Friday, January 1, 2021

Celebrating a New Year and a bit of Stitch Strolling......(578-584)


 Happy New Year one and and all!!! I could wax on forever about the year 2020 but I will suffice it to say "good-bye and good riddance"! Here's to a happier, healthier 2021, albeit with a few more months of minimal sacrifice for the majority of us. Hang in there folks, we will make it!!!

On to some needlework topics......The USPS was, understandably, quite overwhelmed this year and there was some anxiety about whether items would arrive...or not. I still have one gift to a friend floating around in a distribution center somewhere, so won't share the gifts I made until I know all have reached their destination. But, I was thrilled to receive some lovely gifts from stitching friends. First up is Robin who sent three adorable ornaments all which jumped on my tree after arrival. The one on the right is a key painted as a snowman...this one really tickled my fancy! Thank you Robin, I love them all!

This photo shows my gifts from Vickie and Carol. Vickie made the bluebird from an antique quilt  and Carol's ornament is so sweet and  impeccably finished. These are also hanging on my tree with the exception of the quilted magnet, which I have stuck to my rolling metal tray next to my stitching chair. Thanks ladies for your thoughtfulness--it is much appreciated.


One gift I will share was to a dear friend.....Hand and Heart Stitchers Mat by Scattered Seed Samplers. This created a bit of worry as it was mailed across the pond, leaving December 3. It arrived Christmas Eve, safe and sound......a Christmas miracle, perhaps? 

Since this was a relatively low key holiday season, I managed to squeeze in some personal stitching/finishing. To be honest, I kind of liked the absence of the usual holiday frenzy. So, here are some pieces to add, officially,  to my Stroll.

I finished a 6th square on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow (second from left on bottom row) . I stitch right to left, so that is actually house #7.

Next is my finish of the 2020 Blackwork SAL by Peppermnt Purple. I have a lot of banding left, so I'm goingto continue to add the 2021 SAL to this. So far, it's about 38" long!


This is Be Merry and Bright by The Scarlett House...more on this later....stitched over 0ne on 35 ct. Lucky Penny linen from R&R.

Next up is the 2003 Santa from Prairie Schooler. I couldn't believe this was the first of their annual Santa's I have stitched!!! I saw this frame at Michael's with the checkered mat and had to find a design to fit...and get it stitched this year since it has 2020 engraved in it. The PS Santa fit perfectly with a little tweaking.



This fun piece is Rack Stack  by Plum Street Samplers. I did this the beginning of the year and finally got around to finishing it. I painted a wooden box and mounted the stitching on top. Isn't the reindeer charm cute?

This was a quickie I did for a friend's baby's first Christmas. Again a tiny frame from Michael's with December Joy from Twisted Threads. Stitched over one for a perfect fit!



I love how Reindeer Feed Sack by Carriage House Samplings turned out. (I think I'm on a reindeer kick). This hangs on my back door.


Last, but not least, is Merry and Minty, the generous offering from Brenda Gervais, made just in time for Christmas. I finished this on two halves of a wooden box (I took off the hardware) and joined them together with a  ribbon wrapping around the seam. I used beads for my candy canes, but otherwise stitched as called for.

Now, back to Be Merry and Bright..... an internet friend had paid this chart forward to me with the original fabrics and leftover fibers. I am now going to also pay it forward with a drawing. I did not use the fabric or leftover fibers she provided, so they will be included. To enter, please mention you'd like to be included and I will draw a name on January 15th.

Whew...that's it for 2020...I must say I did get a lot accomplished and am so thankful I had this rewarding craft to help get me through this challenging year. I remember at the beginning of lockdowns, stitchers joking "no problem..we've been preparing for this our whole lives"!!! Truer words may never have been spoken for us!!! I got a lot of stash stitching done, while trying to support LNS's. I did tend toward small projects that gave me a sense of accomplishment and that I could finish using items on hand..... I do have to admit to 'jumping for joy' when Hobby Lobby reopened. It has been a lonely 9 1/2 months but I have zoomed with my guilds, been active on FB and IG, and that has helped tremendously to keep connected. 

I truly appreciate all those that take the time to read and comment on my blog. I do try to respond to every comment, but if you are a no-reply blogger, I'm sad that I can't reply to your posts. If you'd like to strike up a conversation, please change that setting or add an e-mail address to your comment. Wishes to all for a happier, healthy New Year!!! May we get back to our retreats/events, meeting in person, hugs and NO masks!

Thanks, as ever, for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


 * A little side note...I am starting my 10th year of blogging and finally got photos to be  side by side!!! Not sure how it's happening, but am thrilled...just hope it lasts!!!



  1. Happy New Year to you Stasi! I love reading your blog and seeing your wonderful finishes. I stitched a lot in 2020 so I will plan to do finishing in 2021. Wishing everyone a healthy year ahead. I am interested in your drawing. Thank you.

