stitch on the scissor minder and put it all together--set complete. Will share when finished!

I have started on a stocking for my new granddaughter, Anna's Stocking by Shepherds Bush. I think I'll be doing Oliver's Stocking for the grandson. I'm not sure they will be here by Christmas but want to be prepared in case they are. I want them to feel part of the family from the get go!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Oh no! Sorry about your shelf, but glad you didn't have any breakables or stitched treasures there or underneath. Lovely accessories to go with your Alphabet Primer Pocket. Happy to hear you found some black velvet that worked. Enjoy your weekend, Stasi.

    Robin in Virginia

    1. Hope you have a nice weekend too, Robin, with some stitching time!

  2. Dear Stasi, it is so difficult to part from our stitching companions....I guess we all go through that stage sooner or later
    The Priner accessories look beautiful. Congratulations on another fabulous finish!

  3. A similar thing happened to us years ago when we heard a crash during the night and could not find anything, until we opened the wardrobe door the next day and found all the clothes on the floor!!

    1. Ah...sweet mystery of life...strange things happen..don't they?

  4. Oh no! My shelves are starting to bow a bit. I think I need to rearrange because I just can't part with any of my stitching library! I have a large collection of sampler books plus technique books, and many others. The ones that are causing the weighty issue are my late Mom-in-law's collection of Craftways cross stitch Christmas books. I may not stitch from them but can't get rid of them either! I feel your pain! Nancy Wright Dwinell

    1. Nancy, good to hear from you! Yes, it's hard to part with these books! I have never held on to books in general...always been a big supporter of the local library. But my stitching books...well that's another story!

  5. Oh Stasi, I know that feeling. I've had one of my bookshelves fall over and dump everything before. Yikes! I'd say you just need to get a replacement book case because one can never have enough books in my humble opinion. LOL! Nice progress on the stitching. That is was sweet set!