Friday, March 13, 2020

A Trip to Crazy Town...... 543

Now you might think I mean Nashville, but actually it's Food Lion and Target. There is an underlying frenzy going on at the stores....I feel it....and am trying not to go off the deep end. I understand the worry and have enough supplies on hand to last the two week quarantine period...if needed. That's all I can do and hope for the best! A nice thing happened this morning, though, in the midst of all the craziness. I had let a men, who only had two items go ahead of me in line at Food Lion. Then a lady came running in saying the cashier was holding three things for her because she had to run out to the car to get more money. Turns out it was a bit more than 3 items and then she started adding/subtracting items to match the amount of money she had. It quickly became obvious she didn't have enough money so the gentleman in front of me told the cashier to add her things to his two items and he paid for it all. Made my heart sing!!!

As for Nashville, I really don't have too much to say; I'm sure by now you've all seen the previews and after Market posts. I was very restrained and only bought a few items. 

I did buy some gifts for friends but that will have to wait until after they are gifted.

Sara gave Sally and I a gift the first night...a lovely project bag with a piece of green dupioni silk in it. Sara also gave me a sweet little kit that had been taught at Market.

 So, in general Market was wonderful yet many new designs. Sometimes when there is SO much to choose from, I feel the need to pull back and mull things over before I buy. I will say one of my favorite things at Market was the completed Jenny Bean Parlor series by Shakespeare's Peddlar--it was my WOW!!! (Sorry didn't take a photo). I also loved the charts by Marjorie Massey that Theresa was selling. It was great to see old friends and reconnect with others. I told myself before I left that I wouldn't hug too many people, but couldn't help myself. All in all, it was a great experience and if you have any questions about a certain designer, let me know. Also, let me know what you were moved to buy from Market. 

Sadly, we did see a lot tornado damage on our way into Nashville along Route 40. .....houses totally demolished, trees and road signs snapped and LOTS of blue tarps. Luckily, we were on the other side of town and not affected firsthand. 

 I can stitch in the car, on certain things like perforated paper, so I got one piece completely stitched and the other 3/4 done on the way out and back. Both are from Samsarah Designs and found in the Halloween issues of JCS....Jack and Frank. I have two more from the series and am on the hunt for the remaining ones. These will be jointed when fun!

While in my hotel room, I got the piece stitched for an upcoming class at my Guild. Sadly, the class has been postponed due to the corona virus, but it will be made up at a later date. The piece is from  Just Hatched by the Prairie Schooler.

Since I've been home, I got caught up on two of my SAL's, Burgandy Sampler Band SAL  by iStitch Designs and the FB Blackwork SAL by Peppermint Purple.

I also have a finish-finish.....just in time for St. Patrick's Day.... Shamrock Row by Bent Creek. I did this like I did my Easter Bunny Row last year, where I had seen the idea on FB. I stitched the piece on banding and attached it to an antique wooden spool. I used the called for threads and added some sweet shamrock charms and an antique MOP flour leaf clover at the end. I just kind of unfurl it and it stands up on its own. When the holiday is over, I can just roll it up to store until next year.

Last, but not least, I had seen this mug posted on Beth Twist's IG page and, since I happened to be in Target today, I scoped it out. How sweet is this???

Well, I think that's all I've got today. Please stay safe, my friends!!! I keep telling myself I'd rather be a fool for taking precautions than find myself in an unprepared/worrisome situation.  Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Lucky you on scoring the mug at Target! Not a one was to be had at the one in Culpeper today. I love your Shamrock Row stitch and finish, Stasi. Nice goodies you picked up at Market. What a touching story you shared from Food Lion! Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

  2. You picked up nice stash at Market Stasi. I love your finish of Shamrock Row and cannot wait to stitch it up! Thank you! I want to get to my Target and get that mug also. ;) You put that nicely. I am not going to our stitch gathering this coming Wednesday. I have never missed one, but I also would rather be a "fool". Stay healthy my friend!

  3. Great stash, and love that little kit from Sara.
    Your bandings are beautiful, & I absolutely love Shamrock Row.
    Yes, people here are panicking also,the stores are crazy.

  4. It must have been upsetting to see all the devastation on the way to Market.
    You showed great restraint in your purchases!! The Queen Bee was made for you! Lovely gifts from Sally. I'm in love with your Shamrock Row. Did the banding come with the green trim and where did you find it? I didn't have to go to Market to find a new project, just have to visit your blog!! I never go to Target but will have to stop by to look for that mug, it's adorable.
    We had to go to the supermarket yesterday because we eat very few processed foods so I had to stock up, just in case! The shelves were empty of TP but I buy that when it's on sale so am well stocked. Store was busy but they had plenty of help so no lines. YOur story of the man paying for the groceries made my day... stay healthy....

  5. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your blog today. Thank you for sharing so much about Nashville. I am totally overwhelmed by all of the great designs. I have a rather long wish list:) I saw that you are working from JCS Halloween Issues, I have a few if you are looking for anything imparticular, please let me know. My email is and my name is Georgia Wireman. Thank you and have a very blessed day:)

  6. Love that mug, Stasi! Just perfect for a stitcher... And your Shamrock Row is just darling--a perfect way to finish it. I'm with you--I really mull my purchases over these days. I'll just put them in my shopping card at 123 Stitch and let them sit and sit. Usually I go back and delete them much later :) I honestly have so many wonderful things in my stash, but may buy a couple that called out to me especially loudly from the Market offerings!

    We had to fly last week (very scary) and so came back to an empty refrigerator on Sunday. I'm going to give the online grocery shopping a try (picking it up tomorrow) as I'm wanting to stay inside for at least two weeks now in case I picked up anything on the plane or in the airports. You just can't be too careful these days...

    Take care now! ♥

  7. Loved seeing your goodies! The Salem pieces are beautiful - so tempting. But I don't see something I was convinced you wouldn't be able to resist - that cool bee fabric. Not tempted?

    (was finally able to get back to stitching this week after nearly nine months' hiatus - really needed the soothing feeling of working on a sampler with all the virus worries)

    Stay healthy!