  2. Stasi I would love to be included in the give-away. Our EGA chapter was left stranded til the Fall. The president cancelled all meetings, all classes and refused to use Zoom. Finally someone started a zoom group that met once a month. I am looking forward to the new year, real zoom meetings, etc because we have a new president. Despite the surge and now the new variant, I'm sure 2021 will be better.

  3. All of your stitching is wonderful.
    My favorite is the stitcher's mat.
    Your banding is awesome!
    I think all of us got a lot of stitching done, thankful for that.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Each one of your personal projects looks fabulous, Stasi. What lovely gifts you received. Like you, I was glad to have fabrics/threads/charts to get me through along with doing my part to support the shops. Wishing you a very blessed New Year!

  5. I am so glad you like your gifts Stasi. Carol makes perfect ornaments! Robin made you such sweet ornaments! What a beautiful gift you gave your friend! I love all of your latest finishes. I have admired them all on IG. ;) (Which has saved my sanity greatly over this pandemic!) I am not so sure this will be over soon though. :( Stay healthy and safe my friend!

  6. That blackwork piece is gorgeous! Also love the Stitcher’s Mat. Those frames you found at Michael’s are perfect! Hmmmmm.....wonder if they have any left? Thanks for the chance to win the Merry and Bright pattern. It makes a cute ornament!

  7. Stasi: Happy New Year, I too hope it is a better year, I do not want to hear the words mask, distance or closed due to pandemic by April of this year.
    I am so loving your gifts, so sweet.
    Your SAL is beautiful.
    I love Scattered Seed Samplers I do the four times a year series, Tammy has some very sweet designs, the Mat is beautiful.

    All your Christmas finished designs are beautiful, you have a gift for finishing.
    Lovely progress on Hawk Run, it is a beauty of a design.

  8. Oh Stasi, such a wonderful collection you've made. Thank-you for sharing! I always get giddy when I see you've posted on your blog. You are a fine writer and your words flow. Not to mention your skill with the side by side photos-wink, wink!

  9. Stasi, Congratulations on 10 years of blogging and sharing all your lovely stitching. Once again I'm in awe of all that you accomplish. I was surprised that this was your very first PS Santa! It is just perfect in the Michael's frame, love it. I'm partial to your Christmas stitching, love the Reindeer sack and what a great idea to finish Merry and Minty and a little gift. ( I may
    just have to copy that idea!) The charm for Rack stack is perfect. I am always so impressed with your stitching over one and Joy fits perfectly in the little frame. Hawk Run Hollow and Blackwork sampler are stunning and a tremendous amount of stitching, you accomplish so much!!
    Lovely gifts you have received and although 2020 was the pits you certainly put your time at home to excellent use. Looking forward to seeing all you accomplish in 21.

  10. Well, we made it through 2020 (with a lot of support and love from our stitching friends!). So hard to believe we are entering our 10th month of this Covid mess. It's harder for me in the cold winter months as we are really cooped up here in the north. With a newly retired (and bored!) husband, let's just say--thank goodness for my stitching stash!

    Your finishes are all so pretty, Stasi--especially love the PS Santa in that frame and your cute Merry and Minty finish. I have that ready to go for an ornament stitch this year. May do it on black?!?! We'll see. Anyway, it's been delightful to follow along on your stitching journey this year and I can't wait to see what 2021 brings us all. Take good care now ♥

  11. Each piece is wonderful. Love your finishing. Yes, we are all lucky we had our stitching this past year. And yes, so fortunate we all have stash to work from.....not that we didn’t each enhance that stash as well. Happy New Year to you......looking forward to a great year, with great stitching and seeing great friends (in person!).

  12. Your work is beautiful. Here's to a New Year, though I was lucky to live where lockdowns were short-lived & most stores were able to be considered "essential". I dould love a chance to win the Merry &Bright pattern. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. Sine you are coming up as a no reply blogger, I can't respond to you w/o an e-mail. I will enter you in the drawing but you will have to check back to see if you have won, or not. Good luck!

  13. Dear Stasi what a lovely opening post to greet the new year.
    Your work is always a feast for the eyes and I hope this year will be as productive as the past one.
    That’s one thing I would save from 2020 ....for the rest I would like to change most of it....
    We haven’t met at all in person and that is something that I definitely would like to make up for.
    All you stitching and finishing is beautiful and you have quite a mix of different projects but in all of them I see you love for needlework and your generosity.....and of course great talent.
    As you said....miracles sometimes do happen ....what else could one expect from a fairy? 🧚🏻‍♀️
    Take care my friend ...I will be watching

  14. Love all your stitching. The samplers are pretty. First time visiting your blog. Enjoyed reading your post.