Friday, July 30, 2021

A Time to Sew............(600-606)


Another month has flown by...still stitching away and avoiding the heat/humidity as much as possible. We did make it to my uncles in Mt. Airy, Md my cousins...beautiful home for the Fourth of July. This was the place we traditionally went for all the summer holidays when I was growing up and holds very special memories for me. There would be loads of families there....aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, first cousins, second cousins....and we would gather for softball, horseshoes, s'mores, berry picking, fireworks and walks on the railroad tracks that were up a short hill from the field. My cousin's family graciously invited any who could come to revisit those wonderful childhood memories. ...though one I'd rather forget was the time we got stuck in a train tunnel while a train was coming through!!!!! My Dad and uncle plastered us up against the wall to ride it out and no one was the worse for wear!

Here are some photos from the day...not too many made it, but those that did were very thankful.

House built in late 1700's

The softball field and railroad tracks right up that hill towards the back

You can see the tip of the old stone fireplace where burgers, baked beans and s'mores reigned supreme

 Now on to my stitching.....I'll start with my FFO's.....Measure Twice and Cut Once Etui by Sue Hawkins. This was stitched on 18 ct. canvas with supplied fibers and was a car project.

Next is Olde Glory  by Kristy Greene. This chart and the supplies were gifted to me by a friend (thanks Lisa). Not sure why I started it over one as I had seen Lisa's and it was definitely over two, but I did it twice...once over one on 36 ct. Lakeside Examplar and then over two on a 36 ct mystery linen. The over two version became a pin keep and I'm still deciding what to do with the over one. I stuffed it with walnut shells.


White Christmas by Ewe and Eye and Friends is my July ornament for the #12in21ornamentsal on IG. I had seen Carol's, from Stitching Dreams, finished piece and was inspired. I found the chart at Salty Yarns and stitched it on 32 ct R&R Settlers Green with white silk floss. I added  pom-pom trim around the edges and stuffed it with polyfill.

This was a class project with Beth from Summer House Stitche Workes, Crowning Glory. The class finally happened last Saturday after being postponed twice due to Covid. It was so nice to get together in person and see my fellow Guild members. We had to pre-stitch the needlework crown and then mounted it and placed in the metal crown. we also covered the box with lovely paper and learned how to make the scissor fob and thread keep.  A great class all around!!!

Last, but definitely not least, is Dreaming Girl by Barbara Ana Designs. I fell in love with this when I saw it floating around on IG. I bought the chart and started searching for the perfect fabric; I found this PTP 32 ct Twilight fabric and it was the bomb. I used Anchor threads and framed it in a small frame I bought at Hobby Lobby and painted yellow. It is purposely not centered in the frame, per the designer, and I love the way it looks.

I am still chugging along on some SAL's and here they are: 

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Kathy Barrick. I am down to one block, but am doing different wording than what's on the chart...still thinking through that. But here is block 9:

Next is the July Wordplay by Brenda Gervais.

Finally is Jade Band Sampler by iStitch more week to go!!! I knew I had just enough of the darker blue to finish this, but it disappeared and I haven't been able to find it...after exhaustive searching in the sofa with flashlight. So the final sections will be a tad darker blue...can you see the difference???

 Then... I had an inkling to sew a few project bags and here are the fruits of my labor. The blue one with houses is Stars Hollow and lined with fabric that says "Lukes"'ll know what I mean if you're a fan of the Gilmore Girls. :)

I started keeping track of my needlework projects in 1997; I would enter the chart name, designer and number of hours stitched in a journal like this......

Then, back in 2019, I stumbled across a few of these cute spiral notebooks at TJ Maxx. I started a page for each project and had room for info on fabric, fibers, start and finish dates, etc..

I depend on my blog for photos...and hope it never goes bye-bye!!!

