Friday, January 24, 2020

A Year in the Making.....538

 I am back with a quick post to share my latest finish-finish.....A Year of Celebrations by Hands on Design. I started this project last February by stitching the first monthly piece on an 18 ct. Davos linen....I wasn't happy with didn't fit my finishing plan...too big. So, I switched to 14 ct. perforated paper which worked out perfectly and, this quickly became my travel project ( I can work on the perforated paper in the car). Of course this also caused more work, as I had to stitch the backgrounds on each piece. So colors were changed up to accommodate this and I managed to get them all stitched by the end of December. 

My finishing plan all along had been to somehow attach these to an old cigar box I had (which was shaped like a book), change out monthly and store the remaining months inside the box. So I borrowed the idea from Sally at Salty Yarns to display the pieces on the front of the box by hanging the individual months on tiny painted spools that I glued a JABCO button on. I glued a magnet to the cigar box and and a small, thin washer to the back side of the spool. 
I cut matboard and spray glued coordinating scrapbook paper to each month. I then attached the stitched pieces with double stick tape (thanks Sally) adding a hanger and small bow.

And it all came together......

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. These are so adorable! I like that the cigar box acts as storage for the ones not on display! Enjoy your weekend, Stasi!

  2. Great idea.
    I love the idea of putting them all in a box for storage.
    They are all so cute.

  3. Stasi: What a great way to display your stitching, so sweet.
    The buttons are adorable and perfect for this display each month.


  4. Stasi, I love this idea so much. Having the cigar box to hold the other stitches is perfect. I get all of your directions except the spool part...where is the spool attached? RJ

  5. As I mentioned on IG, I love the way you finished this set, Stasi. The spray glued on scrapbook papers look perfect for backgrounds. So glad your idea turned out as you envisioned :) Enjoy this last bit of January--hard to believe February begins on Saturday!

  6. RJ and I are going to be starting this series as our SAL. I think your finishing idea of this is brilliant!! I am looking forward to starting as they are all adorable.