Tuesday, February 27, 2024

All My Bags Are Packed.......

 .......and I'm ready to go to Nashville!!! Sally and Sara from Salty Yarns have kindly asked me to go and help them out again. They should be here in about 1 1/2 hours and then we're off. We split the drive into 2 days with today being a short one for me. They'll already have 4 hours under their belt by the time they get here. I am excited and hope to see lots of wonderful new designs. I have tried not to look to much at posts from shops/designers so I can be awed when I get there. 

Since I'm unsettled while I wait, I thought I'd do a quick post about some recent, and upcoming,  stitching. I am continuing on my Live on Little by Plum Street, but it's packed so I can't show it. 

I am in a Secret Stitcher exchange with the DVHSG and my SS sent me this for Valentine's Day...and I had to jump right on it.  I have pretty much given up on getting any real "winter" weather here,  so a spring piece seemed appropriate. It was a complete kit from Scattered Seed Samplers called Springs Messenger Pinkeep.  It came with 36 ct. Vintage Country Mochas linen and DMC fibers. The original was stitched over two and with a size of about 5X7. I cut the fabric in half and did it over one, so half the size. I like it  much better petite!

Sticking with a "spring" theme and with Easter being early this year, I stitched Samplings 2 by With Thy Needle and Thread. This was done on a 40 ct. mystery linen with a combo of GAST, WDW and DMC. I'm on to Samplings 1 now. 

Have you heard about the Leap Year SAL? A friend told me about it and I was sucked right in!!! Can you hear the big WHOOSH?????  The idea is that you pick a BIG project to start on February 29 and then you have 4 years to finish leap year 2028. I narrowed it down to three projects and finally decided on Cardinal Points by Long Dog Sampler. I had been drawn to this sampler...totally not my style or color palette... for years, but it was hard to find. Then one day on FB, someone was selling the chart with all the GAST fibers...a total of 24 and I was able to buy it. So now I have 4 years to complete.....doable don't ya think?

There is a FB page to join, if interested, called Leap Year SAL 2024 to 2028. 

I hope you all are checking out the new designs and such from Market and pre-ordering from your favorite LNS. Have a great week and see you on the flip side!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. I bet that pinkeep is so cute & small.
    Love the colors on Sampling, & that's a beautiful Leap Year pick.
    Have a safe trip & fun time at Salty Yarns!

  2. Great choice for your Leap Year SAL piece, Stasi! I look forward to seeing your progress on it. I have put in 4 orders for new Market items. I used gift cards for two of them so those orders felt like they were "free" to me. LOL Your spring finishes are lovely especially the Spring Messenger one. Have a wonderful time at Market with Sally and Sara.

  3. I love Springs Messenger done over one. Cardinal Points is very different for you! It is very pretty. Good luck with it. :)

  4. As I'm writing this you are deep into the fun that is Market and I know you must be having the time of your life. Envious doesn't come close, Lol!

    Yours stitch for the Leap Year Sal is going to be beautiful and how lucky to find it with the threads, ready to go. I really love Springs messenger too, it's so sweet.
    Have a fun weekend , and Happy Stitching! Sue x

  5. Stasi: I hope you have a ball at Market, that is so kind of your to help Salty Yarns out, Springs Messenger is a beauty, love Scattered Seeds designs, Samplings 2 is lovely, looking forward to how you finish them both. What a score on Cardinal Points, looking forward to your progress in the next four years.

    Catherine 💚