Saturday, July 25, 2015


I know it's been way too long since my last post; I do have the best of intentions, but somehow the blog is always put on the back burner. Our business has been crazy busy and that has been tying up my week days. The weekends seem to fill up quickly with trips to see the kids and ....oh my...stitching related events!!! I was away every weekend except one since the beginning of June!!! Now, I'm not complaining as these have been quite enjoyable trips, but I think I need to stay home for awhile!!! So, since I'm home this weekend, I'm seizing the opportunity to do an update.

Since we last met, I went to Cincinnati, along with my travel companion Debbie, for a class with Merry Cox. It was a wonderful weekend, as usual, and so nice to see Merry healthy and back teaching. It was a shorter trip than usual so a lot was "squeezed" into 2 days. Thursday after arriving, we were off to Skyline for some Cincinnati style chili and to meet up with an old neighbor. Friday we went to Keepsakes Stitching ( a great needlework shop in the area) and then to Lebanon for lunch at The Golden Lamb ( a historic hotel/restaurant that boasts visits by the likes of Charles Dickens and many presidents). That night we met up with my 'twisted sisters' from my days working at Twisted Threads and  spent an enjoyable evening catching up. I wanted to make something for the girls and came up with this idea: I had an old sampler that I had started years ago at the shop. It was a monthly SAL from The Irish Hare. Somewhere along the line, she stopped designing and it was never finished. I decided to put it to good use by cutting....yes I said cutting.... it up and framing small sections in a Tim Holtz pocket watch. I tried to use their initials if possible and added a little embellishment. I think they turned out pretty darn cute..what do you think? Sorry the picture isn't clearer!

 I even got to pick up my framed And They Sinned!  I had mailed it to my framer there; he did a fantastic job and I was able to bring it home with me safe and sound in my car.  Shout out to Ken!!!!

Saturday was class day with Merry; I took A Young Lady's Workbox. It was an all day class with a lunch break--no prestitching involved so mainly we walked through the stitching and finishing. It was nice to see old friends and familiar faces!

Box that came with the class
 Sunday, we headed home with a stop at the midway point in Wheeling, WV. We also stopped there on the way out. There is an exit that has a ton of restaurants, Russell Stover outlet (though we didn't find any tins) and a Cabela's that has the best fudge in the world....I counted 50 different flavors...needless to say, we succumbed!!!

Now on to what I've been stitching lately! With so much traveling in the car, I managed to get a few more of my calendar pieces done..... of course that was when I was a passenger....not driver!!! I did have a friend ask me once how I managed to stitch while I drove!!! :) Almost done all of March, just have the kite to finish.

Then, at home, I've been working on the Alphabet Primer Pocket by Catherine Theron. I am almost done the back of the pocket, all stitched over 1 with a tent and/or basketweave stitch. I love this piece and the photo doesn't do it justice. The sky is so subtle in it's shading, blue to grey, that it looks very real!!! I'm happy to have a lot of that color left over to hopefully put to good use in a future project.

I should be home now for awhile so, hopefully, I'll get my mojo going and post more often. 

Now to the personal news I had alluded to in my last post. I am going to be a grandmother again, times two, in about 6 months!!!! No, twins aren't daughter is adopting two children from Sierra Leone, Africa. There will be a boy and girl roughly the same ages as my grandkids now...7 and 5. My daughter went over there in June to meet them and now has to wait 6 months before she can go back and bring them home. I can't post photos but they are adorable and we can't wait!!! I am so proud of my daughter and her husband for opening their hearts and lives to these children. They have been praying for this and working through the process for the last three years. Asher and Cora are very curious and excited about their new siblings. Awhile ago Asher was asked by a friend if they were adopting a puppy and Asher replied : "No, a human!" So.......I have two Christmas stockings to make...just in case they are here by Christmas. We already have them picked out... two from the Shepherds Bush series. I will keep you posted on their journey.

That's it for now--hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What a wonderful idea to CUT your sampler and put it in the pocket watch frames. No longer a UFO! Glad things are settling down for you. Your class sounds great. Your Catherine Theron piece is fabulous. And last but not least, how wonderful for you and your family to be growing by two! Congrats!

    1. Thanks Robin--we are excited --just hard to wait!!!

  2. What a fabulous idea to use an unfinished piece to create the inside for the pocket watch frames! What thread did you use for the sky in the Catherine Theron piece? By the way, it is gorgeous. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of the new grandchildren!

    Robin in Virginia

    1. Thanks Robin! Sadly I don't know what the sky fiber is since this was a kit. Catherine calls it Aqua Clouds and it is a silk, but that's all I know.

  3. Wow, what a news filled post! Congrats, Grandma! What exciting news. Glad you got our Skyline fix when you were in town. Sorry I missed you! Hugs!

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