Thursday, October 26, 2023

Stitch A Little, Eat a Little ......Chat, Chat, Chat, Chat, Chat............

I had three days of camaraderie with my stitchy friends at the jam packed Salty Yarns. This weekend started about 15 years ago when C A Wells was scheduled to come teach and, at the last minute, cancelled. We met anyway, and have continued to do so every year since, around Halloween. The lobby at The Lankford was always decorated and Sara kept that up at the new location. Here are some photos:

We were welcomed by The Count

Lighting up the Food Table

I did get quite a bit of stitching done:

A Young Lady's Workbox by Merry Cox

Snow Day Photo Booth Fun by With Thy Needle and Thread (2 more to come)

I know I've shown photos of the new Salty Yarns before, but thought I'd revisit for those who may not have seen them. It truly is a Stitcher's Paradise!!!

New Location Store Front

The Glider Gifted by Customers

Don't you love those chairs???


Charms/ Buttons

New Items

Small Section of Charts

Fabric Cutting Table





Definitely worth a road trip!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Have a good day!


PS I forgot to post this yesterday....a photo of Lisa and me with our bags of goodies!




  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time. How fun to carry on with this tradition of stitching fellowship over the weekend at the end of October!

  2. That's great that this tradition has continued for so many years. I used to meet with a group of about five stitchers for about ten years at this time of October, but it's kind of petered out. People move, get more into quilting, are busy visiting grandchildren. It's kind of a hit or miss thing now, but we always pick up right where we left off. Lovely photo of you and Lisa! ♥

  3. You certainly packed a lot into your weekend and managed lots of beautiful stitching. I wish I lived nearer and visit Salty Yarns! Happy Stitching! Sue x

  4. It looks like a fun time! It is always fun to stitch with other stitchers but dangerous to shop with them because they are always encouraging you to buy more and more!