Tuesday, December 17, 2019

2019 Ornaments for the Grands (Stroll 526-529)

Greetings from Christmas Central where gifts are being finished, wrapped, shipped or categorized for Christmas day giving. Whew, I think I am a bit ahead of the game...for now. Still debating on whether I'm going to make my usual amounts of cookies, or scale back a bit since we don't need to eat them all!!

I wanted to stop by and share the ornaments for the grands this year and , if you ever hear me say "needlepoint" again, just SHOOT me. These took a LOT longer than anticipated and I quickly remembered why I gave up needlepoint years ago. Now I have always stitched needlepoint in hand so blocking was always an issue. But these being small, I put them on stretcher bars and they came out perfectly straight--now that is a plus! And, they all did turn out very cute and were a bargain at 50 cents a canvas, so I won't complain too much. Here are the four of them together:

and then individually......

James....who lives and breathes soccer. He is #1 on his team and that happened to be the # on the shirt--perfect! I stitched the shirt in his school team colors and  found the soccer ball charm at Hobby Lobby. This had a stitched back, too, with a soccer shoe and balls but I forgot to take a photo. :(

Asher.... I added tiny red buttons for the noses and hung red bell at bottom. Design goes all around the piece--8 reindeer!

Esther....Added white pop-pom, red beads for the year and carrot nose.

Cora....added JABCO holly button and red velveteen trim, which melted when I went to press it after handing for stuffing. Drats..won't make that mistake again!!!

Merry Christmas to all and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Dear Stasi
    All your precious gifts so thoughtfully picked and personalized for each recipient.
    That is so You ♥️
    I am sure your grandchildren will love them

  2. What fabulous 2019 ornaments for the Grands you created, Stasi! They are going to love them.

  3. Stasi: They really are adorable.
    I am not a fan of needlepoint, I have done it just not a big fan.

    Merry Christmas

  4. Stasi, You completed them with time to spare!! I'm quite impressed. The grands are going to be thrilled with them. Love fortuitous that the adorable soccer shirt had a one on it! James is going to be thrilled with it. My favorite is Cora's, I loved skating on ponds all though my childhood and quite in my early 50's. Such a great winter sport. I digress!!! Asher's and Ester's are adorable...what a great tradition and I hope they cherish them always.. Have a Very Merry Christmas! Mary

  5. Even though they were a lot of work, they all turned out so cute.
    I'm sure they will love them.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh so much work put into these precious treasures. Love each one Stasi!

  7. I have never done needlepoint, but these sure turned out darling, Stasi! I especially love the skate one, but they are all adorable. I know your grandkids will treasure them.

    We are cutting way back on cookies this year, too. I will miss making them, but, as you say--none of us need the calories. The days of the boys being able to load up on a dozen cookies at a time without gaining weight are long gone :)