For those who do not know what the numbers in parentheses mean in my title line, they are a partial accounting of my finished projects, called Stasi's Stitch Stroll. Back in 2017 I had the brilliant (?) idea to post a  finished project a day, never thinking I'd have one for every day of the year. Surprise!!!! I had that number and more, so as I finish new projects, I make note in the title line of what number I'm on now so I have a record, so to speak.  Sadly, I stitched many pieces before I started keeping track and gave lots away as gifts, so they are only in my memory (what little I have left). :) Every now and then, I'll come across one, which is the case with this next photo. I stitched this for my nephew back in 1993. He just had his first child, and my SIL brought the pillow out I had made all those years ago. I don't recall the designer, but there was a series for different celebrations and they all looked like a piece of mail. (If anyone knows what they are, please let me know). This piece is now officially #606 in my stroll!

Well, I took a break and went to the gym, am back now and ready for a nap!!! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Dear Stasi
    Thank you for taking me with you….having a large family like you is so special….so many memories and so wonderful that you can still get together for family celebrations
    Your stitching stroll is always fun to contemplate your beautiful work…so many different projects to keep you company
    Thank you always for sharing so generously your talent and heart 🧚‍♀️ 💖

  2. Love that Etui!
    All of your projects are so pretty.
    Cool project bags.

  3. What a fun post to read this AM, Stasi! It looked like you had a wonderful time at your cousins' house over the 4th. Each one of your finished projects looks fabulous. Pretty project bags!

  4. Stasi: You have been very busy, all your project are beautiful but Dreaming Girl is my favorite, the fabric color is perfect, the dark color fabric gives the design that perfect look, you have an eye for color.
    Nice idea t keep track of your stitching.
    Nice stitching bags.


  5. Your cousin's home is gorgeous and such wonderful memories you have of spending time there. My Mom had a small log home built on a lake in the Adirondacks and we loved going there too. No tv and internet at the time, just lovely memories of time spent together. I love the Crowning Glory project, great idea to coordinate a covered box with a stitched gift.
    Your stitching is so varied in style but each one is wonderful. Your car project looks challenging even though it's on 18 ct. Lovely finish! Love the Christmas stitch that was Carol inspired. I love your Dreaming Girl and the negative space in the framing really adds to it. Still looking forward to seeing how you finish the Word plays your chugging out!! Congrats on reaching your last box on Hawk Run Hollow!! A major accomplishment for sure! All this and you still had time to make cute project bags!!! What a chock full post Stasi!!

  6. Oh, my goodness, Stasi--so glad your train tunnel story had a happy ending... That must have been terrifying. I used to "walk the tracks" to school because it cut my normal one mile walk in half. There were times when we were on the trestle and we saw the train coming and had to hustle to jump to safety. Crazy kids! Anyway, how nice to get back to your cousin's pretty home again for a bit of a walk down memory lane.

    You sure have had a productive stitchy month! I really love your White Christmas finish--the fabric is lovely for the white stitches and the pompoms are a perfect addition. I wonder if the empty space above dreaming girl is for her even more dreams--very pretty! And I can't wait to see your HRH finished. I really do want to stitch these "one of these years!" Love your new bags--I was also a Gilmore Girls fan so that one is very cute. Hope the rest of August is stitch-filled and relaxing for you ♥

  7. What a beautiful home for your large gathering! I think the pillow finish for your nephew is so cute!

  8. Oh Stasi, I just enjoy your stitch and other strolls so much. When I see your byline pop up on my bloglovin' feed I get so excited. Thank-you for so generously (and time-consuming-ly!) sharing your life and stitching. What a wonderful, grand lady you are!

  9. Catching up on posts….wow is all I can say. Visits to your cousins place sounds like the most awesome childhood memory. The train coming thru the tunnel! Eek! Always so nice to see what you are stitching on. I loved The Crowning Glory class; really a different idea. I am envious of how organized you are with journaling all your pieces. First, I would never have had the foresight to think to do it and second, I know me, I’d never keep it up. Very awesome indeed that you have your stitching documented.